Thursday, January 26, 2006

Which Three?

There are six designers left. How many 3-person combinations can be made from the six names? Who do you think will be in the final three? Pick a number : ) Did I forget anyone?


1. Andrae, Chloe, Daniel
2. Andrae, Chloe, Kara
3. Andrae, Chloe, Nick
4. Andrae, Chloe, Santino
5. Andrae, Daniel, Kara
6. Andrae, Daniel, Nick
7. Andrae, Daniel, Santino
8. Andrae, Kara, Nick
9. Andrae, Kara, Santino
10. Andrae, Nick, Santino
11. Chloe, Daniel, Kara
12. Chloe, Daniel, Nick
13. Chloe, Daniel, Santino
14. Chloe, Kara, Nick
15. Chloe, Kara, Santino
16. Chloe, Nick, Santino
17. Daniel, Kara, Nick
18. Daniel, Kara, Santino
19. Daniel, Nick, Santino
20. Kara, Nick, Santino


Anonymous said...

Awwww, Mom. We have to choose only three? Things are starting to get more interesting, especially with immunity coming up next week . . .

Anonymous said...

12...from the very beginning!

LauraK said...

Come on, it's just for fun. Let's hear your logic.

christine said...

ok, coming from an applied math major -- combinatorics is my thang!

combination, take 3 from 6, is 20 total distinct combinations.

you are missing one arrangment, which is:
daniel, nick, santino


i'm placing my bet on:

i love chloe the designer but i am getting a little bored with her colors and fabrics. they're all so ethereal and blue! which is fabulous, but not so-many-weeks in a row. it'll be a close one between andrae, chloe, daniel, and nick, that's for certain!

LauraK said...

Whoa - thanks Christine - I'll edit! (Not that I understand any of that, I'll just take your word for it!)

Anonymous said...

The #12 combo would work for me, but Andrae is gaining steam, and I wouldn't want to see him out. His party dress for Nicky Hilton was my favorite--clean lines, elegant yet wearable, and a real departure from what we had seen from him earlier. His dress this week was my favorite! And apparently others thought so as well.

hellparadiso said...

Andrae, Daniel, Nick.

Although I could also see Santino in the top three, just because he's television GOLD. But I can't imagine who would be out in lieu of him. Probably Nick, since Kors made the comment about getting tired of the fishtail hemline.

Kara is out next week, no question. Chloe...I love Chloe. I would wear absolutely everything she's made on this show. But like Tim said, she needs to step outside her comfort zone. She really is becoming sort of a one-trick pony, rather like Emmett did, actually.

So, yeah. Andrae, Daniel, and Nick. That's my vote. After that, I'm hard-pressed to pick a winner. We'll just have to see!

Anonymous said...

Christine's math is over my head, but what puzzles me more is why people confuse very different shades of blue. The turquoise Chloe used for the ice skating dress was a very different shade from the deeper "royal blue" of two of her earlier dresses. I have liked her designs a lot (my personal taste runs to clean lines). Yes, Chloe stuck to blue-ish colors in the "Inspiration" episode, but this time, her dress left me cold.

S.R. (Not Santino)--Hi, Laura if you're there.

Anonymous said...

#6 (andrae, daniel, nick)

Anonymous said...

put me on the Andrae-Daniel-Nick train, with Santino as the cover fourth - mostly because, after watching the preview for this next episode it suddenly occurred to me the editing story arc is building up to a Boys from Atlas foursome crescendo... so I'm thinking perhaps Nina's 'I'm no longer impressed' comment was to Chloe.

Then again, ask me the same question a half hour from now and I have no doubt my answer will be different!

Anonymous said...

I think DV is increasingly adorable on the show (it has also been fun to hear him get catty and use explet&!@#$ves), but am I the only person who did not "get" his design this week? His model can sell anything he designs, but I could not imagine anyone in real life or even on the red carpet actually wearing that top.

S.R. (not Santino)

ABC said...

Chloe, Daniel, Nick make a lot of sense.

But since this is reality TV, I bet Chloe will be out and Santino will be in.

