Friday, May 26, 2006

A Note From Chloe Dao

Chloe is beautiful!  And happy!Hi Laura,

Thanks for your amazing updates on everyone. I don't even have to call my fellow designers to see what's happening with them. I just need to log into BPR.

Well, here is my update. I finally have some time and exciting news to write about. Life has been so crazy.

First, I got the check!!!! Yeah!!! It is for $100,000, and I will be sure to pay taxes on that when the time comes. No jail time for me. I will get my car soon also. Will send you a picture.

Everyone always ask me how my life has changed since winning PR2. I always say, "Not much" but the more I realized what I have done these past few months, "not much" is an understatement. I think the biggest thing was being invited to meet President Bush at the White House for a gala celebrating Asian Pacific Month. The invite to go to the White House came a week before the event. I asked why such short notice, I found out you never know how the President's schedule can be like so everything is last minute. I couldn't go because I was scheduled to be the keynote commencement speaker for Class of 2006 of Houston Community College. When I agreed to be the speaker, I thought it was only for the fashion design department. It turned out to be the whole college. The graduation was at the Toyota Center, where the Houston Rockets play. It is a huge stadium, I think it holds about 20,000 people. The whole stadium was pretty full. It was an intimidating and exhilarating experience. That was surreal.

I have also been invited to showcase my work in the Smithsonian Museum in January and the exhibition will travel for the next 3 years. How cool is that!!!

For my current news, my sister, Sydney and I will be in NYC on June 5th for the CFDA Awards. The CFDA Awards is like Oscar night for the fashion industry.

Everyone is asking when my online store will be open. It will be very soon. Hopefully in 2 weeks. We are working super hard to get this done.

There is so much happening besides all this but I thought those were the most exciting

Big Kiss,



christopher.john said...

oohhh La la! Miss Chole Dao has been doing alot since we last heard from her. It's nice to see that bravo is upholding thier promises, and I can't wait ot see her new online boutique! The anticapation is killing me! I hope she particapates in some kind of fashion week soon. I wanna see her work in action.


The Scarlett said...

I hope someone has the smelling salts on hand for when Tbone sees this post!

Chloe is the first one to get that check from Bravo! Congrats! And just when you think it isn't possible for Chloe to get more adorable, well, there she is!

BTW, nice speculation sewlikethewind! I must be suffering from PR deprivation because I didn't even begin to think of the timing/judge potential.

Tbone said...

Smelling Salts? I have no idea what Scar is talking about. Its as if I've had some long standing love and respect for Chloe or something... :)

Tim once said that he loved the fact that America's next great designer was sitting in Houston, Texas. For those of us who live in "flyover country", especially as far as the fashion industry is concerned, her win was special.

Grace, class, talent, intelligence - she has it all. A worthy winner in every sense.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'm still in disbelief that BPR gets such great notes from the designers. They are so gracious and kind to us.

And I love that Chloe is a BPR reader. Congrats Chloe on all that you have achieved and best wishes to all future goals!

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for her.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, You can't buy good taste......
Oh well, you can't win them all!

Anonymous said...

I guess Santino reads this blog also.

Congrats Chloe

praddicted said...

I was so struck by the fact that Chloe would keep her commitment to the graduation ceremony-class and good taste are in her blood. How nice to see that she is enjoying her good fortune and making the most of it. She's fantastic. Can't wait to see the online store...

Irene Done said...

What a wonderful update! It's always great to see someone who's worked so hard start to realize her dreams -- on her terms.

Chloe at the White House? I'm sorry that didn't happen but so impressed she kept her promise to the graduates. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever?