Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flower Power

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ABC said...

Once again, the judges missed out on another great design and gave the prize to Daniel.

Kara's dress was stunning - and she even took time to help Chloe! She should have won. But I think they didn't want Kara to have immunity, because she is very hit and miss. She is my pick to be out next week.

The Scarlett said...

I'm curious about the fabric showing on the bosom.

IMO, Daniel won for the use of the flowers (all the judges wanted more flowers) and for the cleverly woven waistband section. I think his use of the ferns allowed him to focus more on details which he clearly did.

lem0ntart said...

I found this blog because Nick named it in an interview as one of his favorites to read! :)

grudge girl said...

I agree scarlett! I was weirded out by the very naked looking straps on this one, although I adore the rest of it. Are they supposed to be invisible, like mesh on skaters' costumes? Or are they supposed to look like bra straps?

I don't get that part of this otherwise GORGEOSO frock. Can anyone explain this to me?

Irene Done said...

Did I hear correctly? Did jet set fashion designer Michael Kors say that there's something about Nick's designs that are always vulgar? Why would he say that? And why are all the judges so fixated on vulgar this season?

geekygirrl said...

Maybe I'm just tired, but I haven't laughed so hard in a long time as I did at last night's episode. Apologies to Nick, but I thought his dispair over Tarah's departure was hu-sterical! "She's just gone," he wimpered, as though she had been vaporized by aliens instead of being sent back to her day job. (Collapse with laughter, fall off chair.)

OurBoyDaniel said...

geeky -- but nick really felt it - nothing phony about it. who are we to question his process? -- clearly it's a real loss to him. me: i felt bad for him...

OurBoyDaniel said...

as much as i love DV -- i am starting to feel uneasy about his sleek slide into front-runner status...i reluctantly agree that Andrae's dress last week was the more wearable, and should have won...and now DV has immunity for the next challenge -- he will really have to work to mess up if he's NOT going to make the final three... there's something a bit too safe for him about all this, at least to my eye if the fix were in...

But Dan is STILL Da Man...

Mercedes said...

I agree with Ourboy. I am thinking "could it be so obvious that Daniel will be the winner?" Is that what the producers want us to think? Aren't they concerned with entertainment value and keeping the audience guessing?

These are my thoughts this morning.

praddicted said...

I feel so badly about Andrae-I don't think he should have been aufed. He has grown so much as a designer and personality on the show. I agree with what someone said about the interlock machine and just his general (as Jay put it) demeanor.

I love Daniel in this epi-boy, did your heart go out to him or what? No, not that way! When he was talking about coming out to his family and growing up-

I thought this epi was awesome, funny and showing a very personal side to the designers. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Nick - loved his dress - it really had style to me - I'm now getting worried about him - the comment that was shown in a preview a week ago - something like - I'm not impressed anymore -was not heard last night - so it is still out there - and I am worried it is directed at Nick -

Poor Santino - loved his dress - his dress was shiny - so what - would they rather have had it brown and curled up

Chloe can do no wrong - in the judge's eyes - but yuch

Daniel is golden boy - but - to me not the best -(hated his Inspiration garment and his BR and his lingerie)

Kara - for once made something pretty - but she definately is inconsistent - hope no one else leaves before her

Andrae - love Andrae and hated this dress - have loved some of his though - it's a shame - he was the worst last night

Marley Gibson said...

>>as much as i love DV -- i am starting to feel uneasy about his sleek slide into front-runner status...i reluctantly agree that Andrae's dress last week was the more wearable, and should have won...and now DV has immunity for the next challenge -- he will really have to work to mess up if he's NOT going to make the final three... there's something a bit too safe for him about all this, at least to my eye if the fix were in... <<

Remember last season, though...Kara Saun won everything and was referred to by Satan, I mean Wendy Pepper as "the Golden Child." Daniel V. seems to be in that role this season (deservedly so) and I just fear that he'll make it to Fashion Week, have a great show and in the hopes of TV drama (after all, it is entertainment, right?), they'll go for someone else instead of him. Just a feeling I have.

And yeah...I'm with you on the head scratch about Nick's vulgarity. I don't see it.

Marley = )

AJ said...

