Thursday, May 25, 2006

From The Mailbox

Wait?!?  Is Tim a dog person?  Does Tim even have a dog?  Hmmmmmm....

First, Andrae is mentioned in

Next, here is more coverage of the dog parade in
The Apiary.
Thank you Celia for both of these!

Last, Sophie reports seeing Nina Garcia at the American Ballet Theater!

I was at the American Ballet Theatre Gala performance on Monday night, and on my way out who should I see heading over to the dinner party but Nina Garcia! She was very tall and wearing a lovely long tropical colored (pink, orange and yellow) dress. I had a very strange moment in which I was staring at her thinking 'Who is this?' but then she smiled at me and I heard Heidi Klum's voice in my head saying (insert German accent here) "Nina Garcia, fashion director of ELLE magazine..." I am an avid reader of your site, so glad I could contribute something!

- Sophie


praddicted said...

The Andrae interview was fantastic-doesn't it make you miss him so much? So funny!!

I thought I read that Tim had a dog in one of the Q&A's? Oh, wait-was that a daydream I was having while waiting for Season 3?

The Scarlett said...

Okay, now I'm wondering about Tim having a dog.

Who would have thought that Nina was tall? Sitting down next to Michael Kors she looks so petite!

I loves me some Andrae. I'm just saying.

praddicted said...

I'm with you, Scar-that interview had me laughing out loud. Not a good thing in the office....