Anonymous said...

been saying daniel, chole, nick from the start
but andrae just might sneak in

LauraK said...

I've noticed a slight trend toward "balance" between the men and women. (They started with an even number of men and women. They eliminated one man and one woman after the first challenge.) So, I'll be surprised if the final three are all men. I think Nick for sure, then I'm stumped. Andre has tremendous talent. Chloe is the best girl. I'm just not sure.

Anonymous said...

going with #13 on this one

Tbone said...

I'm standing by #12. Am I the only one worried about Nick in this? I think it's possible that Nina might be saying the "I'm no longer impressed" line to him. Also agree with LK on the "balance" issue, Chloe will be in. MK and Nina have consistently given her high marks.

The Scarlett said...

I'm going with Chloe, Nick and Daniel. (Choice 12)

Anonymous said...

I agree with T-bone. I think that Nina is referring to Nick when she says she's no longer impressed. I am also concerned that since there are six of them this next episode could be a paired challenge and Nick pairs with Santino again, to their demise in the show. I think Chloe could carry Kara but Nick and Santino couldn't be saved.
If this happens my final three is Danny, Andrae and Chloe.

But secretly I hope it's Nick, Danny and Andrae.

Anonymous said...

I PRAY it will be Nick, Daniel and Chloe. But my sneaking suspicion is that it will be Santino, Anrdrae and Nick. I don't know why I think this is the case (I may be reading into the behavior/presence of the designers since the filming of the show).

misterminm said...

The idea of a paired challenge really scares me because there are very few combinations that I would be happy with. Kara is pretty much the doomed contestant in everyone's eyes and whoever she is paired up with could very well come to their end. The only way I would be happy is if a paired challenge next week would go like this: nick finally gets to partner with chloe, daniel and andrae, and then santino and kara. This would produce the desired effect.

hellparadiso said...

I agree with anonymous that the "no longer impressed" comment will be directed at Nick. Nina never has expressed that she's been too impressed with Chloe, but she's raved about Nick.

And SR - wearability has NEVER been the trend in raw fashion design. Even though no woman in their right mind would look at that and say, "I want to wear that to my next cocktail party!" the point is that it was a brilliant interpretation of his inspiration photo. I think this challenge was more about high art than actual fashion. Which is why my husband and I were a little upset that Santino didn't do his usual thing. He might have actually had reason to do it for this challenge.

Anonymous said...

7. Andrae, Daniel, Santino

I think Nick's model problems will leave him at a disadvantage. Kara still hasn't won a challenge so it's probably too late now. Chloe really is sailing by because the judges think she's "cute," but her designs aren't as inspired as the others.

Anonymous said...

A lot goes into who gets immunity this week-if Kara goes this week and say, Santino gets immunity next week-doesn't that mean that Nick, Daniel, Andrae or Chloe has to be eliminated? It could be another WP situation-a dark horse (I doubt it would be Kara, though) could be saved and then onto fashion week in some odd turn of events! I agree, it's either Nick or Chloe getting the "I'm no longer impressed" comment. I'm thinking Daniel, Andrae, Chloe with Nick as the ruse. Or maybe Santino as the ruse and that's why Nick is so upset with him. I have a feeling something goes down with him because of comments the others have made about him recently-Santino, that is.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Immunity - they're not doing that this season, are they? They haven't mentioned immunity once I don't believe. (I could be wrong)

Case in point - Zulema won last week and was booted this week.

My choice - 12. I think Santino is this season's Austin - trying to listen to the client, but still hearing his own voice too loudly.

Although Andre's been quietly sneaking up.

The Scarlett said...

There is a preview in which Tim says that the winner of the upcoming challenge will have immunity. I saw it yesterday on Bravo.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Ah, I stand corrected. Last season, didn't they institute immunity early then take it away???

AJ said...

My opinions have changed so drastically during the entire run of this show! If you had asked me this after the Barbie Challenge, I would have given you a stone cold solid Santino, Nick and Chloe for fashion week.

