Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reactions to "Reunion" Here

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nsa said...

Dude, all I can say is that I think I must have died and gone to heaven. The Divine Tim Gunn actually said my name!

I asked the question about who really said "Where the hell is my chiffon?"

I'm going to have to download this episode off of iTunes.

LauraK said...

Nethra! I knew you were one of us!

Tbone said...

Woo-Hoo! They only asked 2 Q's from the public. That was like winning the lottery. Way to go Nethra!

nsa said...

It is like winning the lottery--I did a double take when he said my name--I didn't think they would actually pick my question!

As an aside, can anyone transcribe Tim's video podcast? I have a mac, and bravo's site doesn't like macs any more.

LauraK said...

I'll put out the request!

not me said...

Um, was it me or was Guadalupe on crack?

That was HILARIOUS how no one knew how to respond to her ramblings!

It was also HILARIOUS to see Heidi's response (or rather no response) to Danny Franco's "I love you Heidi"

LauraK said...

Remember, only polite language here, kids.

Liza said...

Overall I enjoyed the show, varied clips and most people got a turn to talk if they wanted to, it seemed.

Zulema does seem a bit more, shall I say, "out there" than I expected.

And Daniel F's "I love you" comment was rather strange, I am almost glad Heidi didn't respond, after all what could she have said?

One last comment, do you think Santino explained himself well enough and restored his image to that of Fun, Loud, Wild and Crazy Guy, or is he still just mean?

not me said...

i don't think that Santino redeemed himself in the least bit. he said what he said on the show and now he has to do some PR-control (no pun intended).

whether or not his comments came from a "bad place" or not doesn't make up for the fact that he genuinely hurt the other designers' feelings. granted everyone's a grown-up, but the reality is that the designing world is a small community and no one wants to work with a "Santino" if they have other designers out there who are equally if not more talented than he is, sans the ego complex. i think Santino has/is feeling the repercussions of his image resulting from the show and although i know people will still like him for his designs/creativity, it's now groundbreaking.

bottomline is that his personality will be remembered albeit negatively.

not me said...

i meant to say "it's NOT groundbreaking" :)

steelmaggie said...

I think the closest thing he gave to an apology sounded like something a politician would say: "I'm not sorry for what I said, but I'm sorry that your feelings were hurt by what I said." That's not a direct quote. That kind of apology takes no actual responsibility.
I did appreciate that on his blog, he did express some remorse for comments about Marla and Diana. Why couldn't he have been just a little more gracious here? I don't know.

Aunt Gina said...

Did anyone else think Heidi's answer about the Lingerie Challenge (Santino vs Daniel F.) was lame? I was not convinced, and I think she did nothing to answer the suspicion that the judging was inconsistent.

I do not think Santino redeemed himself, and I don't think he even sees the problem. Will it hurt him professionally? Unfortunately, we live in a rather mean spirited world, and you can be a complete jerk and still be successful. I have been disappointed more than once to read that someone I greatly admired was a complete horse's ass in real life.

All in all, I found the reunion disappointing in that the emphasis seemed to be on the designers who lasted the longest, and scant attention was paid to those who left earlier. Kirsten barely spoke, John Wade said maybe two sentences. While I realize the audience had more invested and got to know the longer-surviving designers better, I thought the show was off balance in that respect.

It did not thrill me. Maybe I expected too much. Like maybe I expected all of the issues to be resolved or something. I love happy endings and all loose ends tied up, so it's probably my issue.


TiredMama said...

I enjoyed it, but I definitely wanted more when it ended.

Diana, Emmett, Andrae, Kirsten, Raymundo were all people I would have loved to hear more from/about. Oh, and Kara, too.

It felt a lot like "the Santino Show" because of how much everyone harped on him and the stuff he said and did. I was also not impressed by his non-apology - "I don't regret what I said, but I regret that people's feelinge were hurt, because I did not intend for them to be hurt" (not an exact quote).

Both Lupe and Daniel F looked and acted as though they were high on something, and not just the pre-show alcohol. The Daniel F "I love you Heidi" thing was extremely weird...

I loved the musical numbers! Who knew all those guys could sing? (And why didn't we see more of that on the actual show, instead of Santino-drama?)

What else? Oh yeah, "They went like bagels. Can you say that?"

I like that Rachel got to confront Zulema on the shabby treatment she received, but was disappointed that she did not get to confront Tim Gunn. Especially since we heard a repeat of his comments about her tonight.

