Monday, February 20, 2006

Questions For The Designers?

Several weeks ago there was a feature on the Bravo website where we could submit questions to the designers. I assumed they might be posed during the Reunion episode. I asked a couple of questions. Did anyone else?

My questions (as I recall) were these: First for Kirsten, "After the watching the show this season, do you regret not using your scarf for the the COYB challenge?"

Then to John and Heidi S: "We barely had a chance to get to know you. Will you try out for Season Three?"

I also asked if "SOMEONE could explain to us, once and for all, exactly what is meant by, "A mentorship with the Banana Republic Design Team."

Did any of you present questions? It will be fun to watch the show and to listen for these!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of new articles to read: First the Village Voice and then This one about Project Jay. Thanks Teresa.

Remember, On Wednesday night we'll be watching Project Runway - "Reunion" at 10:00 and then we'll stay tuned for Project Jay. Maybe I'll even set up a party thread for Project Jay. What do you think?

Don't forget there is a PR marathon today!


Jan the Dan Fan said...

I asked about Daniel V's tattoo--but he already responded to my question when it was asked by Laura.
Thanks Mom!

Tbone said...

I asked Chloe how she ever managed to find time in the bathroom growing up with 7 sisters...

Anonymous said...

i asked if people like daniel and diana, who were only recent grads, felt at a disadvantage competing against people like nick and chloe who have more industry experience.

Anonymous said...

I asked which outfit, made by another designer this season, was each designer's favorite.

ScubaOtter said...

I'm really looking forward to Project Jay. I (heart) Jay!

Yes, I asked a question. Verbatim:

I'd like to ask the designers about criticism. Note: this question is NOT aimed at Santino. I'm genuinely more interested in how others (Daniel Franco would be a great example; talk about having to develop a thick skin), or other eliminated designers would respond to this. Also Marla, Diana, Kara, Andrae would be good respondents.

Whenever someone enters the public eye, they put themselves "out there" for scrutiny; not just from within your profession and industry, but in the insane TV world, the blogosphere, etc. This question pertains to both types: professional or otherwise constructive criticism, but also the bombarding flotsam that scrutinizes your behavior, your weight, what you wear, how you speak, and how you otherwise express yourself.

How do you learn to listen to criticism (sometimes relentlessly and unfairly), without letting it get you down? How does one learn to accept and incorporate criticism in a healthy way, without compromising your artistic integrity? How do you find an effective balance between a healthy ego and an overblown one?

stacy said...

I wish I'd known about this though I'm sure my question will be addressed. What was Marla thinking??? How could she not have realized she was copying that Chloe dress? And I'd be interested in hearing how the designers felt when they heard the others' comments about them when the show aired.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure they'll address how they felt hearing the others' comments. That's what reunion shows are all about. Well, at least reality tv reunion shows.

Am I the only one hoping this reunion show is more, oh I dunno, FUN than last years? Yeah, a little drama and confrontation is cool, but get that out of the way at the very start. Then relax and have a good time. The newest preview they've been showing has seemed to be in more fun than the 1st one they aired right after last week's episode.

Maybe I'm just strange. I just got a bit more attached to these people, and I don't want to watch an hour-long free for all, confront Santino, call Zulema out for the walk-off, etc... They can touch on all those things. I want them to, and I'm sure they will. But no dwelling, please.

CatNFiddle said...

I asked if the designers read blogs like this and websites like Reality News Online during the run of the show. How do they take hearing criticism about actions they can't take back?