Monday, February 27, 2006

Click Here For Andy's Interview With Daniel Vosovic

Edited to add: Here's another new article on Daniel. I was thrilled to open up my hometown paper this morning and see his face above the fold! (Tbone)


AJ said...

Andy always entices really great responses!

And the Detroit Article was fabulous :) How funny about Andrae and the t-shirt...I LOVE Andrae!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Love him! (Have I mentioned that already?)

I'm just completely in awe of the beauty and quality of his designs--and to have all that talent and be gracious about it!

I hope he has a very positive experience at the next family reunion. He should be loved for the fabulously kind person he is. Who he chooses to date shouldn't be a factor.

AJ said...

Hi fellow "Full Dan Fan"'s!

Can't argue with a little Daniel V. love;)

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Hi AJ! Missed you last Wednesday.

I think the site already has such a stunning appeal. I wonder if the it will launch after the finale? Is it planning on his part? A PR contract agreement? Or just a coincidence?

I don't care. I can't wait.

AJ said...

Awww...I missed you guys too! I had a hell of a day though and just needed to chill during PR.

I'm also really excited for the website launch...I'm hoping to get a Daniel V. purse ASAP!

I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to handbags;)

Anonymous said...

OMG, how funny. We're from the same home town. I wonder what high school he went to.

Hooray! For you, Dan. You make us midwesterners proud.

Where can I get me a full Dan fan shirt?