Sunday, May 21, 2006

Catching Up With Andrae

Andrae at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards on April 26th
BPR loves Andrae Gonzalo. We had not heard from him since his acceptance speech for winning our Top 5 Looks From Season 2 poll with his gorgeous "dirty gutter water" dress. Andrae fills us in on the latest:

....things are pretty busy these days. I am working on a collection for Spring '07. I wanted to drop you guys a note at BPR so that you could let everyone know that Daniel Franco and I are going to be speaking at the Learning Annex in LA, San Francisco, and just me, in San Diego. I'm also writing a book entitled, (what else) "Where the Hell is My Chiffon?" It's always great to hear from you! Thanks for checking in. Andrae

A book by Andrae? Sign us up! If you are an aspiring designer in Southern California, consider seeing Andrae in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco at the Learning Annex workshops. Thanks Andrae!


The Scarlett said...

Now I don't have to wonder what happened to Andrae. (Don't you just know that he hears that all the time?)

If I lived in LA or San Diego I would absolutely go to the Learning Annex event.

If anyone goes, please tell Andrae and Daniel Franco that you are a BPR reader! Oh, and send us the story and pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

my name is beeli, i am from hong kong~~~~!!! project runway is now show on hong kong but toooooo slow~~~~
last sat. just show the "dirty gutter water" dress, yes, it's nice.... i like it very much, but i perfer dianel dress~~~~

ohhhh.... if i am living in new york, i think my life is more different from now...

after watching project runway, it makes me more interesting in design ****i am now studying exhibition and event design, but i would try fasion design coming future****

mm.... i am so happy to make friends with all project runway show fans.

LauraK said...

Hi Beeli, Welcome to BPR!

praddicted said...

I know I'm late posting here, but I was so glad to see some news about Andrae! Wouldn't he be an awesome teacher? I bet those Learning Annex events will be so interesting-

Anonymous said...

LAURA K, nice to meet you~~~!!!!! so happy that can make some friend in here~~~~!!!!

**** i hope you will understand what i said, because my english i not good~~~~!!!!***