Wednesday, May 03, 2006

BPR Contest Update

We have a decision! However, in true BPR fashion we are going to keep all of you on pins and needles a little while longer. (Cruel, yes, but we love it so...) Beginning tomorrow we will count down our 5 favorite entries, ending with our Grand Prize Winner on Monday, May 8. The judges will provide their commentary for each and we promise to be nicer than MK and Nina.

As a special thank you to all who particapated, each entrant will receive a Diana Eng Fashion Nerd Pin. Everyone is a winner at BPR!


Tbone said...

HA! Well, maybe a little snark here or there. We don't want to lose any of these talented people. We need them for Season 3!

christopher.john said...

The winner of the most recent round of project designer: Manniquin Maina, was realityundersiege (no spaces). The picture is attached.

Assignment: You are starting a line on a very busy street with your store neighbours who are very successful, and have been selling now for eight years. How do you compete? Create two designs to knock your compition down. This is about commerical appeal. Make your model in two different statuesque poses (like mannequin's). This is due on...WENSDAY! Disclaimer: Don't create any lackluster (Tim Gunn) designs please, we have had enough of those already. Just because this is about commercial appeal, doesn't mean that you have to be BORING!!!!!!!!! So be innovative.

Design Discription: Mannequin Mania

This week's challenge was to create two outfits that would be in the window of your store. They had to be able to compete with your very successful neighbor's designs.'

I decided to make very, fresh, fun, summery, and nautical designs. The nautical style is so popular at the moment and is so great for summer. Who could resist it?...I can't

The first outfit that I designed is a fun and flirty dress. It is a very slightly off white thin cotton knit blend. The straps are braided and come together in the back to form a halter. The colors that are braided together are navy blue and white. The section beneath the bust is a golden colored cotton blend with navy stitching on it. The rest of the dress is the same thin off white blend as the top. There is a stripe of red at the bottom that is cotton. The braiding from the top also is on the very bottom of the dress.

The shoes that I am IN LOVE with are white and red peep toe heels.

She's also wearing a sailor's hat…more so for show…but if someone wanted to buy it by all means they could.

The second outfit consists of a funky red necklace, a shirt, jeans, and red heels. The shirt is a navy and white striped cotton spandex blend. The top appears to have a shirt with another under it…but there is just a section of navy blue cotton spandex blend fabric sewn on to the side seams. The buttons are navy blue and made of plastic. The fabric at the end of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt is a jersey knit white fabric. The jeans are grainy and light blue with some stretch to them. There is an anchor embroidered in gold on the inside pocket. The have a cuff at the bottom with two brass buttons in its side.

The shoes are shiny and red. ?


Name: Iris
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Ethnicity: German

You can find the rest of the contestant's, discriptions on the website, and thier critiques which i did not list here. Thanks!