Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I had a feeling that Santino would redeem himself this week. I just didn't know he would do it so completely. Congratulations.

Women have known the power of 5-inch stilettos for years. Apparently Santino has been paying attention.

Nick and Chloe both had strong dresses. Personally, I also liked Andre's (I KNEW there was more to Andre than we had seen) and Daniel's. I guess we don't need to call him Daniel V any more : ) Daniel's dress was helped enormously by his gorgeous model, Rebecca. She looked fabulous.

Meanwhile, Lupe, of course was a disappointment. There was nothing good that anyone could say about that dress. Bye.

Marla: Listen to Tim. Duh.

Marla's model Cara doesn't help either. What is her problem? Doesn't she like being a model? She seems quite unhappy.

Well, we didn't hear or see much from Emmett this week. His dress was sort of bland I thought. I was really hoping to see him annoy Santino. Rats.

The most interesting development this week was that Santino and Nick don't seem to be BFF's any more. Rather than the friendly rivalry they have been enjoying, we now see a more heated competitiveness. Good, this is fun.



ABC said...

I actually thought Santino's dress looked remarkably similiar to the very first dress he made from muslin.

I actually liked Diana's dress the best - the texture details were amazing.

LauraK said...

Remember that Nicky Hilton didn't have the advantage of seeing Santino's first dress. For her, this is fresh and new. Santino clearly has a "point of view." ALL of his stuff so far has had the embellished, gathered, ruched and ruffled elements - no actual tailoring or fitting.

Anonymous said...

I was actually surprised by Santio's win. His dress is okay - it's him - but Nick's and Daniel's looked much more elegant and finished. I liked Sanito's first dress, but now it just seems to be a repeat, nothing different, lots of unfinished um...finishings?

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by Santino's win as well. Nick's dress was much more beautiful and the back detail was so unexpected. Guadalupe, what were you thinking? Blech. Still, a hundred times better than Santino's lingerie though. Marla, Marla, Marla, I just don't know what to say about your Chloe-inspired dress.....

Anonymous said...

I felt Santino was redeemed on a personal level this week also. Maybe it was the editing, but there were fewer histrionics from him this week.

As for the dresses, I loved Andrae's, I think it was his best showing so far. I give the nod to Santino a bit over Nick this week even if it did look like everything else he has done. (It reminded me of the Barbie dress also.)There was something in the finish and cut of Chloe's dress that just didn't work for me, though the color was fabulous.

It seems pretty clear to me that Santino, Nick and my beloved Chloe have established themselves as the cream of the crop. Andrae and Daniel V. could sneak in towards the end, but I would be surprised if they weren't the final three.

Anonymous said...

Much drama this week as Santino and Nick's rivalry heats up. I pick them and Chloe for final three. Marla was given yet another undeserved reprieve; she cannot possibly last more than another week or so. As for last night's competition, I agree with everyone who's picked Nick's dress over Santino's, but my sense is that the judges made no compelling argument in Nick's favor and that it ultimately came down to Nicky's preference. I regret this, actually, as I think Santino needs another dose of humble pie.

Anonymous said...

I was way off on my predictions, although I picked Marla to go and I still think that she should have. At least Lupe had a vision. Marla made a nearly identical dress...uncreative and BORING!

I had said in another post that it was too early for a repeat winner, but I was wrong. I think Santino won because, on top of his dress being beautiful, young and well-suited for a socialite, I think that he SERIOUSLY took the time out to sell himself to Hilton. In my mind, that is the main reason she picked him over Nick, Chloe or Andrae. They were all beautiful pieces, but Santino stood out in a positive way this week.

Nick's dress was gorgeous! The detailing was intricate and stunning. I also loved Andrae's. As emotional and dramatic as he has been, he's a wonderful designer. I really want to like Emmett for some reason, but so far he's been too blah for me.

Big ups to Daniel V for pulling off a stunning piece. The pattern on the fabric looked great with the rouching he created. That's how you handle yourself under stress *cough*Andrae&Santino*cough*

I have to profess my love for Nick now. He's so quotable! I've started referring to him as Uncle Nick and have fallen all over the place for his work.

Anyway, Marla should have gone...I actually uttered a curse word when Heidi said she was "in". Too involved? I think

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to comment on Nick and Santino's imminent bitch fight.

So going to happen if stress levels get too high. It's obvious that they are rivaling each other, and I'm sort of hoping it does culminate into some great TV;)

Jon said...

I am a little annoyed Lupe got eliminated. Her Japanese Street Style-inspired dress might have landed Nicki on a worst dressed list, but at least it was original. Besides, as MArgaret Cho puts it, when you're up for a grammy you have to beat just a small amount of people. If you get worsed dressed you beat out everybody.

Marla's on the otherhand was a bad imitation and everyone new it. And even when she was told it was a copy she really did nothing about it.

I mean come one! Imitation is what got Alexandra Vidal eliminated from the first season and all she did say she was inspired by one designer's style and the fabrics used by another.

The Scarlett said...

I loved Nick's dress. It was fresh looking, a gorgeous color for Nicky and the back was to die for elegant. I think Santino only won because of how he sold himself. Nicky responded to his bravado and I think she was even a little turned off by Nick's quiet demeanor. Chloe's bustline bothered me and I was pleasantly suprised by Daniel's means of turning a minus (literally!) into a plus.

I just want to know if Santino packed those stilettos from home or if they were a recent acquisition.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry--Im a designer in New York and Santino's design thought bubble goes like this: Find a drapey muted color fabric, take half of it and braid it in 4 different size braids, shred or bunch up part of it to make a skirt and then slap the braids on somewhere to make it "couture". Please. SO OVER IT.

Spoiler Alert!!! I know from a friend of Nicks that he makes it to the final 3.

LauraK said...

I think just about everyone is rooting for Nick. He is the universal favorite. He's mine for sure! He has the correct combination of talent, personality and CHARACTER. He's just a really great guy. I hope he wins it all.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked that Marla stayed and Lupe went- when Marla's dress was so clearly a copy. As with cases of plagiarism, I thought the right thing was to cut the copier. But no. Lupe's dress wasn't pretty, but at least she has originality. (and yes it wasn't worse that Santino's lingerie.)

Also, did anyone see how at the end of our show for the first time, there was a page-long written disclaimer that said that the producers (and other factors) play a role in determining who is cut.

Which made me think-- why would they take pains to keep Marla who obviously struggles? Do they think that she'll drag in older viewers? Is it all marketing?
(which then made me think--)Was it the same situation with Wendy Pepper last season? (older woman and mom)

Its a little disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Blach! Marla needs to go...her lack of vision just seriously pissed me off! Naturally keeping certain people to make the show better, older, more diverse, etc... is going to happen. At least Wendy had some sort of creativity in her...Marla is dead weight.

"I think just about everyone is rooting for Nick"
I most definitely am:) I also want him to take me shopping! As for brining in an older crowd, Nick is almost 40, no?

I think I'm just grasping at straws to get Marla "out".

Anonymous said...

I was also surprised by how much I liked Andre's dress! That and Daniel's dress were definitely my favs. I guess I'm no socialite!

Chris Krakora said...

Great episode. Loved the walkoff sequence. Looking forward to more bitchery between Nick and Santino!

Suprised that Marla stayed considering her copying that dress. Comparing Lupe's dress with Marla's, the former said "Worst Dressed list" while the latter said "haven't we've seen this before?" I guess that according to Nicky having a dress that's "Worst Dressed List" material is worse than a dress that's a blatant copy of one you already own.