Monday, May 01, 2006

The Other Heidi

Heidi Standridge
I have something of a soft spot for the designers who get the early auf. We barely get a chance to know them and miss the opportunity to share our BPR love. Somehow, we went through all of Season 2 without finding out about Heidi Standridge's website. (Good sleuthing Scarlett!) We learned a little more about her during the reunion episode and from the little airplay she did receive, we wanted more!

Heidi recently debuted her Fall 2006 collection. We may be a little late in catching up to her, but lets make up for lost time and send her some of our love!


LauraK said...

Heidi is adorable! I wish we could have gotten to know her better.

Abby said...

Ha, yeah, she's so cute. "Ray-mooon-doh?" is a phrase that will forever be a part of my vocabulary.


The Scarlett said...

Don't you just wish you could have seen Heidi have some moments with Zulema? You know there would have been hug attempts! And what about after Andrae's meltdown? Yep, she would have wanted to hug him! I would have loved to have seen her My Scene Barbie or her Nicky Hilton frock.

I admire the grace with which she left the show. She had such a positive attitude ... no bitterness at all.

Anonymous said...

i miss her!!! she would've been soooooooo funny during the designer walk-off at that one party. and she was always making funny faces. not sure if that was intentional or just natural. maybe she'll be back for season 3 or 4.

Anonymous said...

I was relieved when she was aufed early on -- she was already irritating after just one episode. Plus her designs were not that impressive. An apparent "personality" -- though it was an annoying one -- shouldn't make up for lackluster design skills.

C Merry said...

To have even been selected is impressive really the numbers that audition and deserving as they are not all get picked sooo talent and luck mix and got her on the show she should be proud she accomplished that and see it as a personal victory even if it wasn't a PR final spot victory.