Friday, January 13, 2006

From The Mailbox : )

I've been corresponding with Nick Verreos and he has graciously given me permission to share.

I asked about his niece and here is his repsonse:

Dear Laura:
Thank you again for your kind and supportive words--they are inspiring as well as encouraging---
The Barbie episode was great!!!! It was a proud moment for me. Just over X-mas vacation, I got to take a little bit of time off, and visited my niece, and just to see her face light up when she received me at the airport made me feel like I could just go straight to Heaven now!!! All she kept saying was "I know what it is THAT suitcase...." Unfortunately I didn't have actual produced Barbie yet, so I had to tell her, sadly , that she would be getting it soon enough.
That said, I am very busy, working on my line and orders for a store here in Los Angeles, that will exclusively carry it --Dove Boutique on Robertson--as well as my teaching at the Fashion Institute, which resumed this week(it was like walking through a minefield!)
Thanks again for your kind words and support--and BTW your blog is excellent!
Nick Verreos

Later I received this note:

Hello Laura:
Of course , you can print it if you want. Thanks for the e-mail and as always , for all the complimentary feedback.
School was a bit daunting this week, being the first week. And especially since I had to teach the day after this Banana Republic Challenge. I entered the Faculty Lounge, which I usually try to stay away from, to retrieve some paperwork, and there were about 15 teachers there who then proceeded to get up and begin applauding me!!! I felt like Sally Field at the Oscars! And of course the students are excited as well.
Hope you have a great weekend, I will be working, as I said, have the line to put out to this local Boutique that it just opening as well as a couple projects that I am not at liberty to say just now, but I am sure you might read about at the end of the month....(remember it's Award Show Season...)
Nick Verreos

Gotta love that Nick!


hellparadiso said...


Anonymous said...

Nick - you are dazzling America right now with your kindness, humility and talent. It's reaffirming to see good things happen to good people. You are very much loved.

We've got you pegged for the Final 3!

Anonymous said...

If he's working at his school now, doesn't that sort of insinuate that he isn't in the final four... :(

Anonymous said...

I'm reading "I'm very busy" and "a couple of projects I'm not at liberty to say just now" as evidence to the contrary. Let's face it, he has shown so far that he is easily amongst the Top 3 of those remaining, if not the very best.

Couldn't he get Raymundo or Santino or Kristen to sub for him next month?

LauraK said...

I believe Nick will go ALL THE WAY!
He has the ideal combination of talent, personality, experience and CHARACTER to win this. We'll see...

ABC said...

Lucky you, Laura to get to correspond with Nick!

He rocks my casbah.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nick is unquestionably sweet, handsome, a beautiful human being AND talented. He must have been standing in the front row of a lot of "lines" when they were handing out endowments upstairs before he was born.

It troubles me though that he's so preoccupied with a local collection he's developing and school. (Those lucky students!!!)

If he's not in the final Three (sigh...sniffles), what could that mean. Daniel, Santino, Chloe?!!!
Or does Zuleema somehow edge her way in. Implications are that she "steals" Nick's model two episodes from now. If so, I predict that she will easily become the most hated contestant among the viewers, suppplanting Santino from that "enviable" spot. lol

Second observation: I think that Andrae has surveyed the formidable opposition, realized that he hasn't a chance, has decided that he's just going to RELAX and enjoy the ride. He was absolutely adorable (just like a kid being told that he's going to Diisneyland!!!) when they were learning about the window-designing challenge.


Anonymous said...

if Nick is back at school - it could just mean he has finished his collection and now is just waiting for Fashion Week presentation Feb 10th NYC - he has to be final 3 and probably the winner - he so far never had a problem with the time limits and they have known final 3 for at least 5 months

Emmett gone after Thin Ice - (don't understand though - vulgar?) and Zulema wins - to explain the 7 designer - 8 model clip

Esq. Lady said...

Oooo I want to go to Dove and check out Nick's line. That isnt far from my house and office.

Ooo...cannot control my excitement.

LauraK said...

Yes, I recommended to Nick that NOW is the time to ask for a raise at the school. : ) I imagine that the FIDM will be picking up many more students who wish to study with Uncle Nick. I would assume that the school has ALREADY benefitted from Nick's popularity. He could work the contract to accomodate his possible success on Project Runway and the subsequent time off that it would require. But no matter what happens here, I hope that Nick will continue to teach at least part-time. America needs more teachers like Nick. : )

LauraK said...

Hey, Esq. Lady, please take your camera.... and keep us posted - thanks!

Kim in Oregon said...

He's my favorite and I hope he wins!

I am a bit concerned that he is working at his 'real' job...but then thinking to last season, none of the final three/four had 'real' jobs, did they? Wendy worked out of her basement, Kara Saun was sort of a freelancer, Jay did something with a vintage store (?) and Austin was, well, Austin.

Anonymous said...

I love this man...he is so fabulous!

From the first episode I just really enjoyed watching him design and be on screen (so quotable!)

Laura, next time you write Nick, let him know the ridiculous amount of fans he's got. And the love he has for his neice is so wonderful. I have a niece and nephew by my half-brother who I don't get to see nearly enough...I miss them terribly!

Enough gushing...I think Nick has to make it to the final three. He's blatantly one of the best designers and makes for great TV...what more could you ask for out of a reality show about fashion design;)

PhillyKat said...

i love nick. i was drawn to him from the very first episode. for the first time in my life i wish i was a size "too skinny to be healthy" just so i could bid for one of his designs.

i have to admit i have the fear that he doesn't win this thing. if he's working on a collection for a local boutique, he can't be working for a collection to be shown during fashion week. plus, i don't think he'd have time to teach.