Then a little birdy by the name of Daniel V. came blipping onto my radar and has consistently improved and made me a HUGE fan! This in conjunction with Santino's falters during lingerie, and ice skating had me changing my tune to Daniel, Nick and Chloe for fashion week.

THEN...Chloe started to bore me a bit. I have been feeling that everything she's done has been similar in effect while others *cough*Andrae*cough* have stepped up their game and started to shine.

If the show continues on like it is (ie: Santino spiraling down, Chloe lacking depth, Nick's being consistent and Daniel V and Andrae improving) then I have to agree with the Nick, Daniel V and Andrae consensus.

Issues that come up...will they keep Santino b/c he's good TV? Will Santino bounce back and start channeling his early PR self? Will Chloe change her tendencies? Is it remotely possible that Kara could pull off a win? (doubtful...) And will the producers really allow 3 men to the final three?

I have strong feelings that the top 3 will be a combination of Chloe, Nick, Daniel V., and Andrae. I have weak feelings that Chloe will actually not make it, but at this point I'd like to see it be Daniel V, Nick and Andrae.

Long enough for ya?

Anonymous said...

12 - Cloe, Daniel V, Nick

Sam said...

12 is my pick and has been from the beginning. They're the most talented, the cutest, and Nick has some serious drama queen potential.

erin said...


tudytoot4 said...

Nick Andrea and Daniel will make it to the final three.

Anonymous said...

Nick, Andrea and Daniel are my picks for the final three.

Tantalize said...

Initially, I thought Emmett would go to the end as his taste is impeccable. Actually, I've liked ALL of his desgins. The pink number in the first episode was lovely and the Social Scene dress very classy yet precious. I still miss Emmett!!

I've adored Nick from day one as his skills are commendable, his personality is much fun and his talent is exquisite. But he does need to work outside the box a bit more (no more fishtails!)

I liked Chloe initially and thought she would go to the final three, but the first episode's dress and the "Social Scene" number were the same dress basically. Green, blue, whatever as I'm over the one-note color scheme. I still think she's a contender, though.

Andrae was a too flakey to me and I disregarded him too quick. The dramatic tones and accents alternate between funny or irritating, it seems. Yet, I am impressed more with him on each episode. He is the one the watch I think and has been flying under the radar. I'm looking at Andrae in the top three.

I loved Santino from day one as his talent as an artist was edvident, but now I think he is more "avant garde artist" than fashion designer. And honestly, the snarkiness, the ego and the one-note-embellish-the-fire-out-of-it are tiresome. While the lingerie was ugly, I saw shades of Vivian Westwood yet he basically has made the same dress everytime. Take that whickety whack and hit the track - I'm over the talk that ain't gettin' backed up.

OK, I saved the best for last - I'm a FULL DAN FAN! But I confess, while I thought he was precious from day one, his quiet demeanor made me yawn and I thought the NYC runway's would eat him up alive. Then came the Social Scene dress whick ROCKED MY WORLD! Wild pattern yet worked it, cool under pressure, impeccable skill level and obvious talent! Number One - Daniel V.!!!!

So, I'm looking at


with Chloe still in the running. I simply cannot see Santino doing a full show with numerous ensembles that actually vary. And I still miss Emmett! *grins*

AJ said...

For those who think Daniel has a quiet demeanor, take a peek at the bonus videos on's hysterical! So snarky at times...I love it.

There's a video of Santino doing Tim singing Nine Inch Nails with Daniel in it and I kid you not, I was CRYING I was laughing so hard. Daniel's reactions were classic!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Picking 12

But Andrae could re-place Chloe in my choice of final three. Looking forward to seeing his next design.

Daniel--could it be that he's warming up to the camera? I can't imagine having to do my artwork with someone always watching, and some people are just camera-shy.

Very happy to see more of his brilliant personality and smile on screen.

eric3000 said...

1! my pick was 12 until this last episode when Nick had a nervous breakdown.

AJ said...

I don't know which video it was, but it was one of the bonuses from the most recent episode. It was Santino doing a Timpression and might have been the NIN one.

