Thursday, January 05, 2006

Professor Gunn's Vocabulary Lesson - Podcast #5

1. Incredulity - n.
The state or quality of being incredulous; disbelief.

"It appears to my incredulity....that she really is doing a remake of the dress that was designed by Chloe..."

2. Repartee - n.
A swift, witty reply.
Conversation marked by the exchange of witty retorts.

"A substantial part of this challenge is seducing Nicky with your model and with your repartee..."

3. Gewgaw (Gewgaw-y apparently is an original Tim-ism!) - n.

A decorative trinket; a bauble.

"It contributed to their...that they were kind of gewgaw-y and...I had a problem with them..."

4. J'Accuse
From the French for "I accuse."

"Nicky Hilton looks at Marla's outfit and sort of does a "J'Accuse!"

Here is a reference article for the origin of this usage. Tim Gunn is a master - I'm sure lots of his references go WAY over my head.


Anonymous said...

I love me some Tim!

I wish I had someone like him when I was in design school...I probably wouldn't have switched majors...*mildly regrets it*

He fabulous and critical yet important!

Anonymous said...

Other favorites: the word "dossier" rolls off his tongue like butter. Also, loved how he corrected himself on the "freakishness of Santino" and turned it into "the idiosyncrasy of Santino". Bravo, Tim Gunn!

Anonymous said...

You should elaborate on the whole "J'accuse" reference - Gunn is quite brilliant with this! This refers to the Dreyfuss affair in France, specifically when Emile Zola published a front-page newspaper article accusing the government of prosecuting an innocent man. The article was quite incendiary, causing the a huge public debate. Shorthand version: its a VERY public announcement of wrongdoing.

LauraK said...

Wow, you are so right - I didn't know this - I'll add a link - thanks!

Ricki said...

I've heard the word "gewgaw" used before, although I couldn't give you a source. But I don't think it's original Tim. More's the pity.

LauraK said...

Yes, gewgaw is a word, but how about gewgaw-y? Can we attribute that to Tim?