Thursday, February 16, 2006

Click Here For an Interview With Jay

Thanks Dorian!


AJ said...

Calling Heidi the t-word and saying he hates Zac Posen I could have done without. Typically I like Jay and his no BS attitude, but some of that was really uncalled for...

eric3000 said...

I think Jay is a little bit like that young, super-gay, American, "bad-boy" ice skater: they just appear to be trying a little too hard to be shocking and outrageous and it sometimes ends up just seeming boorish. I appreciate the desire to try to be interesting, but I wish people would just try to be a little more real.

praddicted said...

Interesting-I wondered if the Heidi thing was meant to be humorous or not-I agree, it wasn't. But he put into words what I've been feeling about Santino's personality-there's a lot there that is off-kilter. In some ways, he was wonderfully honest and in some ways warped and awful. I'm interested to see the show and how these things fall out.

Anonymous said...

I’m grateful to Jay. I think he's so bravely, unabashedly *himself.* Every aspect of his being goes against the grain of pop cultural expectations. And after a year’s hype he’s staying undiluted – rejecting the BR internship, still mouthy, still unapologetically JAY.

I love his insight into the dark corners of his own psyche - he understands *why* he has intimacy issues:

“…I’m scared, and that comes back to the body image thing: I don’t think I’m capable of being loved. I feel uncomfortable when people say nice things to me in any capacity…”

That’s brave.

(And along the same lines, he observes about Santino: “…He’s arrogant as f*** and people will put him in his place along the way but, once again, he’s covering up for his insecurity. Look at him! He is a gigantic weirdo, six foot five, voice like the devil, looks like Lurch…”)

Yeah, Jay’s all snarky – but he’s “smart-snarky” – unlike Santino, with his mindless bathroom humor and bullying taunts.

Would I want to be friends with Jay? No way, he would crush me with one cutting remark.

But I’m glad he’s out there doing his own thing, it really makes me feel braver to do mine.

CatNFiddle said...

Of COURSE he's no longer fond of Heidi (to put it mildly). She made him jump through hoops for a dress designed specifically for her and then she didn't wear it. I'd be bitter as hell myself.

Dorian said...

OMG I got a shout out !!!!!!!!!!
Yeah like someone said above with this interview I went from forgiving toward his behavior coz I liked him to I cant care less about this guy.

The only interesting part of the interview was his assessment of Santino. I find it quite spot-on.
But badmouthing Austin, Heidi, Daniel and Chloe. Argh.

AJ said...

I really like Jay overall, don't get me wrong. His attitude and take on life and fame is so refreshing...especially in showbiz.

My issue with that interview was him calling Heidi the t-word. It's possible that it was meant to be funny, but written in a magazine it did not come across funny or cute. It's a crude word that I've only ever heard referred to someone as a severe insult.

Even if there was a falling out with the dress, it was unnecessary to say something that nasty about her. That's just my opinion...but granted, I have always really liked Jay, and this won't make me stop liking him, it just put me off a bit.