Monday, February 13, 2006

Thanks AJ!

AJ has scanned some great images from the new Project Runway magazine. More tomorrow.
Muslin Challenge
Clothes off Your Back Challenge
Barbie Challenge
Lingerie Challenge
Socialite Challenge
Banana Republic Challenge
Twin Peeks
Heidi and Judges
Judges Style
Heidi in Kara Saun's Design
Alter Egos


madpawn said...

WOAH! This reveals that Diana was in second place in the first challenge! I had no idea! Go her!

Tina said...

Wow! Awesome blog! Saw your comment on another site I frequent and had to stop by. I love Project Runway (this is the first season I have watched) and you have done a great job here, thanks! :) I'll be back!

P.S. i was sooo bummed that Nick is gone.

AJ said...

dhyana, you can pick the magazine up at any Banana Republic store. Totally free and they even let me haev two:)

dhyana said...

Where do we get the Magazine ??

Jan the Dan Fan said...

BR Challenge---
Nick and Daniel V complained to the producers regarding Santino.


asiangirl said...

its really nice to see Kara Saun's been designing for Heidi. I really liked her stuff. And I feel even though she didn't win last year.. she is a great designer.

and on that note.. I feel the same about Chloe.

JRT said...

that blue top by Kara Saun, was beautiful and looked great on Heidi too. I didn't realize during the airing of the episode that she had designed that. Good job Kara Saun.

JRT said...

just one other thing, wonder which designer (if any) from this season Heidi will be wearing? any guesses? I would say, maybe Chloe or Nick. And it fit her style, maybe Andrea too.