Monday, May 15, 2006

Kara Janx - From The Chicago Bureau

If you are a Project Runway designer and ever happen to find yourself in the Windy City, you can be sure that BPR field reporter pc will be on hand. This time she got to meet Kara Janx at the Second City Style Event on Saturday, and you just know what she ended up buying, don't you?

Sharone (aka 'Redman'), Kara & PC
I gladly volunteered when Tbone told me Kara would be coming to Chi-Town via the Second City Style event and would I attend to report on it. Of course, I thought, it’s Project Runway related! Also, the ever resourceful Tbone got me a free pass for the event. So off I went around 4:30 in the chilly and rainy Chicago afternoon and arrived at the Wyndham. When I arrived, perhaps it was the lateness in the afternoon or perhaps it was the bone piercing coldness that had been pervading Chicago the entire week, but there weren’t many people there, probably a dozen but not many more (I was told later there was a rush in the morning). No matter, it just meant I would get personal attention from Kara and I sure did!

After doing the initial walk-through to check out the scene, I headed to Kara’s area and introduced myself and told her I was reporting for Blogging Project Runway. I told her that the folks at BPR send her their love, especially from Laura K. At this point, Kara started to gush over how nice Laura is and we both then talked about how amazing and how far reaching the web site has been. In case you ever wondered, she definitely pays attention to the BPR site as she noted that she seemed to be very popular this past week, popping up at least 3 times. I asked her how the show has impacted her, and she said it has been nothing but positive for her in every way imaginable, just amazing.

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The Scarlett said...

Kara looks so radiant and lovely. PC, I'm sure Kara's natural warmth was quite welcome on that chilly day. Isn't that dress cute on Kara? And I love that she took the time to show you different ways to wear the kimono!

Thanks so much for sharing this story, PC!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I love that Kara knew that she was mentioned here--Hi Kara!

PC, so glad you had the opportunity to meet Kara and Redman. Are they not the most loving and supportive couple? Thanks for sharing your experience!

Anonymous said...

oh, i so wish this hadn't coincided with being out of town :( i would have been all over it. the next time something PR happens in chicago, i'd definitely like to offer my reporting services as well!