Really great episode, AWFUL challenge!

I said this when I first heard about the challenge and I will say it again. There is no way in my mind that this challenge made sense for the final 6. I understand the concept of the challenge, but think it would have served better earlier in the season.

As a result, we've lost one of the better designers in the competition, at least in my opinion. I agree w/ praddicted about how much he had grown as a designer throughout the show. Him and Daniel both started the show so "under the radar" and once they got the hang of it, their garments were/are turning out fabulous.

I just thought that the concept of this challenge could have been detrimental to anyone, not just Andrae. The bottom two last night were 2/3 of my picks for Fashion Week. Losing either of them this early wasn't right. And if you think about it in another way, it could have easily been Daniel or Chloe or anyone else getting the boot. I just felt that this challenge was much too risky this late in the show. I also feel as though the show lost one of its best designers.

I am glad that Daniel got immunity. I think he deserved it with his dress. It was rather well constructed and had more detail then anyone elses. I also quite liked Santino's. I think this was a good challenge for him.

I'm sad to see Andrae go...he'll be missed and I hope that he gets great exposure from this show. He's a truly talented designer and I see a great future ahead. The frustration over seeing two of my faves in the bottom and knowing one was auf actually made me shed a few tears. I blame the wine though!

Tbone said...

This episode really exceeded my low expectations. A tough competition with lots of laughs and tears in between. I agree with Tim - I think each designer met the challenge well and choosing the auf was pretty difficult.

Having said that though, DV stole this win with flowers. I didn't think his design was up to par with Kara, Chloe or Santino. But the judges wanted flowers, and he had them.

I also agree that they were not about to give Kara immunity, and that is the only reason she didn't win. All the more reason why it was a ridiculous reward for this silly challenge.

Andrae had a great run and we will certainly miss his facial expressions!

AJ said...

I forgot to mention how hard I laughed during the Timpression scenes! I have to watch them over again, because I was laughing so hard I know I missed some!

Marley Gibson said...

"Andrae...every time we have a tiff at Red Lobster, you run to the bathroom crying."

AJ said...

"If there is anyone else out there like Santino...don't call me. One is enough."

Anonymous said...

I really hated this week's challenge. SantEgo was right - everyone was at risk this week. As much as Andrae has grown on me - I love his kooky facial expressions - I knew he was out the moment I saw the completed garment. I'm really sad to see him go. Kara really surprised me last night. I thought her dress was gorgeous. I thought Chloe's was the best with Kara 2nd and Daniel 3rd.

The judges wanted more flowers? They only had $100 to spend, for heaven's sake!

Now for the $64,000 question: what will they do now that Andrae won't be around to keep those machines humming?

Katey said...

I agree that this challenge really wasn't a good idea for so late in the game. When you watch the grocery store challenge from season 1, which was pretty similar to this one, you don't get a good idea of any of the designers except for a few of them. It's such a fluke that Andrae's is the one that turned out the worst-- Kara or Chloe could have so easily crashed and burned.

I also think Michael Kors has no idea what the word vulgar means. Emmett's skating dress and Nick's design from this week? Please.

Li'l Pony said...

I agree with Katey. What is so "vulgar" about Nick's work?

I did think it was funny, though, how right after Michael Kors's "there's something vulgar about everything he does" comment, the editors cut to Nick and his water bottle.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

This was a really interesting challenge. And I'm starting to see how it works this late in the game. We know they can all design beautiful clothing - all of them at one point or another made really great pieces. This challenge really....challenged them. It made them push the envelope and see how they could cope with non-traditional materials.

But I digress....

I was pissed that the judges (read: Michael and Nina) kept harping about no one using flowers. The designers used the materials they felt would best last overnight and would work to their advantage. I love that even though the pieces were all (mostly) green, each one had different texture, look and feel. I think Dan won because he had flowers in his design. I think they were also trying to steer clear of being too literal by using flowers and using the leaves to create "fabric" and "trim."

What was vulgar about Nick's design?? What is the deal with vulgarity?? Why didn't they call Zulema's butt-dress vulgar????

I was hoping Santino would win simply so he could get rid of his whiney model.

mewmew said...

This blog is awesome!

