Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reality Worlds Collide

Thanks to Katy for letting me know about this notice on Page Six:

"THAT Alla Wartenberg, the ex-stripper on "The
Apprentice," has teamed up with Daniel Franco, a
designer from "Project Runway," to develop a line of
clothing and accessories - with cameras rolling for
their new reality show."

I admit that Project Runway is the only reality show that I watch. Who is this Alla? Do we believe this? Did Daniel even mention this in his webcast yesterday? I didn't hear the whole thing.

Also, be sure to check out the Project Runway website for videos of both Marla and Diana. These are their "exit interviews" after they appeared on the Today Show. Did anyone see this? Personally, I thought the interviewer's questions were pretty lame. I would have asked really important questions like "What is wrong with Kara? Is she on diet pills? Too much caffeine? Not enough sleep?" And of course "Who uttered the famous phrase "Where the HELL is my chiffon?" What would you have asked?

I'm very impressed with Diana's poise. She is completely positive. Marla looks really good too - it's amazing what rest and make-up can do. Good luck ladies!

Sorry I'm too lazy to post another link - they're over there on the right side of the screen...


christopher.john said...

interesting.....very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Alla was a very hard-nosed, savvy businesswoman who went far in the most recent round of The Apprentice, just shy of the final two.

She also made fun of her "friend" for expressing insecurities.

If she has decided to promote Daniel, she will make him a success. She may also make him miserable. Let's hope for the former and not the latter.

Anonymous said...

Alla is also a control freak. I can't imagine she will let Daniel be Daniel. When he's close to a deadline and far from finished, she's likely to go in there with scissors and glue and finish it for him. Alla does not understand "bliss". But good luck to them - I'd really love to see Daniel succeed.

Kim in Oregon said...

I believe Alla owned and ran some spas in Las Vegas. I can NOT see Daniel F. working with her. She will eat him alive. She also had pretty horrific taste in clothes.

Irene Done said...

Hmm. It makes you wish Project Runway would somehow team up with American Idol -- we could all call in and vote for our favorite singers wearing our favorite designs. Oh, the possibilities!

Marsha said...

Kim seems to be correct about Alla -- she apparently owns the Dolphin dayspa in Vegas. (Yeah, I know of them...haven't been to one.)

"Where the HELL is my chiffon" is the new "no more wire hangers." You can quote me on that. :P