Saturday, February 25, 2006

The BPR Top 5 Looks: 5th Place

Santino Rice makes strong first impressions. His deep voice, towering height and endless self-confidence are very seductive at first blush. His wit and humor in the workroom helped temper some of the piercing criticisms he would frequently bestow on his fellow designers. He is a larger than life character and one of the most unforgettable personalities to ever hit reality television.

Santino is also, undeniably, a very talented and visionary fashion designer.

5th Place, Santino Rice, Road to Runway ChallengeIn Road to the Runway, the 16 semi-finalists in Season 2 were sent 6 yards of muslin and $20 for supplies one week before arriving in New York, with the instruction to create a dress that best expressed who each of them is as a fashion designer. Given far more time to complete the design than in any subsequent challenge, Santino made the most of it. His deep jewel tone baby doll dress (modeled by the lovely Heather Brown) was fun, flirty and fabulous. The judges agreed, making this design the winner of the first challenge. It established a style that would be instantly recognizable on the runway throughout Season 2, and carried him straight through to Fashion Week.

Congratulations Santino, you made the cut on the BPR Top 5 Looks List from Season 2!


Anonymous said...

apologies t-bone -- i'm missing something: exactly what elements in Santino Rice's designs make you think he's a visionary?

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful dress!

but In other news: Has anyone seen Tim Gunn on Best week ever (on vh1) yet? It was just on this morning.
It's too funny!!

PhillyKat said...

that dress makes my top 10. the back made the dress.

Anonymous said...

Obviously this dress is stunning.
My favorite dress for each episode:
1. Santino- Road to Runway
2. Chloe- Clothes off back
3. Nick- Barbie
4. Daniel -Team Lingerie
Then I part ways with the judges
5. Nick -Social SCene
6. Chloe and Emmett- Banana Republic
7.Chloe- On thin Ice
8. Andrea- Inspiration
9. Kara- Garden Party
10. Chloe Makeover
11. Daniel- What's your line

Mrs. Garlic said...

this is something that has been driving me crazy lately. have you noticed that santino over and over (even in his runway collection) uses the same empire waist/neckline on almost all of his creations. no matter how much he "santino's" something to death... it's the same style. and that to me, is sad.

Anonymous said...

In episode 1, Santino and Nick set themselves apart from the rest. They both put together great designs with beatiful color. I think Santino used his personality to win this one edging out Nick. This also set the stage for Santino's ego to inflate to epic proportions.