Monday, February 06, 2006

Dear Designers,

I am thinking that since this is Fashion Week and the PR designers should all be gathered there to watch the show on Friday, and to film the reunion (I don't know this, I'm just guessing...) and well... since we know that several of the designers check BPR and others are AWARE of it - why don't we send out personal wishes to our favorites? Who knows? They might read them - they may even respond.


LauraK said...

One more thing: Let's keep these thoughtful, positive and encouraging. Not just "Chloe Rocks!" or "Diana was robbed!" Something a little more meaningful - thank you.

AJ said...

Good idea Laura!

Nick- I've been rooting for you to make Fashion Week since the moment I laid eyes on your gorgeous muslin gown in the first episode. Your designs embody glamour and I've been impressed more each week by your creativity and vision. This show has opened our eyes to your talent and I hope you get to showcase it during Fashion Week. Congrats on your success thus far and the success that is sure to come. Good luck!

Daniel- I can't wait to see your line at fashion week! You've epitomized grace under pressure throughout this whole competition and have been wonderful to watch. I hope that this experience will provide you with the skills and opportunity to make a huge splash in the fashion industry. The world's not ready for Daniel V.!

Santino- While you've had your highs and lows during this competition, I can only say that your highs have been inspiring to see. When you get it right, you get it spot on perfect! I hope you make it to Fashion Week so we will get a chance to see a whole line of spot on perfection...whickety whack (spelled right?) and all.

Chloe- As tiny as you are, you've become a force to be reckoned with during this competition. You may be having some "one note designer" backlash, but at least that one note has been fierce.

Kara- Someone said in another post that they'd like to see you at fashion week, because they think with more time for execution you would shine. I agree. I think that an opportunity for you to design sans time constraints would be nothing but positive.

Andrae- You were robbed! Sorry, Laura, totally kidding. Andrae, I feel like you and Daniel progressed the best out of all of the designers during this competition and I would have really liked to see what that progression would have produced during Fashion Week. I was sad to see you go before your time and wish you all the best in the future. Good luck!!

praddicted said...

All of you-every one of you-made this season fun, entertaining, humorous-you all had amazing talent and graciously let us become obsessed with you and your every move! There will be one winner but truly-you all are amazing. May great things be in all of your futures.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all the designers.. Every week I have been moved and impressed by your innovation, talent, sense of humor,wit and most important heart. Give it your best, I am personally rooting for Chloe and Daniel V.
But I am looking forward to seeing all the creations. you have inspired me to be myself and create something beautiful.

Jamey said...

Tino WTF are you doing on here? get away from the computer and sew, or at least just start gluing sh*t on.


AJ said...

I forgot someone...

Emmett- You were such a class act during every challenge. You are such a classic designer and your style will always be "in";) Good luck with your new store and the next time I'm in NYC I'll probably come beg your for a congrats on everything!

Tbone said...

To the Final 3: we are all pulling for you here at BPR and regardless how this all turns out, you have made a remarkable achievement. Pinch yourselves, your showing at FW!! Thanks to each of you for bravely baring all and sharing your talents with us.

Now, to Chloe: besides the fact that you do indeed rock, I have been inspired by your personal story, appreciate your down-to-earth nature, and amazed at your "make it work" ethic. Good luck on Friday, I'm with you in spirit.

To all: may the future bring each of you great vision, fabulous designs and well earned success!

The Scarlett said...

I just want to say that I was awed by your talent and inspired by your passion. You have entertained me and brought me many smiles and for that gift I thank you. I have enjoyed getting to know your style and I hope to see more of you all in the future.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to Congratulate Nick, Daniel, Kara, Chloe, and Santino for making the top 5. You are all very talented and I'm so happy that you are still on the show!

To my all time favorites:

Nick - your designs take my breath away. I love your work. I love your first episode's dark orange gown. And I absolutely love your Nicky Hilton's party dress. It is so classy and beautiful. I hope that you made it to the final 3!!! Nonetheless, I can't wait to see more of your work. Oh and you are gorgeous!

Daniel V. - I'm so impressed with you. Every episode, you suprise me with your designs. I especially loved yours and Andrae's Banana Republic dress. I can't wait to purchase it.

