Thursday, May 25, 2006

Top Chef News

No - despite all of your demands, we are not starting a Blogging Top Chef site! Bravo should be so lucky. We do know from your e-mails and comments that many of you watched the finale last night which did feature a teeny, tiny promo for Season 3 of Project Runway "coming this summer". Well, that's old news around here. We do however, have a couple of items to share:
  • BPR regular Trish has posted an interesting comparison between the finales of Top Chef and Project Runway. Check it out here and let her know how you feel.
  • Jan the Dan Fan passes along this news: The winner, Harold Dieterle, is the son of one of the kindergarten teachers I work with. I haven't been a faithful viewer, but it's been very exciting and fun to chat with Sue every Thursday about the previous night's episode. She's been so thrilled when he's done well, and so upset when the judges didn't like his work. And now he won!

    I arrived to school late due to an art bid meeting this morning-but they had a celebration for Sue with a "Congratulations Mom" cake and punch. And one of our fabulous kitchen employees made up t-shirts with Harold's picture on it stating "We're proud of West Babylon's Top Chef", (He's an alumnae of our school district as well) that many staff members are wearing today.

Thanks Trish and Jan!


Anonymous said...

haha, i admit i'm glad to see a Top Chef shout-out on here, as i became a fan somewhere in the middle of the series. i was definitely reluctant to watch the show, especially since it took PR's place and is not nearly as great, but i came to enjoy it. and i was very happy that harold won -- that's so cute with the harold's mom/kindergarten connection, by the way. please pass on another congrats from a top chef/harold fan to her and her awesome son, jan!

the top chef-project runway comparison piece was interesting too, and i was thinking there were some parallels in there. but they're probably just standard reality show formulas at this point. in the final three, i saw the whole tiffani-as-santino (the "villain") thing, but i think santino had a much bigger fan base than tiffani. plus he was more likable. i saw harold sort of as how i saw daniel v -- very talented, very consistent, very nice (very cute too). so i was happy that he won. the third finalist, dave, i thought was hilarious and unfairly eliminated before tiffani. and he reminded me a bit of andrae, with his frequent tears...

oh, and judge tom -- yeah, he's nowhere near tim gunn, but then again why should he be? he should be himself, and sometimes he seemed like kind of a jerk, buuut what can you do. maybe he'll be a little more likable in the future.

whoo hoo, top chef.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the thing that made Project Runway so much fun was reading the posts and everyone's comments here. IS THERE a Blogging Top Chef?

christopher.john said...

I watched the entire finale for Top Chef, and then went to sleep. I can't belive I missed the promo!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

bravo should be so lucky to have a blogging top chef! they should be kissing up to the bpr people for all of the free publicity.

Trish said...

Jan girl - give us the dirt on Harold!!!!

Is it OK that I am jealous that you're connected to the HOTTEST guys on both shows?? (you met Daniel V. AND you know Harold's Mom!!) hehe!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Hey Trish!
No need to be jealous-I don't know Harold personally, but his mom is a great person and wonderful teacher. And I have yet to make Daniel my new best friend-although it's still a dream.

As for dish-I don't have any gossip to tell 'cause I've only heard nice things about Harold. His mom has always been so proud to tell of his accomplishments at culinary school and then getting a great position in a NYC restaurant-although I can't remember the names of where he was.

Other teachers' "kids" are friends with him, and have said that he was always cooking for them and he's much cuter in person.

For the show--his mom had no clue that he had even been in Vegas, and she said that Harold was happy, but more so relieved that it was over and he didn't have to hold onto this huge secret anymore.