Friday, May 05, 2006

BPR Contest Runner Up: "Lil' Abner Appalachian My Scene Barbie"

digibelle100 is great with the computer!
MK was at his bitchy best judging the "All Dolled Up" challenge. He gave perhaps his best line of the season commenting on Raymundo's Barbie: "She looked like Barefoot Appalachian Lil' Abner Barbie". This has provided all of us with months of amusement at BPR.

digibelle100 has put a lot of thought into what exactly such a Barbie would look like. Here's her description:

"She's a hot number in her denim and eyelet mini skirt and cut top she threw together using one of granny's old quilts. And those boots are made for walking and some serious stomping down the runway! She comes with several great outfits, including her 'Rich White Trash' T- shirt and those white pumps that you KNOW she will be wearing after Labor Day. Don't forget the Hillbilly cell phone so she can call Daisy Mae and all her other 'My Scene' friends in the forest."

Let's go to the judges:

Laura K: Okay, if this was actually in production I would totally buy it. Mattel? Hello?

Tbone: I could see a whole cottage industry built around accessories alone for this Barbie. Love the detail. This one looks like it took a lot of time to finish.

Scarlett: MK said that the inspiration Barbie was a "little bit sad." This Barbie has all sorts of joie de vie. J'adore the tablecloth reference, too.
digibelle100's inspirationWell done, digibelle100!


Anonymous said...

This is great!!!

Tbone said...

I forgot how much Raymundo's model looked like a man in this dress!

Anonymous said...

It is always wonderful to perpetuate cultural stereotypes. I congratulate Michael Kors and BPR for continuing to do so in such great taste.

-An Appalachian Hillbilly

C Merry said...

"..take me hoooome. country roooooads.. to tha play-ccceee I beeeelong... west verginia, mountain maaammaaaaa..take.." okay don't tell me no one else was hearing this song in their heads.

Great job! I actually love WV so much and I would not mind being a MM...
surfin' hillbilly would be fun too..

The Scarlett said...

Second Anonymous, we are sorry that you are offended. I live on the Main Line of Philadelphia ... another hotbed of cultural stereotypes. If MK had said something about, "She looks like Lilly Pulitzer Preppy My Scene Barbie," believe me, I would just laugh.

LauraK said...

I think this is adorable in a "Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke" kind of way. However I certainly do not want to be perpetuating any stereotypes here and I offer my apology to anyone who may have been offended. I'm sorry.

The Scarlett said...

Laura, you are much more diplomatic than I am. If I sounded insensitive, it's because I naively think no one believes such cultural stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

PLease don't apologize. It's a great winner-Michael Kors started this whole thing. It's his fault!! but seriously, i hope no one gets offended and if they do, they seriously need to toughen up.

LauraK said...

Digibelle, be sure to send us your name and address so that we can mail your valuable prize!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the point isn't so much that anyone believes the stereotypes, it's that they're unnecessarily carried on. I'm sure most people don't believe that gays are responsible for spreading AIDS and that all fashion models are bulemic heroin addicts, but I also doubt that gays and models like it when the stereotypes are casually joked about anyway.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, it's fashion!
Love, MK