Overall, it was a show worth watching, and I would have liked it to be longer.

rodsimpson said...

Therapy - that is what Santino needs SOOO BADDD. But in case, he doesn't feel like it, here's what I think:

1. He has this unbelievable need for attention - and he gets it by shocking people and pissing them off.
2. His designs are all about shock value - they anger the models, the critics, but he redeems himself through his creativity.
3. I think he is aware of what he says and its impact on the people around him. But he is not in control.
4. His threatening tone and the way he cuts people to the core (exposing and exploiting their greatest fears and vulnerabilities)is truly abusive. It's not acceptable behavior in any arena - from shock tv to fashion industry.
5. Who yelled at this boy as a child? Who cut him to the quick? Who made him think that creativity alone could protect him from the fallout of his cruelty?

Marsha said...

Whoa, both Santino and Zulema are totally clueless about their effects on people. It's really sad seeing the wake of pain they leave behind them & their continued refusal to accept feedback from others. ** Andrae is just a love! Nick, too! ** Guadalupe is a space cadet.

ABC said...

Wow, I can't believe Daniel Franco is straight.

But then again, his lingerie design showed the most respect for the female body. And I was so happy to see his showdown with Santino on the runway. I wish they would have showed that on the actual episode.

echoe311 said...

The Reunion made me realize how vital Andrae really was. Before I just thought he rocked, but now I love him more than ever.

P.S. Anyone have anymore info on John Wade because I am just... stunned... and I find him completely adorable. I am angry because I never got to see the first episode. I even missed it this Monday.

monkeyboots said...

I thought the show was hilarious!

I was in tears...mostly about the "Santino Show". He is funny.

I think Santino is the kind of person that is inwardly very insecure, so he has to be very brash, rude and act like he doesn't give a fling. I think he feels that is he's human, he'll show his weaknesses.

Lupe was so drunk, I was embarassed for her. I'm sure the phone will stop ringing for her...if it ever did.

I think the comments from others here about some of the designers not talking is because they really don't have any personalities.

Andrae is just wonderful.

At least we didn't have a designer leave the set with a broken wine glass in her wake this year.

kittenpants said...

I love that Heidi is so far removed from carbs she can't tell her hot cakes from her bagels. And Guadalupe was SO in space. I made this tee shirt for her.

Go Daniel V!

Bmoboy said...

Santino is starting to make sense to me, sorta.

His reference to trash talking in a basketball game was a revelation.

All his comments are just macho posturing in the very un-macho world of fashion design.

He's out there making sure the other guy is just a little off balance while he makes his move to the basket. Yo mama!

Jaxx said...

Great show! and I loved Andrae as always...what a special spirit! He has a lot of class and I think that is why I lost some excitement when he left the show. Andrae has a way of bringing out the best in people.

Guadalupe-made my night...I laughed soooooooo hard at her statements and the designers facial expressions and Tim too funny!

Daniel V.-I wish he wasn't constantly cut off.

Nick-Wow! his support of Santino...
vs Daniel V. interesting.

Chloe & Zulema: I enjoyed their responses and I admire the fact that Zulema is Zulema and doesn't apologize for being herself. Way to Go!

Santino=good TV! and who in this world doesn't have issues?

KidLyd said...

Oh man, I couldn't get enough of the reunion show and I only wish I had joined the party last night! I was annoyed with the really awful, choppy editing though. I'd love to see the out takes.

The show made me love Andrae and Nick even more.

I was stunned when Lupe was talking. OHMYGAWD! I couldn't believe she was that drunk during the taping of the show. It was funny, but I felt embarrassed for her.

Not surprised Daniel F. is straight. He's an odd one, though. Comes across as very unstable and untrustworthy. I think he had a bit too much to drink too. He had that Robert Smith of The Cure makeup thing going on.

This reunion made me actually like Santino. I totally get him now...he was talking smack during this competition, which is what I suspected all along. Lighten up, designers! He's actually pretty funny and I think a lot of the designers would agree with that.

LauraK said...

Kitttenpants, I'm totally posting this!

praddicted said...

This could have easily been a two hour special. I would have liked to see less of Santino and more of everyone else-almost no Daniel V., Emmett and the designers who went home earlier. I've said this before but I think Raymundo may have been a real player had he stayed. I really liked him last night. I loved the clips and felt they definitely could have addressed more issues from the readers-You know people asked about Santino making it to the final 3, etc.