Concerning the winner- I'm thinking that it might be slightly embarrassing to have this year's winner decline to work with Banana Rep the way Jay did (and I assume they tied the money to the mentorship for this reason). As the major sponsor, being dissed each time by the winner might lead to a "redesign" of their role with the Project. So choosing a good designer who will also fit with Banana's design team has to be a concern. I can't see Santino with BR- LOL- or Nick. For that reason, Daniel, Kara, or Chloe seem to be the best bets. My money is on Daniel, as he works well on cooperative projects and is a positive force in the group dynamics. His designs are also steadily excellent without being too high concept.

AJ said...

Tim adresses a lot of these things in his Nick's "vulgarity" and how it's not, flowers vs plants etc...

He also makes a note that the judges really DON'T understand the aspects of the challenges, which I've suspected since season one.

curly, I agree that it was an interesting challenge, but disagree with it's timing in the competition. I think that at this point, we are supposed to have the best of the best. The top 6 or what have you. Shouldn't we be seeing what they can design with actual fabric this close to fashion week? I just feel as though the flow of the challenges was interrupted.

And with Daniel as the arguable front runner of the show, he could have easily stumbled like Andrae did and gotten the boot. How would that have translated to viewers? To me, it becomes dangerous territory to introduce foreign materials at this point.

However, I also felt it was too early to do it last season with the grocery store challenge. IMO something like this is best served as filler for mid-season.

diana said...

Aj I agree with your posts- baaad timing for this challenge.

Favorite Tim-ism from last night: "Look at this flotsam and jetsam!" Too funny

misterminm said...

I didn't mind that this was a challenge so much later in the game. #1 we have been able to see the design philosophy of each of the designers and then see it translated through non-traditional materials. The grocery store challenge last year we couldn't see who the designers were b/c we hadn't had the chance yet. #2 This was a really tough challenge and each of the designers really rose to it. Had this challenge been earlier in the game, it would have been obvious who would have needed to go. Down the final 6, the designers didn't just have to "not screw up" they really had to go for it.

Debra said...

Daniel's design had the floral color.. but why isn't having her bra showing considered "vulgar" or "unfinished"?

IAGirl said...

I am going against the grain....I did not like Daniels dress at all. the skirt was ugly and the bodice wasn't completely covered. Nothing unique about the design at all. Kara or Cloe should have won that challenge andshame on the judges for expecting flowers after the last season's disaster with Austins corn husk dress. They would have had to put the entire dress together that morning if they used flowers! It seems like in spite of their dislike for Santino's dresses, they are keeping him on for audience appeal. He should have been off after that lingerie episode....gross! Cloe and Daniel will definately be there til the end. The toss up will be Kara and Nick. If they keep Santino, I suspect it will be just to keep things interesting. Andrea should have won the inspiration challenge. His gown was exactly like the picture. Santino's moo moo dress was awful. I really think the judges are pro-Daniel to a fault.

But....I love the show! Even my 13 yo daughter is hooked on it. Maybe an aspiring designer in the making....who knows.

Mrs. Garlic said...

what is funny right from the start of the episode, i knew chloe would design the dress she did. i turned out beautiful.. but whoa did they edit to make it seem that it wouldn't.

personally, i hated santino's dress... nina was right when she said she could see the design behind andrae's dress. i honestly believe that if he would have made the collar a little more distinct - he would have been saved and my dear nick, lost.

top three yesterday: nick, chloe, santino
top three today, daniel, chloe, santino

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Thanks misterminm for saying much more coherently what I was trying to express!

praddicted said...

I have the feeling that if most of the designers had used lots of flowers, they would have judged the design "obvious".

Also-I too didn't hear Nina's "I'm no longer impressed" comment but thought she had on the same color as last night in the clip? Comments, anyone?

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

PR addict - I mentioned this above - I think they were trying hard not to be real literal and let the materials translate into texture and fabric and trim.

Sam said...

After last week, I was sure that Kara was gone, but she really pulled it out and created something beautiful and interesting. She would have had my vote. What on earth was vulgar about Nick's dress? Did I miss some tootie? They've got this Nick = vulgar and Daniel = sweetness and light thing going. The whole challenge was silly. What's next, bust up the furniture in the workroom and make a dress out of it?

misterminm said...

