Friday, May 26, 2006

Welcome International BeePeRs!

Mandy is on the left A quick check of our Statcounter reveals that in a 24-hour period we have had readers from Estonia, France, Israel, Philippines, Singapore, Norway, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Ecuador, Brazil, Canada, Mexica, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, China, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, Japan, and of course, the USA.

According to this news release, Project Runway is airing in even MORE countries! Some of them are watching season one and some are in the middle of season two.

Here is a note from Mandy (on the left), one of our readers from Hong Kong!

Hey guys,
I'm a PR fan from Hong Kong. You may not know where it is as it just a small city, nevermind.
As you know, PR2 is broadcasted in HK right now, but I've watched them all. Woo, I love it! In fact, I watched both PR1 and PR2, but, I don't know why I'm so addicted by PR2. I even watch it again and again! It's fun!!!! After watching that show, I think that the designers are so great! They can turn a cloth to clothes~So amazing! I really want to make one for myself. But, I think I can't as I'm too old to start(I'm 19 now). And I don't know how to start~
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Anonymous said...

I'm posting from Norway. Now, I just need to get my lazy ass and click on the register button. Anna.

Anonymous said...

i'm also a big fan from Korea.
PR2 is showing from cable, but i
already downloaded the whole season and watching again and again because Nick is there!
i love Nick!

Joon From Korea

The Scarlett said...

Welcome international readers! We love that you are so interested in Project Runway!

Isn't it interesting that they didn't subtitle it? I'm wondering if they dubbed the voices. I'm also wondering what they think of our Tim Gunn! Have they seen Project Catwalk from the UK (I'm especially wondering about Hong Kong).

Anyway, I think it shows how appealing this show is and how it is less like a reality show and more like a documentary; it can transcend other languages and cultures because fashion is an international language!

christopher.john said...

Whao...I guess we are very appealing!!! We have international readers! I wonder if they will make international shows for Project Runway like Project Catwalk in the UK...

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
I'm Mandy (from HK)
WoW.....I'm so excited to see myself in the blog..haha..
(I should send a better pic..)
In fact, I just realise that there is a program called ''Project Catwalk'' and it hasn't been broadcasted in HK.
I've juz watched one episode~ um...I perfer Project Runway!!!
I think the ''accent'' in Project Catwalk is different from that of Project Runway.
Ya! Daniel V and Nick really transcend the international boundaries and improving my listening so much. They made me watch again and again in order to know what they say. In fact, is the fashion! All girls like seeing beautiful clothes!!!!! The program is really amazing! But I think, it only shows a little. I hope more of the designers should be shown especially how they make the clothes.
Um..About Tim Gunn, I think he is so serious and strict, but, I see him laugh in one episode. Then, I think he is not like what I think!

haha....I'm so happy to find you all, the PR fans!!!!!!!! Also the international PR fans.
Ya....I will come often~
If any of you have any questions about HK, juz ask me. I'm here!!!

Mandy from HK

LauraK said...

Add Puerto Rico to the list!

Tbone said...

Mandy from HK - you should know that Tim Gunn has visited HK often and has mentioned in an interview that he loves the antique shops on Hollywood Road.

We were lucky enough to see a couple of these in his office during our Project Runway Tour.

LauraK said...

Add Brazil too!

Anonymous said...

I'm an avid bpr reader from Estonia! :)
Now I wonder if anyone else from my country watches PR.. (it's not shown on tv here)

Anonymous said...

I'm from Singapore. Season 2 has just started here only, although I have caught up on the weekly recaps for PR2 for the last few months.

Just e-mailed the people here a Jpeg of an interview with Jay from a Singapore newspaper.