Friday, February 24, 2006

Professor Nick Verreos

Yes, he is a beloved instructor at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Click here to see how he is viewed by his students!

Thanks, Meg, for pointing this out!


Anonymous said...

aw, that's awesome!

on an unrelated note, tim gunn is on this week's episode of best week ever (on VH1) and the segment was about what tv would be like if tim had his own network. it was hilarious.

it's reairing multiple times this weekend. just thought i'd pass it along!

The Scarlett said...

Thanks Bethanne. I'll put up a post about that.

eric3000 said...

Only 3 out of 5 for hotness?
Wow, I didn't realize 5 of the designers were graduates of FIDM. I taught at FIDM for a couple of years; too bad I never ran into Nick in the staff lounge; I think I was there before he started teaching. I don't think I came into contact with any of the PR designers because I was teaching art history to interior design majors. Oh well.