Sunday, February 26, 2006

BPR's Youngest Dan Fan!

Happy Third Birthday Caileigh!


Jan the Dan Fan said...

Hey! That's my baby!

Caileigh is going to LOVE this! She went to bed early this evening-busy Winter Break week--but I'll be sure to show her in the morning!

When I showed her the pics, she commented, "Daniel will like this one!" Too sweet.

Tbone said...

Jan - Caileigh is adorable! And to think she has her whole life in front of her wearing fabulous DV clothes...

AJ said...

Jan, that is so cute!!

What a sweet picture...she's absolutely darling!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. She is the absolute joy of my life. She makes being a mom so much fun!

Having to return to work after a break is always a bit heartbreaking for me-so it was a fun moment for us to share when I showed her the site this morning.

Caileigh loves picking out her clothes, and I'm sure she will have a DV design someday-especially if he uses PINK!