Anyway, at the very end, Daniel is saying that the Timpression is what keeps him going. It was something to the affect of: "This is the only thing that keeps me going. It really is. It's the one thing that keeps me going." He pauses. "Well...this and conjugal visits."

I was DYING! So he's a fabulous designer and adorable, with a sense of humor to boot :)

Laura, can we get a Dan appreciation post??

geekygirrl said...

Andrae and Daniel definitely. Chloe is so thoughtful about her designs. She seems like a person who likes to take a little more time with things, which is to her disadvantage here. Still, her original thinking comes through, so I pick her as my #3.

Nick is wonderful, but he was obviously quite tired last episode. This really is a sprint for the finish, and stamina will be everything. They all looked a bit exhausted, but Nick was starting give up. If you start to not care, you're probably finished. Santino may fall into this category, too.

Tantalize said...

I just watched the bonus vid - conjugal visits - ohhh, he's got a dry wit too. Now I'm really swooning! Daniel V., will you marry me!!

The Scarlett said...

Did any of you watch Dan's audition video? He is so cute and funny!

Kim in Oregon said...

12...or 13.

Kara has held on by the skin of her teeth for several challenges. I think she's out next.

While everyone says good things about Andrae, all his stuff starts to look like his adaption of other people's work. I think the 'dirty water' picture just worked into his personal aesthetic...I don't think it inspired him at all. So I think he will be out after Kara.

Daniel is in for sure. I'm pretty sure Chloe too (because honestly, I don't think they want three guys in the final). The final slot will be either Nick (I HOPE) or Santino. Santino could be out soon if he doesn't get his act together. Clearly they need a "pretty dresses for rich girls" challenge to get another win for Santino.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Laura--I second the idea for a Daniel Appreciation Thread.

Pretty please!!!

He's so brilliant, and if I weren't already married, I'd be in the competition to win him over!

Dinah said...

I am going with #12 because they are my favorite ones! I secretly hope Chloe wins but I think it will go neck and neck between the boys.

Moi ;) said...

Number 6
Number 6
Number 6

Andrae, Daniel and Nick.

Someone would either have to get immunity (?! WTF ?!) or one of these three would have to really bomb something fierce to change this.

Think about it - These three have all had the best, most original, and most wearable garments. The others have been guilty of either going off the deep end, or doing the opposite, nothing special.

I can't tell you how much I loved Nick's Barbie outfit - that is my absolute favorite of the whole series so far. Nicky Hilton would not have done his gorgeous blue dress any justice. Moi, however, would have smoked in it. ;D And I WANT the denim jacket on his website. I WANT it.

Daniel's pink patterned socialite dress...and the lingerie....this man is so consistently good, it's creepy. The dresses on his audition video are beautiful.

Andrae...there is definitely divine spark here....I am really more impressed with him every week. The Nicky Hilton dress and the Gutter dress are really classics. And have you watched his audition video? It's a howl!!! The clothes in his shop are inspired - the scarf of vintage hat veils is absolutely phenom. It is hard to imagine that this is the guy who made that awful orange balloon skirt, or the jeans dress that turned out so badly.

Chloe is just Not quite there; I have never liked her stuff. I don't see what it is that others see in her. She may be cute, but her clothes don't have the spark of talent that my top three - or Santino - have. That last dress did it, sealed it for me. Ugh. The cardboard tower. And there have been things she's sewn where the tailoring just doesn't look, well, professional.

Santino is IMO a glorified rag man, has designed one bag dress after another, starting with the first....yeah - go look at that green thing on PR's site. Now, I do believe he has talent. It's just more limited than he lets on. He's just nuts enough to snow ya, too.

Karazzzzzzz......ya know, this last dress....yeah, it was a unintended copy of Something. Not that her dress would have looked bad on real people. But I think she should have taken that yellow striped thing and graffitied the dress up with it. That's the difference between vision and just not looking.

fashionasart said...