I totally love Andrae, even more than before. I've said this before but I really think he would have had an awesome collection. Didn't you love when he went "Oh, good, we're singing!" He IS our little lamb.

So why did Nick and Santino have this major falling out????

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

As much as I loved seeing more of the designers, I just wish it hadn't been as much of a drama-fest and more questions from the viewers. It was all about dredging up crap to make everyone all upset.

But I digress....

Lupe was just insane - I don't think that was just alcohol - I think she was definitely on something (or hey, off something that she should have been on!) last night.

As for Santino - I really didn't like how they opened the whole show vilifying him. Yes, he did say mean things, BUT so did everyone else! Everyone talked about Marla, everyone said things about each other's garments. They took everything Santino said and just put it all together to make him look as bad as they could. I totally got that he was talking trash the whole time and I'm glad he made that reference because it seemed that a few lightbulbs went on over the designer's heads when he said that.

Now, here's my come Santino is equated with the Prince of Darkness himself, but when Zulema was an outright b*tch, everyone thought it was funny and that she was just being herself? I thought Zulema was a million times nastier than Santino ever was. That whole thing with the closet? Please. Get over yourself.

Nick standing up for Santino last night - wow. Now, the falling out they kept mentioning - was that meant the one that happened during the show, or do they not speak now??

And Daniel Franco....he was such the cutie during taping and looked so awful last night. Wha happen?

The Scarlett said...

Nethra, you totally rock having Tim Gunn say your distinctive name on that show. I, too, would download the episode on iTunes!

As far as reactions, I guess I was surprised to see that they allowed 'lupe to appear so loopy. I thought that was what editors were for! I felt it was just unnecessary. I'm glad Tim Gunn called her on it but I still didn't feel it was worthy of inclusion.

I would have liked more Emmett and more singing. I would have liked to have laughed a little more. I would have liked to know more about how their lives were changed by the show if in fact they were.

And now I totally realize how vital Andrae was to the show. I had no idea how much I had grown to love him until last night!

goglowgirl said...

What does everyone think the surprise is next week, the twist. Kara looked like she wanted to explode last night adn did not focus on her very much.

I think she fully competes in fashion week and that the final judging is on four, not three. I think that may be why Chloe gets so upset. Kara's collection was so great, solid and well received that PR just may be connected to it.

AJ said...

Where did my post go?!

poo...I wrote this long drawn out uneccessary stuff about the show, so here's a summary.

Andrae is amazing!! The bits of him, the musical and the Timpressions had me in tears! He was vital to this show, and if Bravo did a Project Andrae, I could die happy.

Nick is still wonderful, Emmett is still wonderful, Marla and Kirsten are still boring. Lupe is insane. Daniel Franco is incredibly awkward, albeit with moments of incredible humor.

I'm going to touch on little things in my recap...did anyone catch who the designers want to win at Fashion Week?

sarahlad said...

I thought when Santino described his attitude and comments as like in a basketball game, it all made since to me. He trash talks just like players on the court do- he was playing a game- Hope he wins!

Also, Lupe! What a trip!

I love Andre!!!

Tbone said...

I really want to like Santino - I just wish he could fully own up to the hurt and anger he caused the oher designers. He came close last night but didn't quite get there.

I would have liked to see more of Heidi S. this season, I suspect kittenpants could have a gotten a few t-shirt designs out of her!

Phil said...

I ended up missing the actual broadcast of "Reunion," as I ended up going to see the film, "Garcon Stupide." Okay, but not memorable.

Anyway, I did tape it (I know, I need TiVo), and OMG GUADALUPE WAS SO NUTTY! What the heck was she on?!?! And Daniel F., for that matter! When did he turn all Goth?

Andrae was adorable, as expected, and came across as a very honest and honorable person. Kara was great, but I wish we could've seen more of her. Nick and Santino were overexposed, as usual. Daniel V. was totally cute, and the Peacemaker in him totally came out.

Honestly, looking at the entire lines that each finalist premiered at Fashion Week, I think Santino actually has a chance of winning. He gave Daniel a run for his money. I kind of "get" Chloe's 80s-ish "Knots Landing" throwback, but I'm not sure this is what the judges are looking for. Kara's line was SO much better than her work during the competition!

Can't wait for the finale!!!

Anonymous said...

Will someone please provide some news/insight as to how John Wade lost all that weight? He looks amazing, but I was stunned...he looks like a new person entirely (even tho I thought he was cute before).