Santino - I love your funky style. I love that you take your designs to the next level. They are NEVER boring, always original and fun.

Good luck to all of you.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Dan, Dan,
He's my man!
If Daniel can't sew it,
no one can!

Wishing the best to ALL of the designers! I've been amazed at how quickly you've executed your unique ideas. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

JRT said...

To all the designers throughout the season, thank you for providing us all with some creative and inspiring television. To the final 4, keep your heads up and keep working as I know you are getting down to the wire now. You all are the amazing and talented future of American and in particular American couture.

Daniel-you have just had an amazing growth experience through this show, and I thank you for showing it all to us on television. You are truly one of the most creative people I have seen in awhile. Good luck, and without choosing favorites, rock that runway.

Nick-I love your style, the personality you bring to design and to your clothes outweighs anyone. You have been truly kind-hearted through some interesting situations, and although you have had some rough spots, you still keep the beautiful designs coming.

Kara-I think you have inside of you the ability to blow everyone away. Just free yourself, let it go, take risks, and you will suprise everyone. This is truly evident in your garden party dress.

Santino-You have a great eye, keep working on your vision and keep pushing yourself as far as you can go.

Chloe-your design ability is truly classic and chic, you know the sophisticated woman perfectly. All your work speaks for itself. You have a strong focus and a drive and ambition that outweighs everyone. You are great. You provided great television in some definitely lulling moments.

All 5 of you are great, and have truly earned your spot. Cannot wait to see where your future goes. And I can't wait for this finale.

eric3000 said...

Seriously, Chloe Rocks! I can't help saying it!

Chloe, in my judgment you were in the top three in every challenge and I think you should have won at least three of them. Your dresses have all been simple, flattering, and interesting. I think your elegant, sophisticated style and your experience will win this for you!

Chloe, I love you! I'm gay but don't worry, I won't try to date you!

Aunt Teak said...

what'll I do with my Wednesdays now?! What'll I do without you guys?! Seriously: thanks all -- you've made mid-week in this north country winter way interesting, and lots of fun. and you've inspired me to dress better! [ i see it now as something I can do for the environment :o) ]

OurBoyDaniel said...

Daniel, you dreamboat: you go girl!

Chloe: **LOVVED** the leaves...and the clothes off yer back, and the silver jacket...and the ice-shimmy. Beautiful....

Andrae: I miss you already....

Nick: I wish you lived closer so we could be neighbors and dish over the back fence. Loved your designs.

Kara: You totally rose to the challenge last week -- really cool dress, I thought....

Santino: What are we gonna do with you?! Be *nice* a minute, why dontcha? You're *good* enough!

All of you (yes, even you tino) -- thanks so much -- best wishes and good luck...

Anonymous said...

This goes out to the two men who have made Wednesday my favorite day of the week: Nick and Santino.

Nick, your designs are so elegant and inspired. Your pieces express so much about movement and curvature in a woman's body. (I thought your plant dress was utterly brilliant, but I digress.) Not only that, but you come off as such a genuinely kind person. You help your competitors when nobody else will, and you're always sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Golden person, platinum designer. I can't wait to see how far you go, PR route or not.

Santino, you floor me. I see in you unrestrained brilliance--such a rare thing anymore. You overshoot the goal sometimes, but that's only because your brain is so filled with ideas that it's impossible to hold it all back. Better to miss the goal by trying too hard than by playing it safe, I say. Otherwise, what's the point?

Ignore the negativity so many throw your way and never temper who you are. I'm a designer (though in a different field) and I want you to know that you inspire me to listen to my inner voice. If PR doesn't recognize your talent, forget them. You'll storm the world on your own no matter what happens.

voxqueror said...

Santino-I just want to say that on the whole I have loved your work on Project Runway. Yes, sometimes your designs have gone over the top...but at the same time, your designs push us towards something new and maybe just a little bit intimidating. Michael Kors says you don't think enough about the woman who would wear your clothes...but if we think about clothing being the armor we put on before we go out and face the world, well, I'm the kind of woman who would enjoy being challenged by the clothing you design and challenging the world's impressions of just what my clothes should look like.

