Monday, January 16, 2006

Prediction Time!

Okay, it's Monday and time to speculate on what will happen on Wednesday night. Here's what we know: The designers will be making some kind of skating outfit for Sasha Cohen. According to Tim this is a "formidable" challenge. The garment has to be "stunning" but it also has some kind of an "engineering problem." I have no idea what that could mean. From the preview we see that there will be a sewing machine "meltdown." (Ever feel like these things are invented?) Santino will exclaim "I WANT YOUR SOUL!" to Andre. Zulema will wear glittery eye shadow (Wait, does Zuzu have a sense of humor?) Oh, and Heidi will curl her hair.

You all are much better at this than I am. Here, for instance is Phillykat's prediction for last week:

i think marla/diana are def. out. as for the winners, i'm not sure. i think together zu and kara are a wash. they may drown in mediocrity. also think that santino will try to boss nick who will not stand for it for long. they'll cancel each other out. so, either emmet and chole will come up with something classy that won't win cuz classy seems to go by the way side this year. this leaves andrea and daniel, who i think compliment each other. dang, i've been trying to pick a winner. i guess i just did. thanks!

Pretty much exactly how it happened. So how about it? Any predictions for this week?


Anonymous said...

If the preview clip picture that has been circulating of the 7 designers is correct - then Zulema wins - Emmett is out

LauraK said...

Oh come on, you know we can't trust that! The producers aren't stupid. Of course, I have chosen Zulema and Emmett too. I'm just hoping someone will offer another opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well, Laura, count me as one who will sing with the choir. I think the "Final 7" screen cap is legit. We pretty much know who the designers are in that photo, and Emmett ain't one of them. I predict that EMMETT will be OUT.

The winner, I think, is much less certain. Going solely on the photo again, it looks to me like Heidi is directly addressing Zulema. Zulema has also some experience in costuming. Although this is much more speculative, I predict ZULEMA will WIN.

Some sub-plots still exist with the photo with regards to the models and the position of Kara and Chloe. I have opinions on that too, but since it most likely won't be seen until the beginning of Episode 8, I'll save it for next week.

After this week, it's back to crazy guesses for me!

Arty said...

I'm too lazy to go back & watch the tape from last week, but Kors (in the previews) says something about one of the costumes looking like something a Vegas stripper (or something) might wear. This, of course, could be a comment made to anyone & not to the one that loses. Although it's a pretty bad comment to make to someone who stays!

For some reason I can't see Emmett designing a garment lacking in that much taste. And one must remember that Sasha Cohen is extremely flat chested which presents problems. And how old is she anyway? Why would anyone want to make a garment that makes her look like a stripper. Once again, I don't see how that could be Emmett.
So what am I trying to say? Good question. We've had our chains yanked before, maybe they're going to do it again by making us think one thing & doing another???

Personally, I want Santino to go, but that won't happen. So I'll be disappointed by anyone else going with the possible exception of Kara. I'm at a loss picking the loser this week.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Zu wins/Emmett (who seems a very decent fellow) goes. UNLESS we've been tricked by the producers/editors. (Not the first time.) One possible alternative is that someone other than Zu wins and asks for a walkoff, then whoever loses their model gets to pick from the remaining models, and in the process one of them chooses Zuleema"s model. Obviously it would then be her turn to choose from the remaining models. (Clues seem to suggest that one of these three "steals" Nick's model, about the top of the crop, from him.)

epi 7: Zu in/Emmett out
ep 8: Kara or Andrae out
ep 9: Kara or Andrae out (whichever remains after epi 8)
epi 10: Zuleema or Santino out
epi 11: Zuleema or Santino out
(Whichever remains after epi10)

Leaving Chloe, Daniel V and Nick
moving on to Fashion Week--with about equal chances of winning the Grand Prize. (We really don't know how well they can produce WHEN THEY ARE NOT WORKING UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE AND INSANE TIME RESTRAINTS!!!
Wendy did surprisingly well, even if her collection for Fashion Week was somewhat conservative, last season. Since we're told that Chloe is preparing a Spring/Summer collection for Houston and that Nick is back teaching fashion in LA, that leaves Danny as the probable winner?!!!!)

Please note: Andrae, Santino and Zuleema are ALL dark horses and could sneak by one of the others on the outside"by a proverbial hair". ESPECIALLY if one of the others stumbles badly. And since nearly all of them have in past challenges, this is alwasy a distinct possibly.
BOTTOM LINE: a lot of mystery thankfully still remains in the
contest. I do feel fairly competent and spoton in forecasting that Emmett and then Zara will be the next to be aufed.


Anonymous said...

Emmett is out because he stated during the lingerie challenge he didn't have experience with stretch fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Zulema wins

Emmett out

Obviously Zulema wins at some point, hence the walkoff, but I see it happening sooner rather then later. She's not as strong a designer as others and if she has a background in costuming, then this is her challenge to win.

I don't see another deisnger choosing her model over their own, causing the subsequent walkoff request because Zu's model kind of sucks.

I think the screen cap is legit too tbone and that the models we thought were Diana and Marla's are actually Zulema's and Emmetts. I don't think the producers thought we would stir up so many theories over a two second shot in a preview...although I could be seriously mistaken.

We will see tomorrow...I love holiday work weeks! It helps Wednesday come sooner :)

Anonymous said...

i had a dream last night that i was wondering around new york aimlessly and found a backroom where the skating costumes were waiting. all i can remember is that there was one with kind of see through fabric, and i figured it was the "vulgar" one. weird how the mind decides to fill mysteries in for you sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Emmett was out even before I saw that photo from the previews. He lacks some of the technical skills that are apparently at issue in the next task. I'll go with Zulema for the win too, because of the walk-off quote and the fact that she is front and center in the photo. I feel stronger about my Emmett votes than about my Zulema vote.

I don't think the producers were worried about giving anything away with that shot, because it's not clear who's there, every if you take the time to pause it.

I'll take Nick, Chloe, and Daniel for the final three.

Moi ;) said...

Emmett's out. Hey, he does menswear, not ladieswear. His last creation for women looked like lingerie, not a socialite dress. I can't imagine what a skater's costume would look like. Stripper, anyone?

Although I must say it would be nice if they WOULD make them design for men once.

If we have to go with the clip, I say Zulema wins. If not, I say Nick, just because. ;D