Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who ARE These People?

Okay, I've resisted posting this long enough. It's all over the web. In the interest of completeness, I just had to include it on my blog. This picture is NOT a spoiler - it's lifted directly from the preview that aired after the first two episodes. It's PUBLIC information - It's not from an inside source or from someone who happened upon it by accident. IT'S FROM THE PREVIEW. It doesn't help much anyway...

I've stared at it until I'm cross-eyed. We assume that this shot is from the start of episode #8, "Inspiration" - after the "On Thin Ice" challenge. So, who ARE these people? I think I see Chloe seated in the back row of the designers. So Chloe is safe this week. AND I think I see Marla's model Cara, standing next to Heidi, so is Marla safe this week too? I just don't believe anyone else would choose this model.

I don't see Emmett, and I'm not sure if that is Kara in the front right. I think the designers are Nick, Daniel, Santino, Chloe in back and Andrae, Zulema and Kara in front - but I'm not sure. It could be Diana in the front right seat. It could even be Marla, but I think it's Kara. But I'm not sure. : ) Maybe it's even Kara in the back, but I don't think so.

I definitely do NOT see Emmett. So Emmett will leave this week or next.

What about the models? I see Heather, Grace, Tarah, Lesley, Heidi, Cara, Eden, Danyelle and Rebecca. But I could be wrong. I often am. What do you think? I do not see Shannon, Emmett's model, I'm pretty sure about that. Wait? Is Cara Shannon? I also do not see Zulema's model, Rachael. Or is Lesley Rachael? Could be...

If Marla and Diana are cut this week then why are Lesley and Cara still up there? Or is Lesley really Rachael and Cara really Shannon? Or does the Zulema/Kara team win and then Zulema chooses Lesley instead of Rachael? Is this where we hear Zulema ask for the walk-off? Of is that next week? Will Zulema win two weeks in a row? I think she has a good chance to win the Ice Skating challenge because she is a costume designer. Sewing and fitting a skating costume will be very tricky - all of that elastic, and stretchy fabric....but I digress...

Obviously something is going to shake up this week or next. Maybe the teams that were chosen at the beginning of the show are switched up. Maybe they'll auf two designers but not from the same team. What do you think? Maybe Zulema will pick someone else's muse and this is why we hear Nick say, "I can't believe this B@#$H did this." We'll see....


Anonymous said...

After the January 11th episode 2 designers are eliminated -

After the January 18th episode (On Thin Ice) there will be one designer eliminated - bringing it down to 7 designers and 8 models - as in the clip

I think January 25th (Inspiration)is when Zulema (who must have won the week before) asks for the walk off

Anonymous said...

And if February 1st is Flower Power and there is an episode February 8th - there may have to be another double elimination to get down to 3 designers by Fashion week - Project Runway is scheduled to show on February 10th in New York

Anonymous said...

I support your decision to post the picture..It is all over the net with major discussions surrounding it..Since this is an important blog for the show..I'm glad you posted it..

From the discussion's I've read....Most people don't see Emmet so the assumtion is Emmett and Chloe get cut for the team challenge..

Marla will go the next week..

If you assume that, then it means that someone chooses Chloe's model Grace...as I think that is her in the picture..but even using photoshop to enhance..you can't really tell..

but this is all speculation...the discussion after the show will be great!

So far my final 3 still stand..I really liked Emmett..but didn't think he'd make it..

LauraK said...

But, do my eyes deceive me? Isn't that Chloe sitting there, clear as mud, on the back left?

Anonymous said...

That could be chloe...I'm going to watch and see who shows up in that orange shirt in the re-runs..

Anonymous said...

It sure looks to me that you have everyone Id'd correctly. It would make sense that Diana/Marla are out this week, Emmett next. But that begs the question, who in their right mind would choose Cara as their model?

Is it possible that Zulema hasn't seen some of the Cara nonsense up this point? Does Cara really impress Zulema during the walk-off? It seems highly unlikely, but makes the most sense based on that picture.

LauraK said...

Remember that Zulema is a former model. She can recognize a good one trust me. Cara walks like she is "pulling a plow*." Unless something really strange happens like everyone else drops out or gets sick or something, Zulema will not choose Cara.

(*I wish I could take credit for that quote. I read it on one of the boards - so accurate though, isn't it?)

Anonymous said...

What they're wearing is the key, I think. I can't recall that orange shirt, although it looks like something Kara would wear. Chloe has a tank top in a similar shade but I don't remember seeing her in a t-shirt like that. As for the person upfront, I think it could be either Diana or Kara. So the only possible scenarios are:
1. Emmett and Chloe get cut this week, then Marla next (which means Kara's in the back in orange and Diana's up front). Kara's hair can look like that. This would explain why the plow-puller's still up there.
or, more likely:
2. Marla and Diana get cut this week, then Emmett (Chloe in the back, Kara up front).

The Scarlett said...

Where is Andrae?

Anonymous said...

Another theory:

The winning team is required to, as a default, switch models with each other. :)

No evidence of this, but it might add to a reason people do consider taking the "losing" models.

Even if thats not the case, its quite possible that the walk-off thing happens after this NEXT episode after Zulema/Kara win: Remember that typically the winner has an A or B choice. But if Kara picks first, and decides not to switch her model, Zulema is likely to pounce on the fact that its not A or B. But A (her model), or B, or C (the losing teams model)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the person sitting next to Santino (back left) is too tall to be Chloe. Chloe would be much smaller sitting next to the freakishly large Santino.