Mrs. Garlic said...

i think there are several things here that you guys are ignoring.

1. this show was HILARIOUS. i was laughing uncontrollably several times.

2. lupe was more than just drunk.

3. daniel franco's "i love you heidi" comment was clearly edited to be kind of awkward. i am sure it was not as creepy as depicted (odd, but not as creepy).

4. i don't think there is anyway kara is going to participate in fashion week "competition." they would have left a door open for that, and i feel like it's been firmly shut on kara. (that would be so hard to be there and not be "apart" of it!)

stacy said...

Well it wasn't 'The Santino Show' as much as I expected so, as much as I like Santino, that was good. What was wrong with Lupe?? I mean she had to be on drugs or something. She made no sense. And why not ask Marla about the dress she plagiarized?

I loved Daniel V sticking up for Marla & her accomplishments. He's a classy guy. I loved all of the extra clips that had not aired on the show too. Like Andrae rolling around on the walls & Nick's song to Daniel Franco! haha

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the reunion. Some additions:

1. Worse than Santino's trashtalk is when he lied several times on the runway (ex: saying the reason the (hideous) jumpset arm was coming apart was because Kara had been jumping around from excitement? Bah... I really wish he had been called on this but he would just lie his way out of it or his favorite response to any confrontation: "whatever" or "they're just jealous". (which was perplexing. why would daniel v. be jealous having won 5 challenges?)

2. As much as I agree that Zulema is abrasive, I am really tired of her having to defend switching models. It was an option given to them and I think anyone would have done it if they had been in her place. It was to her benefit. Nick acted like it was some attack upon him, which is ridiculous and immature.

3. I really admire Nick's hopes for Santino. I think Santino's work was consistently interesting and consistently hideous. But as Nick basically said: it's time for Santino to shut up and bring it on. Thing is from the fashion week shots, it looks like he did.

4. I'm sure it WON'T happen but I too would love to see Kara included in the final, why oh why didn't she show us how good she could be during the show. Well now we've seen through both Austin and Kara, #4 might not be such a bad thing.

City Girl said...

Some of the new videos were funny and interesting but I wish PR hadn't focused so much on the negative and hurtful comments.

Also I was disappointed that the designers did not have the opportunity to share their thoughts about the PR process, designs they created, what they learned from the judges and other desigers and, most importantly, the impact PR has had on their careers.

Also, Andrae is so intersting and articulate. I hope Bravo plans to include him in future programs.

gumdropgurl said...

hmmmmm...interesting show, I would have preferred more interaction and less video stock that we had seen before. If there had to be video, make it outtakes that hadn't aired previously.

I do think that Santino feels truly bad and apologetic for his words, honestly, I think Zulema was much worse, a feeling cemented for me when I watched the bonus video of the designers favorite moments and Zulema says "no comment." She had no best moment? Unreal!

I was taken aback by contestant Heidi's comments on Raymundo's name, and amused by how out of it Lupe and Daniel F. seemed.

Loved the musical, loved seeing Andrae again.

Lissette said...

I might add to "aeb"'s list that:

5. Nick's final comments about fashion week are NOT in defense of Santino in any way. I don't know why Tim Gunn and everyone else has jumped to this conclusion! At no point does Nick say that he thinks that Santino will win, all he keeps insisting is that Fashion Week is Santino's chance to "show what he's got", or (in essence) redeem himself from all of the trash-talk that he did on the show.

It seems to me that Nick would like to see Santino put his stuff out there once and for all -- with no excuses, and then crash-and-burn before the cameras, the audience and the infamous "fashion gods".

Your thoughts?

mdizzy said...

The reunion show was great last nite, and I agree, Lupe was definitely on something. My biggest concern is Santino and why people hate him so much. give the guy a break. I think that he says what everyone else is wanting to say, he is not deliberately being mean. Just imagine if you were locked in a room with some of these people for 10-12 hours a day and then had to live with them. I think that Diana's voice would drive me crazy, too. And I like Diana.
Andrae was wonderful - as always. Is it just me or could Andrae be Angelina Jolie's long lost brother or cousin? the face, the accents? And finally Daniel Franco has proven to the world how crazy I have always thought he was. That dude has stalker written all over him.
I love jay!

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who was disappointed that there wasn't more Emmett? I miss his quiet and dignified presence! I thought he looked great with his slightly different hair color and maybe a little weight loss?

