Monday, May 22, 2006

Congratulations Jay!

Here are the results of Jay's eBay auctions. Congratulations to the winners. We are certain that several of our readers are among the bidders. Perhaps they are among the winners as well. Please let us know.

I hope that Jay will do this again very soon. What a privilege to have the opportunity to own an original piece of artwork from such a talented designer!


christopher.john said...

Wee! Jay is so successful and talented, it's great to see im making his lifetime dream come true. And he's nice too! Some of the proceeds go to help dogs!

Anonymous said...

I bid on almost all of the sketches. I won one! The bidding ended when I was about 30 minutes into a Board meeting for the food Cooperative I manage!

I was somewhat bummed out as I would have bid at the last minute and it would have driven the $$ up...But I am thrilled and will send pictures of the framed sketch when I have a here in Wilmington...we're watching Season 1 and Project Jay (I won the bid on a promo of PJ and hope it is all on the DVD.)

I also hope he puts the rest of the 22 sketches on ebay...Thanks Jay for this opportunity!

Anonymous said...

oops Laura et al that was suppose to be when I have a project runway party here in Wilmington.

Tbone said...

Congrats Chrismac!

The Scarlett said...

Chrismac, I watched the bidding end and I knew you got one of the sketches. I was pulling for you!