Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Click Here For a Link to the Getty Images of the GLAAD Awards.

There are nine pages - I see Debra Messing, Tim Gunn, Santino(who looks great, by the way)Andrae and Nick.

Santino looks absolutely fabulous!ETA: The GLAAD Award show will be broadcast on the Logo Channel and VH1 beginning this weekend! We hear that Tim Gunn is co-hosting a backstage interview lounge with the award recipients. The show will premiere on Logo Saturday, April 15 at 9:00 p.m. and on VH1 Sunday, April 16 at 11:00 p.m. Click here for more.


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Andrae and Nick and Santino and Tim together again - in Andy's blog it sounded like they had a good time -

Santino does look so good all cleaned up

The Scarlett said...

Santino looks gorgeous and very dashing ... like a classic screen idol!

ScubaOtter said...

The Tivo is set for Logo Saturday at 9, and I'm ready to consume every minute of it!

I wonder if Nick and Santino have let the water run under the bridge with regard to their semi-mysterious ongoing feud.

Still (heart) Nick. Tres photogenique! Needs to get over his Hilton complex, but AD-OR-ABLE! They should make him into an action figure...a really adorable one.

mochi is love said...

It's ridiculous how attractive those boys from 35D are. Especially Santino.

ScubaOtter said...

Just looked through all nine pages of the Getty images. About 30% of the images are of Debra Messing. One of the photogs must really be in love with her, or she's a real paparazzi hog!

Well, I can't say I blame her if it's the latter. If I looked half that good, I'd be striking a pose (or ten) also.