Saturday, January 14, 2006

Episode #6 Recap Digest

Always hilarious - don't miss Fourfour.
Here is a digest of all of the PR posts ever on Bunnyshop.
How about a Project Runway-type show for jewelry designers? Mediafiends.
Strictly a summary here - no pithy commentary.
Orwell Project Runway. : )
Reality Shack. I love this title "Who Has The Most Banana Appeal?" Why didn't I think of that?
This one doesn't seem to have episode #6 up yet, perhaps they will soon. It has some annoying ads though - consider yourself warned.
My Absolute Favorite!
Banter Basement.
YAY! Another Project Runway blog!
Red Shoe Ramblings.
The Manolo.
Dan Renzi.



Anonymous said...

thanks for all the info....

crash happy said...

Don't forget the 'net snarkfest that is television without pity

Anonymous said...

Thanks. The Fourfour site is HILARIOUS--and the photographs are a treasure. especially Santino's "blow-by-blow" (double entendre intended) serenade of Andrae. It was delectable the first time around, and doubly so the second helping.

This site is a real keeperDon/fashionasart

LauraK said...

Of course TwoP is my absolute favorite! That's the FIRST one I check.

R.J. said...

Hey there. I don't know if you're aware of me. I have a Project Runway blog called Needs Inspiration that has, hmm, a handful of steady readers. I'd be way excited if you added a link to me, but, I recall you saying you didn't want to link to anything vulgar, and I do have a dirty mouth. Either way, thank you for your dedication, I love your blog.

LauraK said...

Thanks, optimist, I'll just put a little warning on yours!

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention Needs Inspiration. Also, Dan Renzi does really great recaps that aren't too long.

Mags said...

Count me in on the Project Runway post-show commenting! I try to make this a regular Thursday segment on my blog. :)

Lindsay said... has great recaps as well.