Wednesday, February 15, 2006


First, the news: Tim Gunn is one of the honorees at PETA's Fashion Week Bash for initiating a program at Parsons to encourage alternatives to leather and fur in fashion design.

Also, Kara Saun is one of the designers showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weekin Los Angeles March 19-23. (Thanks Gliterati for these items.)

Now, more fun from the Project Runway magazine! Thanks AJ!

Hair and Make-up 1

Hair and Make-up 2

Meltdown highlights

Daniel's Comments

Baby Game

Wait...Is that EMMETT?

Jay and Fans

Okay - that's it for now - more later!


Tbone said...

The picture of Emmett on the "Baby Game" page with his 80's Duran Duran hair is fantastic!

grudge girl said...

BWAH! Tht hair on Emmett is absolutely hysterical!

Gosh, All the designers were such cute little kids. Even Santino. I particularly enjoyed Diana with her glasses. And Kara's curly pigtails. Heh.

May said...

Sadly, I, too, find Santino great-looking; dare I say it, even sexy. I'll be heading to my shame cave now.

The Scarlett said...

Okay, without Laura's help, there is no way I would have guessed that teen heart-throb to be our adorable and dignified Emmett! Love it!

Anonymous said... Andrae is AH-DOHR-AH-BULL.