Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hmmmmm...What could this be?

That's right! It's a detail from The Outcast's Olympics Fashion Weak Collection. Now, think about it...Of all of the designers who made it onto the show (and were eliminated) how many of them have produced a collection and shared it with us? How many of them have subjected themselves and their designs to public scrutiny like The Outcast? I have a genuine admiration for Karen Garrett. She is certainly dedicated and I hope she tries out for PR3!


AJ said...

What in the world has Karen been up to...hmmm?

Anonymous said...

I guessed right-ish!

I think that if Daniel Vosovic Santinoed his pieces, then they'd look like this collection. It's simple, yet embellished and sometimes over the top (that last gown). It's a good collection, but I was actually more impressed by her awesome purses. She should sell those for sure.

TiredMama said...

Not only do I have tremendous respect for Karen for doing this, but I love her sense of humor.

The NYT dress, the "Fashion Week tent" joke... Especially after she got universally panned for her Banana Republic outfit.

I'm sure she'll do well, whether she tries out for PR3 or not.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm...better than I thought. I really liked most of them. I liked the patterns used since I like abstract lines. Overall, it was pretty good. Nothing that "WOWed" me, but not a bad showing. I really HATED the last dress though. That one was awful.