I'm hoping it's Kara and that's Diana in the front row.

Anonymous said...

From that picture, it looks to me like Chloe, Santino, Daniel and Nick in the back. Andrae, Zulema and Kara up front. I don't know the models from that back of my butt, so I'm no help there.

Someone mentioned that Chloe looked to large next to Santino, but you can tell by the curve of his back that Santino is seriously hunched over. He's a lot taller then both Daniel and Nick and they are about the same size in the pic.

I'm beginning to think that Marla and Diana are out this week while Nick/Santino or more likely Daniel/Andrae wins and Emmett is out next week while Zulema wins and subsequently asks for the walk off.

Okay I just did a comparison of the models and the two standing next to Heidi look like Diana's and Marla's models to me...so now I'm totally confused...lol

Maybe Emmett and Diana OR Marla get booted. Not both of them. Of course who would pick Marla's model if they could choose?

Alright, new theory. Zulema and Kara win. Emmett freaks out and quits...or is out. Diana is out and Zulema picks Diana's model over her own and Emmett's in the walk-off. Marla is out the next round bringing us to this lovely picture:)

I have no flippin' clue...lol

I am about 95% sure about the designers in the screen cap though.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like the back row is Diana, Santino, Daniel, and Nick. The front row looks to be Andrae, Zulema, and Kara.

That would make sense if Chloe and Emmett are eliminated this week and Marla is eliminated next week.

As for whose models are left, I can't tell them apart anyway, so I could be wrong.

Kathleen Bolton said...

New poster here. I'm a PR fan!

IMO, the person sitting in front of Chloe looks like he has blond hair...hence Emmett. Unless that's major glow from the lights off Andrea's head, which could be.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty certain the girl in the back row in orange is Chloe. Not only is she wearing something bright, (very un-Diana) and cute high heels, (which don't seem like something Kara or Diana would wear) but her hair seems a bit distinctive.

On top of the color of her hair, the way it appears to be worn, I think we've seen before on Chloe. Imagine these photos from the back:

and this one from another angle:

Just some research I did while bored at work...lol

Anonymous said...

I agree aj! If you look at the scrapbook photos from episode 2 on the PR website, that does indeed look like Chloe's hair. The length and highlights look just right to me.

If that is the case, the hurdle I still can't get over is Cara (the model) still on the runway. We're missing something, keep digging everyone!

PhillyKat said...

i'm almost positive that is chloe bottom r. i think that row is andrae, zu, chloe. the back is from l to r is kara, santino, daniel and nick. i'm sure that's kara not just because of the clothes and hair, but the posture. she has poor posture and is always bending or hunched over. i'm positive that's chloe because a) i refuse to think otherwise (i lost franco, i'm not losing her too) and, most importantly (b) her coloring. chloe is darker than diana. look at her shoulder. that's chloe. also, c's hair is usually straight or in a ponytail. diana's always has some kind of body to it or like she's lost a battle with humidity.

now, i pay no attention to the models, don't even know their names, but i will say we haven't a clue what heidi may be saying. this may be a midway point and she may be giving the remaining 7 an opportunity to switch their models, not just the winners.

why does everyone say zulema asked/asks for a walk off? is their some video or a rumor? if a rumor, let us not forget that there's a walk off in zoolander. all it takes is oe misunderstanding and bam! a rumor.

i think marla/diana are def. out. as for the winners, i'm not sure. i think together zu and kara are a wash. they may drown in mediocrity. also think that santino will try to boss nick who will not stand for it for long. they'll cancel each other out. so, either emmet and chole will come up with something classy that won't win cuz classy seems to go by the way side this year. this leaves andrea and daniel, who i think compliment each other. dang, i've been trying to pick a winner. i guess i just did. thanks!

(i haven't used blogger in ages, hope this works)

Anonymous said...

I think it is kara, Santino, Daniel, Nick back row. Andrea, Zulema and Chloe in front row. since only one model is needed this week, maybe Zulema wanted a walk off between hers and Kara's model.

Moi ;) said...

I agree with PhillyKat. I think it's Kara in the back row, not Chloe.

Then again, I thought Andrae was fairly hairless....and the guy in front of Kara/Chloe (lol) has hair....

OOOH I hate this!!!! ROFL

galaxy said...

I think the girl in orange top is Kara as Chloe is clearly the one sitting on the right side in the front row. (as her sillouette is an Asian one while the girl in the orange top has a streamline boy-ish waistline like Kara's)

If you don't believe me, look again.

jacindah said...

Well clearly Emmet is out and Zulema won the challenge. When the winning designer is asked to choose a model in the following episode, the models for the winning and losing designers flank Heidi. In that picture, Heidi is flanked by Emmet's model (Heidi's left) and Zulema's model (Heidi's right), then the rest of the models take their positions to the left and right of Heidi after Zulema calls for a walk-off. Andrae and Daniel V. both don't seem the type to ditch their models after winning a challenge, so you don't see Diana's or MArla's model in that line up.

Emmet probably lost this one because of his lack of sewing ability. Female skaters tend to use stretchable fabric and the previews hint at the designers having a hard time with realizing the designs because of equipment meltdowns. Also in the lingerie challenge, Emmett also stated that he is having problems with the stretch fabric they used to "realize" Santino's "lingerie".