Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ten Remarkable Things About Episode #11

1. Santino can pronounce "paillettes." Of course it was a voice-over so he might have been coached, but I tend to believe it. LOL

2. Iman is MORE than fabulous. Could there be a more amazing well-established fashion authority and supermodel to advise and promote these novice designers?

3. Along the same lines: Project Runway has arrived! It's obvious that Project Runway has established itself as a show with genuine clout and professional appeal when we have people like Iman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Cynthia Rowley, Sasha Cohen, Debra Messing and most important - BARBIE appearing this year! Compare these celebrities to last year - Sarah Hudson? Post Office Becky? (Okay, honestly I loved her.) Parker Posey? Congratulations on a show that is clearly growing in respect.

When I posted that photo of Iman, I was just guessing. I just picked out photos of any "supermodels" that appeared in the Getty photo archives with a Project Runway tag. Honest.

4. Did anyone watch that horrible Project Runway rip-off show called "The Cut?" This is something that Tommy Hilfiger would do. He would ask the contestants who THEY thought should be off. Basically the best strategy was just to repeat whatever the first person said. That way it would seem that everyone was in agreement. It was ridiculous. Anyway - here is my point: Chloe said "Santino." The rest said, "Chloe." (Yes, I understand it was because she admitted that she wan't sure that she really wanted it...) BUT who was off? KARA. Whom no one chose. So what was the point of even asking them this? Just to create drama? There's enough drama without manufacturing it!

5. I LOVE Austin. He is adorable. I want more Austin. Could we have "Project Austin" please? I think Nick is this season's Austin - the super-talented designer whom everyone loved and was cut too soon.

6. Michael Kors is really orange. I feel a limerick coming on....

7. It's always a highlight to see what Heidi will be wearing each week. I didn't think she could possibly be any more lovely and then I saw the new haircut. Thanks for always keeping things interesting for us, Heidi and for always changing and updating your look. You provide style tips and encouragement to pregnant women everywhere each time you step out from behind the scrim. Heidi Rocks!

8. BPR readers were of course, right about Kara being the decoy. Yet, her designs for Fashion Week were awesome. If only Kara had truly represented herself and done something like this: (or the lovely copper-skirted halter gown) for the episode, I'll bet she would have won.

As usual I am leaving numbers nine and ten for you, dear readers!


AJ said...

Can I elaborate on how fabulous Austin is instead? Didn't he look beautiful last night? I love him so much! I mean I love Nick, I love Daniel and I LOVE Andrae but I'm not sure that any of them can compare to my adoration of Austin:)

Okay I got one!

10) Seeing Michael Kors a bit tipsy and SO loving!

Dorian said...

In defense of Daniel V and Kara again, their reaction to Chloe was my reaction to Jay turning down the mentorship.
How selfish. Kara Saun deserved it as much as it does but she wont have the occasion to play diva and turn it down once she won it. How dare they take the place of someone who wants it and needs it.
I dont blame Chloe for the way she thoguht she felt but that woulda hella pissed me off too.

Have u guys read Jay's interview in TimeOut NYC ?
He doesnt come off very nice - to say the least.

Dorian said...

Here is the link for those who want it. He is definetly off my list of the people I like.
What an a**.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

How about getting to see Daniel's genuine excitement while dressing Iman for the PR premiere! So cute!

I was also going to say getting to see Daniel shirtless brushing his teeth--but that belongs in a teeny-bopper drool thread!

LauraK said...

Okay, got it:

There once was a fellow named Kors,
Too busy computing the scores,
To check his reflection,
And view his complexion.
It’s time to go play out-of-doors!

All about the Zen said...

I disagree about Jay.
He's very human. That's why he is/was so popular. He calls it the way it is.
I'm not even sure Kara Saun would have accepted the money. The legalities of accepting the money probably has the winner become a Project Runway monkey. Kara Saun is too smart for that and I applaud Jay for standing up for himself.

Diva Delux said...

