Friday, May 19, 2006

Heidi at InStyle - From Emmett

Emmett and Heidi = Ken and Barbie!

Sharone with Heidi KlumDear Laura:

Tonight there was a party celebrating Heidi Klum being on the cover of this month's edition of InStyle Magazine. It was held at The Thompson Hotel, on Thompson and Watts Street in Soho. Kara Janx had told me that her beloved Sharone was attending in her stead as she was selling her frocks at Plum. I made sure to get a photo of Sharone and Heidi together as he is a big fan of hers!

Daniel V, Austin Scarlett and Kara Saun were there when I arrived. It was great to see them and have a few words with them. They were curious to know about my EMC2 boutique and the progress l am making. I told them they are always welcome to come by.

I had a conversation with Heidi and she told me that she was kept quite busy with the production and filming of PR3. She has her hands filled with her family, working and living in LA and filming in NYC. The InStyle Cover of HeidiIt was great to talk with her.

I took along my camera to give those of you who are anticipating
season 3 something in between seasons!

Best wishes,

Daniel Vosovic, Austin Scarlett, Kara Saun and Emmett McCarthy
Emmett, Heidi and Austin
Photos all courtesy of Emmett McCarthy. Thanks, Emmett!


Trish said...

Emmett is so great! He's such a strong supporter of what we do here and I plan on taking another trip to EMC2 as soon as my school year ends and I'm free during the day!
Love you Emmett!

Tbone said...

It's great to see Heidi, Austin and Kara Saun again! And look at Red getting in on the fun, too. Emmett - your doing stellar work as one of our field reporters.

As a parent, I worry about Heidi being away from her babies. She has a solid month of filming in front her. I hope Seal has brought the little ones from LA to keep her company.

LauraK said...

I am dying for Kara to see this great photo of Sharone and Heidi. It is TOO CUTE!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I LOVE that Emmett has been so great about reporting back to us and sharing his photos!

These past PR designers have been mighty busy lately! Love seeing them all together and supporting one another.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Emmett has provided us photos of this event. It was great to see Kara Saun & Austin again and Daniel V. and Emmett and Heidi look terrific as always.

KCF said...

It just rocks that the subjects of our blog are now, well, part of the bloggers. It's mind-bending in such a good way!

TropicalChrome said...

That was really kind of Emmett to send pictures and a report! The designers always seem to be having such a good time at one party or another - wish I could have that kind of a social life :-).


Anonymous said...

emet must have my babies!

C Merry said...

That was really sweet of Emmett to help Kara and be a BPR "reporter" how very cool of him! But this is a man who looked dignified in that skating shirt, cool is where he idles.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see them all supporting each other! In addition to the exposure PR brings, it looks like the designers have really developed a nice support system--on personal and professional levels. That kind of encouragement and promotion is great to see.