Saturday, May 06, 2006

BPR Contest Runner Up: Chloe's Big Fat @$$ Dress

Mary Ann's BFA Barbie
The "What's Your Line?" challenge seemed like it would be a cakewalk for Chloe: design an evening gown? Chloe is all about evening gowns and indeed she produced a dress that looked gorgeous on Grace as it walked towards you. But from behind? Heidi called it on the runway: "What's going on with her butt?"

Of course Tim honed in on this earlier in the workroom when he told Chloe that she would need to defend the rear end seam on the runway: "Just be prepared to say 'Nina, I want it to look like she has a big fat @$$'. "

BPR reader Mary Ann offers up her own hand-sewn rendition of Chloe's gluteus gown. And what do the BPR judges have to say?

Laura K: First of all, I LIKED this dress! I thought Grace looked beautiful in it and so does Barbie. Mary Ann, you are clearly an expert designer and seamstress. Have you considered trying out for the show?

And, by the way, I don't see anything at all unusual about the size of her rear end. What are you guys talking about?

Tbone: I love the fact that Mary Ann sewed this herself. I would have appreciated a bit more attention to the background and presentation. Personally, I like a woman with a little extra cushion. I could see JLo fitting into this nicely!

Scarlett: I like to call this 'Sir Mix-A-Lot Barbie' or 'Barbie Got Back.' Maybe one of our readers could give us the lyrics to her theme song (using Project Runway references). Okay, I had way too much fun thinking about this.

Mary Ann's inspirationGood show, Mary Ann!


Anonymous said...

For some reason, I expected the doll to look more like Rachael, as she has soooo much booty! As only a size 2 can have .... I kid! Great job on this one (and pass the compliment on to the others who were noted--leaf dress and lil Abner).

C Merry said...

Am I missing something here? She looks just fine to me... ohhhokay okay LOL I see she has a big head.. right? Hair-do?? :) :) heehee

Great job :)

Anonymous said...

One can always sing the truly wonderfully awful Spinal Tap song, "Big Bottom".

You know what I mean...

-- desertwind