Betsy Johnson actually was a guest judge on Project Runway's 1st Season: Episode #107 Design a Collection. This was the challenge where Season 1 contestants were to design a collection for the year 2055.

The first guest judge for Season 1 was Patricia Field. The work she did on Sex and The City was amazing and Project Runway related: she actually carried pieces of Jay McCarol's first label in her meat-packing district boutique before his Project Runway days. She is quite the fashion powerhouse to wrangle in for a reality show on basic cable that no one had ever heard of.

Don't knock Parker Posey... she is fabulous! Hello, Dazed and Confused anyone? But, a fashion authority... I think not. But neither is Debra Messing. I wish the guest judge for the final collections was Sarah Jessica Parker.

sm said...

Did anyone else notice that Kara's decoy collection looked a lot like the dress she wore last night. The one that Kors said he wished she had made her gown more like? That kimonoish color-blocking?

LauraK said...

Oh - I'm thinking of Diane Von Furstenberg - thanks!

christine said...

i only found out a couple days ago that there is a show called project catwalk which seems to be the syndicated version over in the UK!

replace heidi klum with elizabeth hurley.
replace banana republic with topshop.
replace elle (USA) with elle (UK).
replace l'oreal/tresemme with
replace olympus fashion week with london fashion week.
replace $100,000 with £20,000.

sounds way better than 'the cut'--plus with cute brit designers!

btw i blogged about the last episode (and what frustrates me about the guest judges) on my blog. enjoy!

eric3000 said...

asiangirl, someone else also mentioned that Heidi changed the order of anouncing who was out but actually the order of announcing the winner, the loser, and who is safe changes in every episode to keep us guessing.

Anonymous said...

I found the grueling pace the producers put the designers through in this episode remarkable.

In this week's questions to Tim (Bravo site ) Tim says:

"...we filmed all of the challenges in a mere four weeks and three days. To their chagrin, the designers had absolutely no days of rest. They worked relentlessly from challenge to challenge to challenge."

So the designers have been doing back-to-back challenges for *weeks* and when they've still got their makeup on from the Makeover challenge they're given the task to design an evening gown that represents their collection.

Ok, hard enough.

But then they get dragged to a cocktail party in the midst of designing - and have to be all social and things - and I don't think they were given time to primp - the 4 looked all *haggard* while everyone waiting for them at the party were all annoyingly perfectly groomed.

(Except Austin. He can never do wrong in my book. Ever.)

So maybe the point was to given them a mental refresher and have last year's team give the ol' Rah Rah, but - the distraction of it!

Then they throw Iman into the mix.

All of this is just too much in my book. I'm not surprised the designs were so off, I'm not surprised Chloe was ready to surrender Fashion Week. I'm not surprised Nick and Kara turned on Chloe.

The schedule burned them out!

Diva Delux said...

e, the dress she wore on episode #11 is part of her Fall 2005 collection. This is just my assumption, but because she was the decoy collection she probably focused on showcasing garments that she has already manufactured, and elevated versions of things that she would have eventually shown to buyers for her Fall 2006 season.

Before Project Runway Kara had a small, but established clothing line. Underwear she designed was even featured in Lucky Magazine's December 1005 issue (the one with Ann Hathaway on the cover.

Here are the links:


Diva Delux said...



Lucky Magazine December 2005 issue

Tbone said...

I love Austin, too, but I would REALLY rather see a "Project Tim Gunn". I mean, I could listen to that man talk on and on just about anything!

Jeff said... I the only one who doesn't see the distinction between the final four and the final three at this point? All four show at fashion week, not just the final three. All four collections got equal attention from the media. Surely Kara knew, after the Austin experience last year, that she'd have to show a collection. What's the difference? And considering that they could turn down the 100k, I'm confused.

By the way, that interview in Time Out NY firmly establishes Jay as a pompous self-absorbed a-hole in my book. Look for him on one of those D-lister reality shows long before he actually gets a collection out there. I mean, would Santino use that kind of language to describe Heidi?