Monday, February 13, 2006

Episode #10 "Makeover" Recap Digest

Fourfour - Always worth the wait!

The Manolo

Our own Don/Fashionasart

Our AJ...

and Scarlett...

Katey at totesumbrellas

Dan Renzi

Needs Inspiration





New to BPR: Elisa

Don't miss Fans of Reality TV.

Also new: Shawn.

I'm still waiting for TwoP - I'll update as soon as it's up.

Did I miss anyone else? If so, please e-mail me at - thanks!


The Scarlett said...

Okay, FourFour was just brilliant. As always, I love the sound files.

AJ said...

Oy Gevoits! Rich is an mp3 genius!

I just read Dan Renzi's of that had me literally laughing out loud...

Project Runway viewers are so snarky;)

Anonymous said...

Did Auntiemame do one? Hers is always my very favorite...

LauraK said...

Thanks for asking, kif. Auntiemame is taking a well-deserved break from recapping. We certainly miss her. Please enjoy these other recaps. I'll pass along your message to Mame.