Actually, other than John, who obviously lost a lot, it looked like several of the designers lost a bit of weight. I wonder if that's what happens when you see yourself on TV?! I mean, look at Austin! :)

LauraK said...

Violet, I missed Emmett too. He looked great though - they all did! Well.... most did. They were kind of sweaty at the end though. Anyone else notice this?

fluffsters said...

they should put the whole reunion show unedited on the dvd. i don't have the first season, so i don't know what the extras were like on that. the extra santino's timpressions were hilarious.

isejanus said...

I'm so in agreement with the "I wish it had been two hours long" comments. There was so much wonderful unaired footage, much of it really adding extra insights into what did or did not happen on the runway. Here are some random impressions aboutm who else, Santino -- I only wish they were Timpressions!

I was happy to see that Daniel Franco not only stood up like a mensch on the runway before his elimination, but actually stood up to Santino when S. was at his most craven. Danny F. is strange, no argument, but he always seemed very honorable if milquetoast-y. Now I see he actually had backbone; it was just surgically removed by the editors.

I cannot agree with Santino's own assessment that he just trash-talks as a competitive technique. He is, to my mind, quite conscious about his cruel and cutting remarks, and his own description of the Nina Garcia confrontation is an example. He is well aware that he can intimidate (and apparently, terrify) people just through his height, facial expressions and body language; that he acknowledges that he makes his voice extra-loud to heighten the effect makes his later claim that he was surprised to learn his target was scared is ridiculous. And now we know why Nina did not appear on the show following the 90-minute harangue: she WAS terrified. That's not strategy, that's out-and-out bullying.

Besides being a bully, Santino is now completely outed as an full-out attention whore, from his own mouth. In the extra video on today's PR website, reunion attendees were asked about their worst moments. His is "When the cameras were turned off."

And now, I end on Our Little Lamb. My love for Andrae just grows and grows, and I was so charmed and proud of him when he immediately stepped up to take back his "selfish" remark about Emmett. I never tire of watching Andrae spring like a gazelle from the door of Atlas. How I wish the judges has appreciated his Spanish Moss dress as, apparently, only Tim and I did. We should all go to Red Lobster and commiserate. [By the way, things in NYC have come to a pretty pass when Red Lobster (Red Freaking Lobster!!!) adds an automatic 15% service surcharge to your bill.]

Anonymous said...

I think Daniel F. and Lupe were definitely stoned. Maybe Kara too. After the lingerie episode I had a theory that Daniel F. was out because they decided he really came back to kind of stalk Heidi. Something about the way he gazed at her. My husband thought I was nuts. So when Daniel F. had the misty 'I love you, Heidi!' moment, I elbowed him and said 'See - what did I say'. Well, actually it was my alter-ego Ursula who elbowed my husband! They *really* should have aired the stuff about Zulema and her Shi-tangi alter-ego! Bwahahahahaha! :-D

WebWrangler said...

After seeing another brief clip of "Purdy" Heidi, I must thank the judges and producers for getting rid of her as quickly as she did.

She comes across as a bad stereotype of a southern redneck broad. "Ray... Ray-monnnd-uh... Whawt's his nay-am? Ray-mund-o? Whaw-ut kinda nay-am is thay-at. Where-ahs he froo-um anywhy?"


It wouldn't even work on a Jeff Foxworthy special.

Anonymous said...

This show is so rigged. No way Santino's lingerie was better than Daniel Franco's. No way Santino's falling apart jumpsuit for Kara was better than Nick's suit for Daniel V. Kara in and Nick out??? Makes no sense. And Nicky Hilton shouldn't be allowed to judge anything. She's a moron with zero personality.

Daniel V's "I love you Heidi" moment was uber creepy. Now where the HELL is my chiffon?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna put it out there, but did anyone else think that Daniel V and Chloe both looked quite disgusted last night? Perhaps it was just edited that way, but Santino looked full of personality, while almost every shot of Daniel V made him look tired and fed up with the entire show.

Anonymous said...

Is there a place you can download audio of "Make it Work" and "It's a M-F walkoff!"

Phil said...

I'm still curious how Nick & Santino made it through the Banana Republic Window Shopping challenge, when their dress design was SO over the top obnoxious and their window design was lackluster at best. I was totally expecting them to get auf-ed that night. Diana and Marla's dress was dull, maybe, but still better than the Kabuki-theater costume Nick & Santino came up with, and their crumpled paper-filled office scene was more creative than Nick & Santino's Kabuki actor holding a clipboard at the Banana Republic Art Gallery.

