Sunday, February 05, 2006

Click Here For An Article About Fashion....

...featuring Daniel V as the "authority!" Way to go Daniel! Thanks Betsy!


fashionasart said...

Sorry to be so negaative, folks, being the first to comment but.....

I couldn't read this article beyond the second paragraph. DV sounds both deplorably arrogant and deplorably dumb (a difficult combination) in his remarks about fashion. Could "the darling of the blog" be letting his new-found celebrity go to his head somewhat.

I don't think any established designer would say something comparable, given that so many of them have casual lines now as well.

When I was very young I wore my clothes very fitted (pants, especially). I suffered for fashion. Now COMFORT IS PARAMOUNT, and not only are most of the clothes I wear comfortable enough to sleep in, I actually do sleep in them occasionally (those rare occasions when I'm just too dosey to change into whatever).

Yes, his comments apply to High Fashion, but, let's face it, how many occasions does the average woman (or man, for that matter) have to wear clothes like that today. Otherwise, people want to feel comfortable at work, shopping, going about their chores. Haven't we all seen people like that on the street or wherever, especially in daytime, who just simply seem ***pitifully overdressed*** and haven't you thought "that person just doesn't get it"? I know I have.

If DV is going to be famous, (a more and more likely proposition), he should monitor what he says more carefully, ESPECIALLY to reporters. It could come back later to bite him in the (albeit charming( derriere!!!!!

JMO :-))

PS: There's currently a great article on Santino with lots of photos in the issue of the tabloid Star now on the newstands.

LauraK said...

Yeah, I LIKE to sleep in my clothes.... saves on laundry. : )Actually so do my kids. The boys just slip off their jeans and sleep in their t-shirts and boxers. But then, we will never be considered "fashionable."

geekygirrl said...

I think I know what he was trying to say. I once traveled to China. Many (that's was probably most) of my fellow Americans were dressed like they had just come back from the gym. We were there to adopt children and most of the guys couldn't even tuck their football jerseys into their sweatpants.

There really is a way to be comfortable and presentable -perhaps even fashionable- at the same time. On the show, Daniel dresses comfortably but always looks nice. He doesn't sacrifice comfort for fashion, why does he demand this of others? I'd like to think he made the youthful mistake of rambling on to a reporter instead of saying exactly what he meant.

The Scarlett said...

I think Daniel is young. Rather than saying what he thinks people want to hear, you actually get his opinions! I also think he has observed how Amerians appear in other countries. As a whole, we don't dress as if we are from one of the wealthiest nations on this planet.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Granted, I'd only have that 20% chance with him anyhow, but I'd be out of the running being a jeans and t-shirt girl!
I come home covered in glue and paints and paper lint everyday from my young students. I wouldn't be at ease if I had to worry about ruining dress-up clothes.
And who wants to wear a pair of stileto boots tot he 7-11???
Still love him though. :)

AJ said...

I think that what he's said is being taken a bit literally here. I agree that it came across a bit snobbish, but when I initially read it, it came across differently to me.

I got the impression that he is chastising America for not looking "put together". I am always comfortable in what I wear, whether I am, literally, going to the gym, or I'm going to work, or going out. My style is relatively simple (a lot of jeans) but I always try to look put together before stepping foot out the door.

I think that he was referring to the way most of our nation does not really think before dressing. I wonder about it daily, and think how I would change certain outfits on people to accentuate their best features. I think it's a matter of people not knowing how to look their best. You don't need to wear high fashion labels 24/7 to look great each day.

That's just what I got out of it...I could be crazy though;)