Sunday, May 07, 2006

From The Mailbox

I really wanted one of Kara's kimono dresses. When I saw that you could buy direct from her website (hopefully meaning she doesn't have to share as much if any of her profits with anyone else) for the same price and with more color options, I decided to order one. Once I had some birthday money gathered I ordered one Black/green kimono dress in size L from on Sunday, April 30th (5 days ago). Being a U.S. size 12/14 I was realistic about the possibility that this dress may never fit me and it might just be a collector's item but I was ok with that since I'd have a Kara Janx original. With a promised delivery time of "2-3 weeks" the dress arrived TODAY! And it fits BEAUTIFULLY, is so flattering to any variety of body shapes, I really cannot say enough about it. So if anybody has been debating buying a dress from Kara, here's a full endorsement from a BPR enthusiast. I am so impressed.

Emily, 21, Orlando


LauraK said...

This would have been my choice for sure. I LOVE the black and green.

C Merry said...

I hope she keeps making them as a sort of staple and not discontinue them, I have had a lot of pet vet bills and things soo can't take the plunge but I really want to and I will I hope they are going to be here a long time.

Fabulously Green said...

I bought this dress the week after I saw Kara wear hers on the show. It's a GENIUS garment. It creates a lovely silhouette for virtually all shapes and ages. I have a straight, boyish frame, and am on the petite side. This dress gives me a more feminine figure and its length makes me look taller. I've gotten so many compliments on it!

It's a timeless design, extremely versatile (LOVE that I can wear it 3-4 ways), and unbelievably comfortable -- like wearing pajamas but looks fabulous. My favorite garment I have ever owned. And as someone in the architecture industry, hats off to Kara for bringing her talent into the fashion world as well! Love her work.