LauraK said...

I think Daniel V and Chloe are just sick and tired of "The Santino Show." They've had to endure it far longer than anyone else.

When he finally had a chance to speak, Daniel V was really sweet to Marla.

eric3000 said...

Here's what I learned:

1. Emmett has taken a vow of silence (keep up the good work, Emmett!)

2. Daniel Franco thinks he is straight (what's up with that?!)

3. Guadalupe is schizophrenic and off her medication (poor thing)

4. Bagels sell really well in Germany

5. That Southern girl needs to take a vow of silence

AJ said...

Laura, I too noticed the intense sweating...Nick looked soaked through at the end of the show.

4. Bagels sell really well in Germany

LMAO eric!

Jon said...

I think Lupe had too much to drink prior to the show. WTF was up with her response to that question?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I think Lupe went into the reunion taping with an attitude of, "I don't care about this show and am going to make that clear through my behavior."

Regardless of what caused her behavior, there was consistency in it, as you can tell by watching the clip of her ordering a drink at the bar before the reunion. She looked quite out there.

Anonymous said...

After the Sasha Cohen episode, the underwear debacle, the "inspiration" dress that looked like a very BAD imitation of Austin Scarlett, is it so difficult to figure out that the show's producer were more interested in "good TV" than in which designers or designs were better than the other? Santino is a game player who knows how to use his schtick to intimidate and manipulate BUT am sure he was also good reality TV.

The reunion show didn't show much of anything we already didn't know. There should have been more Emmett, Marla, Kirsten but they are not good TV. Andre is a wonder, miss him terribly in the followup shows, Nick as well. Daniel V is a gent, a class act whose talent and goodness HOPEFULLY will carry him far. Chloe, check out her website and fashions, very talented gal. BUT I notice that most of the designers used copies of dresses they had already done in one show or the other. As for talent, Santino, just don't get him. His stuff isn't as creatively 'out there' as Jay McCarroll - it is just OUT THERE!! Guadaloopy - the girl seemed like she can't handle her licker. John Boy, the fat kid gone thin -- would have liked to see more of him. Frankly, thought his dress was better than some of the others who managed to STAY.

A lot goes into Project Runway, that has nothing to do with which one has talent or not. A lot of it is ratings and they have to have their bitch or bastard, Wendy Pepper or Santino, in order to get the ratiings. The other designer's comments re Marla, a successful business woman designer -- immature at best. Daniel V. is a real gent for sticking up for her.

I wish the show had been two hours, less Santino, more other people and MORE on professional aspects of the entire process. I know that many university art and.or fashion departments are telling their students to watch Project Runway to view the process. Unfortunately, there was too little of the real creative process and too much drama queen crap ala Santino.

Andre, Nick, John, Daniel F. should have stayed. Santino should have been deep sixed but kept on in the design room for laughs. I hope his designs are better than his attitude or what he did on the show. Much of it, including the Nicky Hilton dress was garbage.

I miss Andre, I miss Nick, I even miss Emmett's quiet long suffering acceptance of the jerks around him. He will succeed because his heart is in the right place and he will try until he gets it.

Anonymous said...

I think Guadelupe is on horse. Her skin was sallow, she was nodding out and besides her ridiculous diatribe, she shouted “I love Santino” at the beginning of the show. She would have to be on drugs to say that after she was put down so mercilessly by Santino. Anyone remember the virgins comment (Lupe, Marla & Diana)?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thought it was weird how they showed Daniel F. saying "I love you," but didn't show any of the context? And then they showed Heidi's reaction, but to me it REALLY looked like it was all in the editing. That could have been her reaction to anything and he could have said that comment in response to something else. It was too weird for it not to be editing.

Anonymous said...

Fluffster - that is a phenomenal (sp?) idea! Please, please write to Bravo and suggest it. I thought the outtakes were so fun and I'm sure there's lots more like it.

Elaine said...

See Santino's Blog for commentary on the Reunion show. He says Lupe was just drunk (that everyone was) and that the Daniel Franco thing was uncomfortable and they were kind to him in editing.

Also, see Nick's Blog for an update on which Olympic shows he'll be on tomorrow (Fri)

Anonymous said...

I sent a note to the Bravo site about alientating Mac users, most especially the question of why we can view the front page videos but not the rest of them and why they are not all in the lovely format on the front page.

