Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anyone Game to Transcribe Tim's Video Log on the Bravo Site?

The now-famous "Nethra" has made the request! Actually I get lots complaints from mac users who can't hear any of the podcasts OR watch any of the bonus videos. TRAGIC!

Edited to add: Thanks, Bella!


bella_giornata said...

Here you go, Nethra (and Laura). Hope I got it right!

Hello, I'm Tim Gunn, and this is my first ever video blog of "Tim's Take."

Being part of "Project Runway" is practically an indescribable experience. It is exciting, it's exhilarating, it is exhausting, it is full of emotions from the highest to the lowest, and it is undoubtedly the proudest thing I've ever been associated with.

It's very interesting, being on camera is very unnerving at the very beginning, and one is very self-conscious and aware of every single motion - and certainly every single misstep because there are lots of them - but after awhile you just simply lose awareness that the cameras are there, and I think it's really necessary in order to have the kind of impact that all of us on "Project Runway" need to have with one another and with the audience. If one is constantly following the cameras with one's eyes and is playing to them in any way, it's going to look very false, and very contrived.

As far as my own role on "Project Runway," it's probably the most natural thing in the world for me, because I really am the person I am at Parson's; I am that Tim Gunn. I interact with our "Project Runway" designers in almost the same way that I interact with the students at Parson's. I say "almost" because there's one major exception: I cannot tell the "Project Runway" designers absolutely not to do something. I can advise them, I can probe and query with questions, but I can't say, "Drop the charmeuse!" So it's a different role than I have at Parson's in that regard.

It is a challenge to have to anticipate what I want to say, and ask myself, "Is this appropriate, is this sending the right message?" And I have to add another dimension to this. There are many people who feel I am entirely too nurturing and supportive. I'm proud of that, that's what I want my role to be, because in fact I really want each of the designers to succeed, and I find - and it's based on my experience at Parson's - I find that if one is too cutting with criticism, and if one is too unkind, that the recipient shuts down, rather than absorbing it and synthesizing it, and thinking, "Okay, I'll mull this over and see what I think about it," they're much quicker to dismiss it altogether, and not accept a criticism at all, because the criticizer, the person making these observations, has basically been discredited.

So by being kind, or at least, trying to be kind - how it's perceived is another matter - but in being - oh, let's just say I'm a truthteller - and I try to tell the truth as diplomatically as I can, with the condition that I get the message across. I don't want there to be any ambiguity about what the message is.

In terms of favorite moments on the show, most of my favorite moments are the unexpected trips that we will take, when I engage with the designers, and they with each other, in ways that are unexpected and unanticipated. When we're working day in and day out in the workroom, it's certainly engaging, it's certainly very interactive and compelling, but it also becomes somewhat routine. And when we step out of that workroom, sort of our little cocoon, our incubator, so to speak, the unexpected happens. And that's always something to energize one and to be a source of fun.

I have to say, our ice skating episode, our ice skating challenge, was fun and energizing and also terrifying. And I said on my podcast but I'll repeat it here that, uhh...I can be a mean person myself, but with a sense of humour about it. We were waiting for production to set up at Ice House, our destination, and we couldn't park near Ice House - not visibly within eyeshot of Ice House - because we didn't want the designers to know what the destination was. So we so pulled into a prison parking lot and there they are in these Lycra outfits of all sorts of pastel colours; they're speculating what they're going to be doing, no one's guessed that they're going to be going figure skating, but they've guessed waiter, they've guessed ballroom dancing, and I just decided to tease them. And I said, "Well, you know, it's late in the morning, you guys are going to be the matinee performance, but don't worry, there are plenty of guards, no one's gonna touch you, and no one will be on the stage alone, I mean sometimes you'll be out there in pairs..."

Anyway, they're all looking at each other - Kara in particular is getting hysterical about it - even Santino has gone completely mute - and regrettably when we're in the van, we don't have a camera crew with us. So this is all off camera, but was really very, very funny, and even better because this had all already been set up and there was no reason to doubt it - I mean, look where we were - and as we we're pulling away to leave the parking lot, our driver, Rachel, circled up to the front entrance of the prison. So it was wild! It was wild, and I'm sure the prisoners could hear the shrieks coming from the van from inside the prison. So by comparison, Ice House was a huge relief! *laughs his awesome Tim Gunn laugh*

Arion said...


Can't believe Guadalupe called my name out, even if she was drunk.

LauraK said...

AWESOME! Thanks Bella - We know how much work these are! And ARION! You are now famous on BPR! What the heck did Lupe say anyway? I think I even forgot your question! Was it somethig about Marla vs. Lupe and she assumed that you were supporting her? That your question was phrased in a way that caused her to believe that you felt it was unfair that she was aufed instead of Marla?

Tbone said...

Listen - Lupe was 3 sheets to the wind, drunk as a skunk. You could have asked her what color underwear she had on and get the same response.

Arion - how amazing! Even better than getting a drunk Lupe shout out is getting a sober Tim Gunn! BPR went 2 for 2!

Anonymous said...

not only can mac users not view it, but those of us who use mozilla as their web browsers can't either! :(

why bravo why! this makes me so sad.

by the way, thank you bella for the translation!

sarahlad said...

I can't watch the bonus video's either- Bravo- please fix it! I can feel a Lupe moment coming on!!!

nsa said...

Bella, Thank you so much for transcribing the video podcast! I really enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Better tell Kittenpants to change the back of the Lupe shirt...she put "Aryan" which of course, has a totally different meaning!

The Scarlett said...

OMG Arion! You and Nethra got your PR moments and shared them with us! That's great! Thanks so much.

Arion said...

ThanX everyone!

Im sure thousands and thousands submitted questions...and I had no clue mine would be read. When Tim said my name and the question, I knew it was me and I was almost crying, lol. LuV Guadalupe and what a honor to get a response from her...AND A SHOUT OUT!

Guadalupe: "Arion, if your watching this on national television...I wanna let you know that you fuc*in rock!"

Yesturday has been the highlight of my bad day being noticed on project Runway and one of the highlights of my life, lol.

Anonymous said...

those of you who want a place to complain, i've sent an email here:

i suggest others do the same.

Anonymous said...

Where is the video on the website? I'd like to watch it. Can't find it. I don't see it under Tim's Take or under Videos???

Arion said...

Complaint for what?

By the way...I really want the Lupe question shirt as well. Lol, im trying to collect any events or anything related to what happened. If Kitten can change the name spelling to "ARION", I would appreciate it a lot. It's just off the hook that we have T-shirts being made now with my name on it and with Guadalupe's crazy response.

Anonymous said...

Thaaaank you! I wrote the bravo webmaster an email about this, but please, everyone else write, too.

They've contracted with some German company that puts ads at the begining. That's why they're all suddenly no longer viewable to anyone not on Windoze using IE.

While I understand that they've got to pay the bills, I can view the damn ANTM bonus videos just fine, ads and all.

And WTH didn't they just make Tim's video blog a compliant H.264 video podcast? That way, we could have still subscribed. Grrr.

Unknown said...

This is great, but so far my favorite is in Part 2 when he says he would have "bitchslapped" Zulema if he had been Nick or Santino when she was stealing the muslin. ;)

Anonymous said...

I contacted the webmaster and whoever reads the general email.
It seems weird to me that the episode videos are done in a diff format than the video on the front page, which is very Mac viewable. What excuse do they have for that?