Thursday, May 04, 2006

BPR Contest Runner Up: "Shiny Plants?"

Snowflakebebe loves BratzIn case you didn't know, Snowflakebebe loves Bratz Dolls. I mean really loves them. She used her passion and talent to honor Heidi Klum's declaration of shiny plant love from the "Garden Party" episode. Let's see what the judges have to say:

Laura K: This was our very first entry and Snowflake really set the bar high. How can you look and this and not smile? P.S. I like shiny plants too, Heidi!

Tbone: This is reminiscent of both Nick's Garden Party dress and Diana's Team lingerie line. Sexy, sophisticated, not too much tootie...this is nice work.

Scarlett: A clever use of doll and faux foliage creates a compelling entry that Ms. Klum would find suitably shiny. One has to wonder if Anne Slowey would find this vulgar. I think not!

Snowflake's inspirationWell done Snowflake!

You may find Snowflakebebe's complete entry here.


C Merry said...

I love the shiny plants!! And I am not even German! Thank you judges for this opportunity! :) :) !!

LauraK said...

Snowflake please e-mail me with your name and address and I will send your fabulous prize!

Anonymous said...

This is really great! It will be very hard to beat that!

Trish said...

get it snowflake :)