Saturday, February 25, 2006

Recap-alooza! Episode 12 "Reunion"

There certainly wasn't a lack of material this week to hold back our happy stable of recap experts! We had Loopy Lupe, Shetangy, PR The Musical, and, uh well, lets just let them tell us all about it:

Did you know that PR was primarily an educational program? Rich lays it all out for you at FourFour, in the must-read classic recap of the year

Katey at Totes Umbrellas has raised the bar this week when it comes to screen caps. Fabulous and funny, as always

AJ keeps getting better and better every week, and there's a lively discussion going on in the comments sparked by a "friend of Zulema's" that you don't want to miss

This week, The Manolo, he was bored

Mags thinks that all 16 designers were looking pretty hot at the reunion

Needs Inspiration is nuts about Diana, ain't we all?

Shawn over at Getting to Maybe best captures what bewilderment looks like on your face when confronted with the problem of Lupe

And of course, our own Dr. Don provides his usual in-depth analysis

Okay, who'd I miss? E-mail me at to get in on the fun!


AJ said...

I know right! How first hater post. I'm so proud;)

praddicted said...

Aj-you handled that so well. Was a difficult post to read, since by and large the PR fans seem to be pretty gracious and polite, and this was not. At any rate, good for you.