Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Is It Rebecca Romijn? Iman? Carol Alt?

Let's see who is at this party with Heidi and Michael Kors on August 25, 2005. Why it's Debra Messing and Rebecca Romijn... Hmmmmmm.... Didn't someone say that one of the finale models looked a lot like Rebecca? Hmmmmmm...Look who is at the Season Two Premiere party on December 7th... Iman! And Carol Alt.... Hmmmmm... Supermodel central!


grudge girl said...

HA! Someone brought it up in the thread before I did, and I wholeheartedly agreed that that was her in Santino's show. HA! I knew it! I knew it the second I saw her!

grudge girl said...

And I love Carol Alt, but in that picture, with those boobs, I totally thought that was Lisa Rinna at first glance.

grudge girl said...

I was so. wrong.