Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Click Here For An Article About Skating Costumes

Don't miss the slideshow. Meanwhile....THIS article has an even better slideshow. What a hoot! Please do not send in caption entries for this shot. No matter how tempting.

Go ahead and make your "Flower Power" references though!

Thanks for the heads-up Scubaotter!

Here is a link to the Manolo's post about this "fashion sinkhole!"


LauraK said...

Oh! Moi! I am posting a link tout suite!

Kara said...

Looking at these costumes, I think Santino's ice skating costume would ahve fit in perfectly. Maybe he can design for the bird guy??

Marley Gibson said...

I have to say that every time I saw a female skater wearing fringe (even Sasha last night), all I could hear was Anne Slowey's ridiculous comment about skaters not wearing fringe because it made their thighs look big. Well, shows what she knows because almost every female skater in the Olympics has been wearing FRINGE!!

Marley = )

Anonymous said...

These costumes have Santino written all over them

Anonymous said...

Wow-this is considered modest by Olympic standards? Well, ya, guess the Ancient Greeks had nude gymnasts...sure hope that first one's tootie wasn't too frootie!