Friday, May 05, 2006

An Interview With PR3 Hopeful: Te-The Nguyen

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your email....I was hoping that I didn't miss out on anything since I am traveling. Here is what I have been doing:

The night of the casting call in New York, I had to pack for a trip to Asia for a consulting job for a fashion company in Beijing. I first had to film the three minute video interview for Project Runway which was shot on my cell phone since my video camera was stolen. We rehearsed once and shot it in one take because I had so much to do before leaving. I called it Fashion Cribs - after the MTV show I think is so funny.

Well, 5 wks. later and I'm still in Asia having a blast! The consulting job wasn't what it was supposed to be and the guy that brought me to Beijing was a jerk, so I walked out on the third day. Not so impressed by Beijing, I scurried down to Shanghai to visit my friend. What a cool city! I liked it a lot. It was relaxing and much needed after the past year of emotional, psychological, professional and mental drama of starting a fashion company. My brother and former business partner split and left me and the company penniless, and now I'm still trying to find ways to keep my company afloat - and without sustainable capital, it's not easy. When does the drama end?

I'm now in Tokyo researching the women's designer ready-to-wear market, stores, and meeting with buyers and showrooms. I've learned much about doing business in Japan, made valuable contacts, but more importantly, I fell in love with this crazy city!!! I've extended my stay so many times because I'm continually inspired by the Japanese culture and way of life. I honestly think it is the most civilized nation in the world. The creative juices are gushing and I've been sketching like a fiend. I am learning the traditional ways of tying men's and women's obi for kimonos. It's insane!

I do have to get back to reality so I return to New York this Sunday. I'm praying that I make it on PR, but even if I'm not, I'll start working right away on my third collection which will be the best one yet. I just have to figure out how to finance it...

Thanks Laura, and please keep in touch.

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C Merry said...

Wowowowow I would love to see Japan too- much much much luck I mean.. Break An Overlock Machine! I hope you get on PR and even if you don't keep us posted on your adventures and hope the drama .. well we know that never ends LOL but hope all the cool stuff works out and makes that drama worth it!