Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kara In St. Louis

Wherever Kara Janx travels, you can count on a BPR field reporter being on hand. That certainly was the case on Saturday in St. Louis as BPR reader Moira sends in this report:
Kara with Moira

Hey BPR gang, I just returned from the Kara Janx trunk show. It was great. As you know, I went to the boutique Friday, per BPR instructions. When I arrived, the boutique was pretty empty with no Kara. I talked the the sales girl who was working and inquired about the kimono dresses. I really wanted the brown/print one. I saw it online and the colors and print are totally my style, it even matches my business cards and a necklace I own. I asked the sales lady where Kara was and the she told me that the event was tomorrow - gasp. We found the dress in my size, I tried it on and it fit perfectly - SOLD. She told me I should wear the dress to meet Kara. I wasn't too sure because I was going to be coming straight from work and I didn't want to ruin it with haircolor. Still, I had to "make it work." What would be better than a picture of Kara and me in one of Kara's dresses?

Click here to read the rest of Moira's report on her visit with Kara...


Anonymous said...

You are really tall!lol.
And you look beautiful in the Kimono dress. It suits you well.
And also, I'm a bit curious about the necklace. Care to share the link to the jewelry designer?


The Scarlett said...

Moira, you could be a model in that dress. I bet Kara was thinking the same thing! Did you happen to try on a Jordan dress?

mdizzy said...

Anna 5:15,
I get that all the time. I am
6 feet tall and I had on at least
3 1/2 inch heels. Thanks for the complement. The jewelry designer is Ronni Kappos and her website is www.irkjewlery.com.

Thanks, Scarlett. No, I didn't try on the Jordan dress. I already blew the budget on the kimono. She had a couple of other cute dresses, too.

C Merry said...

Moira you look wonderful! Thanks for the report, isn't she a cool person? So glad you got to meet her and get such a lovely dress.

Anonymous said...

Why is Cara always wearing the same dress in every picture, doesn't she at least have a different color? I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

Six feet tall and wearing 3 1/2 inch heels!!!!


You look gorgeous and that dress suits your coloring so well.

Thanks for the report!

-- desertwind

sewlikethewind said...

You know when you have that one dress, that "killer" dress that just fits you perfectly and you know you look hot in?? Well, Moira, that's this dress. It looks beautiful on you plus it really suits your coloring. I think Kara should hire you as her model.

Leonard said...

Very nice. You have good taste and you make the dress look nice :)

mdizzy said...

Geez, guys. Thank you so much for all the kind words and complements. It was so great to go to the show, get the dress I've been coveting, and meet Kara Janx. You guys are just icing on the cake. Kara was so sweet and cool, she is a true class act. I would definitely say that if anyone gets a chance to meet Kara or any of the other designers, take it! It was a lot of fun.


LauraK said...

Moira, Thank you very much for sharing your adventure with BPR readers. You are adorable!

Marsha said...

Moira, you are gorgeous and the dress is fabu! How exciting that you got to meet Kara! Thanks for sharing.