I wanted more Emmett and more Diana. This reunion was too negative, IMO and could have been much more interesting for everyone to hear how their loves have changed.

I especially hope Andrae will do well. If I ever make it as an actress, he will be on my short list to make clothes for me, and if does make a line soemday, I would loveto buy!

C.J. said...

i agree with QueenE - mostly...

i think there was some interesting points to take away:

1) Lupe was more than drunk (ie - crack cocaine). she wasnt slurring her words like my wife does nightly.

2) Daniel F was/is weird. Look on my blog for a video-cap of the most akward reality moment on tv.

3) Daniel V and Chloe- why where they so quiet? sadly- i feel its because they lost. True, Santino's collection looked great (ie- more mainstream) at fashion week (front row seat), but its still bugs me that the iranian amorossa had to win. Santino even slipped and said " to get to number 1!!"


Jan the Dan Fan said...

Daniel V and Chloe--didn't one of them ask, "Have you all been drinking?"
It seemed like they were not at the pre-arty with the others. It's always a bit awkward being the straight sober ones.

Sweatiness--the set-up was very bright. I'm sure the heat from the lights was getting to them.

Anonymous said...

Santino was the one who said "Have you all been drinking?".

heehaw said...

interesting how tim gunn managed to excape any negativity over his out of character bashing of model rachel, calling her "an elongated marshmallow with gumby legs" . shame on you tim gunn. this was very uncool. he showed poor character. he should have apologized to her on the show. they picked the models. why chose her if you didn't think she is worthy?

Anonymous said...

I don't buy Santino's "it was all trash-talking, like at a basketball game" excuse, because he did it all behind people's backs! Trash-talking is done to someone's face, for fun - it's a competition to see who can out-trash the other one, and it's a way to intimidate your opponent. When you do it behind someone's back, it loses all that and becomes just plain mean. If I remember right, every single clip PR showed of S trashing someone was done in the interview room, alone w/ the cameras and camera people. Not very sportsmanlike, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving everyone's comments! Did it just gall anyone else to see that fecal ingesting grin Santino flashed while Andrae was having his emotional meltdown? That showed me Santino's true colors. His personality disorders are WAY past the borderline! Of course, the editing showcases this.Any thoughts on the pending Heidi Klum lawsuit? Maybe THAT is why she couldn't commit to attending Jay's show??

Anonymous said...

1. Anybody else think that there might be something between Daniel V. and Nick and that's why Nick said he thought Santino might win? (To Take away any attention from his relationship with Daniel V.)

2. I think the reunion show had to be filmed before OFW to avoid giving away the final winner.

3. I would love to have seen more from Kara. She showed herself to have as exitable a personality as Andrae after Andrae left.

4. Santino didn't bother me at all, except that he had to get the last word on every segment in the show.

5. Lupe was happy and upbeat and that's what I found most important about her drunken diatribe.


Anonymous said...

I did notice that fecal ingesting grin from Santino during Andrae's breakdown. I thought it made him look like a nasty sob. I usually like Santino and find him at least somewhat entertaining. But it showed he really has no feeling or compassion for other people. I mean, Andrae is so sweet. Chloe was crying at that part!

Anonymous said...

Hey ramonakilldeer
"Any thoughts on the pending Heidi Klum lawsuit? Maybe THAT is why she couldn't commit to attending Jay's show??"
Really good point.
So far haven't found anything on dockets - but I haven't looked very hard.
If you go to you can have a look at the complaint for one of the suits - this one has evidence of prior art in having not only registered the idea for the show with the Writer's Guild of America, but also with the U.S. Copyright Office *before* talking to the people who walked away with it. So that person can't claim they had no exposure to the idea - it was discussed. Of course they could deny the conversation, but that would be harder to prove. So the plaintiff has both elements down - he can prove that he invented and that the person he spoke with knew about his idea for the show. They might respond with 'Well, we had already thought of it when you came to us' - but that's pretty thin if they have no proof. Generally, everyone associated with the show was sued, even if they were not involved in those conversations - pretty normal go-for-the-gusto and let the court cull the claims stuff. I don't know how much it will affect those up the line from the original event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for input regarding "Heidi's" legal situation.Interesting... Project Runway may be auffed in court. Maybe they will end up giving the winning designer a huge prize, and then claim they have no funds to pay a judgment, Hollywood style? That would really get Jay's panties in a bunch! Nothing new under the sun...well, maybe Santino! LOL