Tuesday, February 21, 2006

From The Mailbox

First, here is an article about Jay McCarroll and "Project Jay." I am really looking forward to this! (Thanks Florrie.) Then be sure to visit Santino's blog for video of his appearance on Regis and Kelly yesterday. (Thanks, Jamey.) Finally here is a link to an interview with Tim Gunn. Don't miss this - it's great! (Thanks, Mike.)


JRT said...

Loved that Tim article. This guy can do no wrong can he. Shows why he is the head of Parson's fashion department. I think it great and laudible how honest and forthright he is. Tim Gunn makes the show about 20% better. The only concern I have is sometimes I wish he would talk to the contestants before its too late to change anything (maybe this is just part of the editing), but he is ALWAYS right on the money when he talks to them.

Aunt Teak said...

This piece has my new FAVORITE TG qUote of the season!

"When I saw the first show, I had no idea whether I'd even be in it. I was terrified about being in it. I watched the whole thing under the covers of my bed with a little hole like this in my sheets."

Aw timm you needn't have worried! You're a SMASH!