Nick-my friends and I have all been your fans from the very beginning of the series. Your clothes pull off that very difficult combination of elegant and sexy (and no matter what Michael Kors may say, in my mind your designs have yet to be "vulgar"). I wish you the best of luck, and I hope that for my viewing pleasure you make it into the final three because I would love, love, love to see an entire collection.

Chloe-I have to say that I've been impressed ever since you oh-so-deservingly won the "Clothes off Your Back" challenge. That dress was was your leaf dress. Of all the designers on Project Runway, I think I could see myself feeling most comfortable in your clothing, and I hope that when you make it to the final three that you'll maintain your simple and elegant aesthetic.

Daniel V.-every week your designs have managed to surprise me in that wonderful "ooh-look-at-that" kind of way. I have no doubt that you'll be showing at Fashion Week, so I wish you the best of luck. When I think of the fact that you are so young, I'm amazed at not only what you've done but what you will undoubtedly do in the future.

marion said...

You're all amazing and wonderful. Your creativity, commitment, and astonishing productivity remind us that the arts are necessary for our dignity to thrive. Chloe, you are a true inspiration and I so much admire your talent, personality, and work ethic. If I could have dinner with anyone on the planet, you would certainly be at the table! Nick, you are a joy and your talent is a gift to all. Daniel, I hope you're as kind as you seem because our world needs people like you to just BE; never mind that your work is awesome! Kara, hang in there and remember that a male-dominated world runs right over those who show weakness. Don't let 'em get to you! Good luck to you all!

Anonymous said...

All of you have made my Wednesday nights a bit brighter, and your future careers something to look forward to tracking. Best of luck, and remember that old cliche, you're already a winner to have gotten this far!!

Anonymous said...

After the series ends, y'all could take it on the road... Push the tables to the walls and have a designer walk-off in every Red Lobster in the country. Best of all: by the end of that tour, it'll be time for the next season of Project Runway...!

ChooseSuccess said...

Laura, I just found your blog and I must is really very well done.
I will be at the show on Friday morning.
I'll be happy to report back!

Kim in Oregon said...

Good luck and best wishes to all of the final designers, and congratulations to all of you who had the talent, imagination and skill to even make it on to PR! In addition, you all seem to be likable, intelligent, caring and sincere people who have engaged us and got us much more emotionally involved than last year.

You amaze us all every week, and we just can't stop talking about you! I can't say I'm rooting for any specific person because that changes on a daily person. So Go Nick! Go Daniel! Go Chloe! Go Kara! Go Santino! And give Tim Gunn a hug from me!

LauraK said...

Hi Choose Success! Really?! We would be so thrilled to have a report! Please e-mail me - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Before I get into my faves, let me just say that Jeff and I at Netmusique are SO in love with this show and we dish our opinions every Thursday morning! PR has made for some great morning-coffee conversations! Thanks designers! Its been *super* entertaining!

Ok, first of all:
NICK!!!!! I don't care what Michael Kors says...I LOVE the fishtail skirts and nothing you have done has been the slightest bit vulgar. Your work is stunning. Best of luck at Fashion Week! I'm rooting for you!

Daniel V: You are Jeff's favorite. He adores your work (and you!) and I have to say, I have become a believer as well! You are one cool customer and I really enjoy watching your garments come together. One word: smoooooooooth. Rock it at Fashion Week, darlin'!

Santino: I admit, I was not a huge fan until I saw the bonus video of your Tim Gunn version of "Closer". I swear, that was a frickin' RIOT! You are truly unique! Thanks for being you. :)

To all the designers: If any of you ever make it out to San Francisco, drop me a line! Jeff and I would LOVE to take you all out for a drink!

I'm the only one who reads this shit anyways. said...

Diana, gurl, you was robbed in the Barbie challenge. But teaming with Marla? Bad call. Loved the Seamless designs and best of luck.

Kara- You are totally my new favorite. Represent, my friend!

Daniel- Honey, you know I was just kidding. You'll ALWAYS be my favorite.

Jaxx said...

I am supporting Houston's own Chloe and I am very proud of her. She has such beauty and grace on the show and off. I am so thankful Chloe for the time you took to answer my many questions about fashion. You are in a class all by yourself!