Hi, eveeryone:

Being a geek or a nerd (maybe it's just an actute case of OCD) i had to actually tabulate the choices listed above. (It was just a matter of time before somebody did!!)
Here are the results. Since none of us here are clairvoyant though (?), any of these guys could stumble, and whoever gets immunity next episode, whether it's a stroke of good or bad luck, is probably going to Fashion week.
(Also Tarah is definitely out next epi. Very, very sad indeed the way that it all worked out.)

I've broken the lists down into the component designers. Also I've included names that were singled out as favorites, even though one of the Triumphant Triumverates ((sp) was not chosen. After the totals, I have included a separate total in parentheses: these are designers that have been chosen by the posters as probable Black Horses that could under ideal conditions sneak through in a surge at the finish line.

(In alphabetical order):

Andrae 16 (6)
Chloe 21 (2)
Daniel 29 (1)
Nick 26 (3)
Santino 5 (8)

Laura's Combos:
#1; 5 votes
#6: 9 votes (+1 "I hope")
#7: 1 vote
10: 1 vote
12: 12 votes (+1 "I hope")
13: 1 vote

Close race bewteen #6 and #12, in which Andrae and Chloe trade places, and Nick and Daniel remain in place.
Close individual race between Nick and Daniel (almost a tie).
Both are brilliantly talented, as Andrae is now beginning to reveal himself to be as well--but I do think that there was a vast sentimemtal shift to these two guys when Daniel F was unexpectedly, and undeservedly, aufed that has, perhaps, inflated their numbers (especially so in Nick's case).

My prediction is that Kara goes this week, Santino or Nick the following week. Primarily I'm
concerned about what's happening in Nick's head right now (I know,it all happened LAST summer--did anyone else here, by the way, think that Jay's outfit [including heavy leather jacket] was just a touch over the top for sweltering NYC in August. By contrast I think that Nina and MKors are always appropriately dressed: smart, professional, comfortablly casual, with no bold fashion statement. They know that they are not there to eclipse the designers' fashions.)

To continue with the Nick V thread: I caught only a few words of his conversation with Daniel (whom he says offscreen is his closest friend on the show) in the middle of his meltdown--but I thought I heard him say, referencing his being "finished" and wanting to leave the show, something like "you know that I've been wanting to leave." In other words, the meltdown, though perhaps triggered, certainly aggravated by Zuleema taking his model, was not caused by that incident. Obviously tension or whatever had been building within Nick that we have not been privy to (either the producers have been editing it out or he'd been pretty much bottling it up inside, with the exception of Daniel). I feel for him if he's dealing with issues that we really know nothing about (I suspect that it may have something to do with Santino though, and may not yet have reached its crisis point. If it does, I predict that it will disastrously impact on Nick. He has a certain kind of sensitivity, and also will strike back if attacked either professionally or emotionally or backed into a corner. This may be why he speaks so negatively about Santino in his recent interview. Then there's the accumulating stress and missing friends and family back in LA. At least we know that he's doing fine now.

By contrast, Daniel, especiially, and Chloe as well, seem to be grounded and have a remarkable equanymity that helps them to sail smoothly through troubled waters,

My chooice: #1--Daniel, Chloe and Andrae. Andrae has apparantly gotten "into his zone" and is increasingly amazing. In these competitions it can be dangerous and self-defeating to hit your peak too early. (Santino is a perfect example.)

I should add that Nick (and as a really long shot, Santino) can still pull it out of the fire, if he can just get his momentum and passion flowing again.
Otherwise he is going to auf himself. If he goes before Santino, it would be a sad day at Project Runway. There are so maaaaany elements involved in this kind of competition where a lot more than physical daring and stamina and the willingness to perform dangerous and ridiculous, if not insane, stunts are involved. This show takes unReality TV to a new and astounduingly elevated plateau.
And I LOOOOOVE it!!!!!!!

LauraK said...

Holy cow Don! Amazing. E-mail me, okay? Next week, when we are down to five, we'll set this up again and YOU can be in charge!

Serena said...

#12! #12! #12! Although I do like Andrae too... But still! #12! #12! #12!

Anonymous said...

18. Daniel, Kara, Santino