Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meeting Nick - Billion Dollar Babes Event

Scarlett and the adorable Nick VerreosLaura K. sent me on a mission on Saturday. I was to attend the Billion Dollar Babes sample sale and get Nick Verreos's signature on a BPR messenger bag. When not blogging I'm rather on the shy side but who can refuse Laura K.? And what an opportunity! So I flung aside my timid nature and went downtown in search of Nick.

As I briefly waited on line to enter the sale, I could see Nick standing near a table getting attention from several of his many fans. He has the most electric smile and he comes across as being incredibly warm, hence I was not in the least hesitant to approach him. I told him who I was and that I was from Blogging Project Runway. He said, "I've got the shiv-vers!" just as he did in one of the episodes (I don't recall which one it was!) He complimented my look for the day taking note of the scarf and shoes, pronouncing it all very "Upper East Side." Well, already smitten it was all I could do to not melt.

Let me just say that Nick, besides being incredibly talented, is sooo a-dor-able. He has charisma coming out of his pores. This is a man that belongs on television. I'm quite hopeful that the pilot he shot for mun2 Television will be picked up.

He told me that his garments had sold very well at the event. Sure enough, just a few things remained on the rack. Apparently there will be a number of smartly dressed fashionistas roaming the streets of Manhattan wearing the Nikolaki label. I made a mental note to myself to arrive early next time the event is held to get the best selection.

I asked about his partner, David Paul. Like Nick, David is very approachable and handsome. Together they make a formidable team of good looks, great manners and winning personalities coupled with fashion sense and savvy. How could someone like myself not be won over by their charms?

I showed Nick the messenger bag already adorned with a sketch by Diana Eng. He stated, "Well, I have to draw something, too." Within 20 seconds he had a sketch of Tarah as Barbie on our BPR messenger bag. I was speechless! Did I mention he's adorable?

Well, after I had gushed sufficiently it was photo op time. David so kindly offered to take a picture. Next it was time for hugs and kisses from each. Now I had the shivers! I told myself that the other fans needed their time with Nick; after all, how could you not be drawn to that smile?

As I shopped the sale I noticed Nick was always with adoring fans. This man is not a diva; he is exactly as he seemed on the show I am pleased to report. After having met him I will be even more interested in his career. Nick Verreos is destined to go far!

P.S. In the future, look for a special announcement regarding this messenger bag!

ETA: Click here. You can see photos of the preview event on Friday, May 12th which featured Nick and Daniel Vosovic.


Tbone said...

Scarlett you are our Billion Dollar Babe, no one could have covered this better than you!

Poor Tbone, stuck minding the store all weekend in the rainy midwest while everyone is out having fabulous PR fun...

The Scarlett said...

Tbone, you were always right there with us.

JenPRfan, I'm glad you came out of hiding for this! Next time you get an opportunity to meet the designers, just drop the Blogging Project Runway name; you'll find yourself the recipient of some extra love.

Moi, we met with Tim and Emmett later in the day, too.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Scarlett-- I'm so proud of you! I would not be brave enough to go alone. Excellent reporting as well, and you came across so cheerful and welcoming when we met, not shy at all.

And you met with Emmett and Tim later??? What a night! Can't wait to hear more.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Moi! We'll just have to get back into NYC to find our favorite PR guys again!