Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some Diana Love

Okay, I've had time now to reflect and... How cute was Diana last night? Adorable? Absolutely. There is no denying that her designs are completely original. I hope that everyone has had a chance to visit her blog where she responds to questions about the show in her comments.

For instance when a fan asked if she felt that she was being fairly portrayed on the show she answered "... I try to remember that I am just a character on television… and am being portrayed as such. I also try to keep in mind that Project Runway is edited with the show's best interest in mind, creating a successful show. So, in a way, I trust that the editors are doing everything they can to make our show successful. In the end, it is just television and a really fun, unique experience." How refreshing. Diana has a clear understanding of what the show is about. Entertainment.

Diana has a LOT of fans. I've received several tidbits about her past, present and future activities. Christine Mae Liu is one of the producers of a show called "Seamless" at MIT. This is where, at the 2005 show, Diana showed her famous inflatable dress. The design was in collaboration with a fellow RISD student named Emily Albinski. Here is a link to the 2006 website. Diana may be preparing to show something again this year. We'll see...

Here is an article about last year's show AND about Project Runway.

One thing to notice about Diana is that she is always wearing something interesting. It might be one of her super-cool sweaters.

You can purchase the sweater here.

Or a really cool necklace made from vintage electronic parts. These are designed by Emily Albinski, modeled here by Karla Clute.

If we were suspecting that Diana had a wild side after the lingerie episode, we are pretty certain of it after last night. What a doll. To quote Tim Gunn, "You should just have champagne more often, Diana!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for the great post! I've been following your blog and am impressed by how accurate your predictions are.

I will be working on the champagne thing. After they spoiled us on the show, it's become my drink of choice.

LauraK said...

Awww... Thanks for your comment, Diana. Take care!

ABC said...

Diana, I loved you from the first moment I was exposed to your cute, intellectual personality.

While other people may not "get" the ideas behind your designs, the final product is amazing.

Your black dress was the only one I would have worn from all the ones presented to Nicky Hilton.

Anonymous said...

This is completely off subject, but Daniel F. left me a really nice note on my myspace. He seems like a genuine person, and I was sad to see him go.

He has a show in the LA Fashion Week in March though.

I'm excited about that.

And Diana seems like an amazing girl. Her blog makes me smile!

Stereoette said...

yay! im so glad everybody is in my Pro-Diana camp! I've really appreciated her being one of the (few) commenters on my blog (hey, di, if you're reading this, thanks for the cutting tips!)

Anonymous said...

i've been rooting for diana since the beginning! go diana!

Tits McGee said...

Diana Eng is the queen of the world.

Marsha said...

I can't decide who's more impressive: Laura K or Diana Eng!! Tough choice. :P - marsha