Any of the top 3 (Daniel, Chloe, Kara) would have been a toss-up and I would have been happy with any of them winning. I think that the judges absolutely got it right this week based purely on the designs that they saw come down the runway (and not taking the entire season's dresses into account).

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that the straps on Daniel's dress weare ribbon: we saw several of the designers buying ribbon, and Santino used that mesh for his skirt, so the ribbon must be okay.

misterminm said...

I agree that he must have used ribbon. I don't think that he would have just left it empty b/c he could have easily braided some straps out of the same woven boddice and glued that to the muslin.

eric3000 said...

Chloe had me freaking out last night! "Finish, Chloe, finish!" And even when it went down the runway, "Oh, Chloe, it's pretty, but I'm afraid the judges will think it is too plain!" I was so relieved when the judges all liked it!

I do wish we would get a better idea of the rules of the challenge. Santino bought some mesh material to serve as a base but most of the designers seemed to assume they could just attach the materials to a muslin base. Did they know they were allowed to do this when they were shopping? For the grocery store challenge in the first season I think they could only use what they bought at the grocery store.

And Laura, I think you were the one who said that nobody's picking Kara, but what if she's good at weaving flowers together? Good call; she was!

AJ said...

eric, Tim mentioned in his blog that Santino's mesh was made of leaves or something like that. Apparantly, he picked it up in one of the plant shops. I thought it was a good move actually!

As I said before, I just didn't care for this challenge as a whole...

eric3000 said...

aj, I agree it was a good idea Santino picked up the mesh at the plant shop. My point was that he seemed to be the only one who thought about a backing material for the plants and I was wondering if they knew ahead of time that they would be able to attach everything to muslin.

erin said...

I'll agree with Scarlett that Daniel won for use of colorful flowers. It was clear from the beginning of the discussion that that is what the judges were expecting.

I've got another "You know you watch too much PR when...": You want to go to Red Lobster just so you can do Timpressions.

May said...

The mesh Santino used was floral mesh, bought at one of the garden supply shops.

AJ said...

Oh, gotcha Eric! I thought you were saying that he was using extra fabric...

JRT said...

Have to say I love this dress. My second dress would have been Chloe's, just like they said, it looked like a fabric, not plants. Kara, really really stepped it up in this challenge. She has been saying for weeks she needed to step it up, and she finally did it. Hats off to her (but don't drop it in the escalator please)

I actually liked Andrea's concept, the Audrey Hepburn type dress. But it did just look a little flat. I couldn't figure out about Nick's. He seems to be dropping off in the last couple of episode. Wrong time to be falling, pick it up Nick. And finally Santino, I thouhgt he did well in this challenge. Unfortunately he was just overshadowed. His top was beautiful, I was just not feeling the skirt though. But compared to his last 3 or 4 episodes, he really did well. He used his 'massing' and his application very well in this one.

It is getting hard to see people off, it is no longer about 'bad construction' or 'bad ideas' and more about which just doens't turn the eye. Kara I thought would be off, but she really stepped it up and deserves to not be cut.

I think Daniel is the front runner, mainly because he knows best how to adapt to the challenges. The only outfits he hasn't really fit the cutsomer would have been the Nicky Hilton and the Barbie challenge. Chloe is doing well too. Nick has a tremendous amount of talent. Just time for him to get out of the slump.

memee said...

I definitely agree that I think Kara should have won this challenge. I'm really starting to feel that the judging is biased and not based on the actual garments.

Chloe and Daniel are clearly the judges' favorites, and though I agree they are great designers (esp. Daniel), it seems like the other designers are being shut out even when they deserve to win. To me, Daniel's looked unfinished at the top, and Chloe's was very plain. Kara's dress was impeccably fitted and beautifully intricate. This should have been her challenge.

However, I think Andrae's dress probably deserved to go, though I was bummed he was eliminated.

Elaine said...

The shoulders straps of Daniels must be RIBBON! Thank you, owlet for that insight. I just assumed it was part of the muslin under-structure and I was very confused about why this would be allowed.

Now I need to go back and watch the bonus video more closely. It shows Daniel gluing the ferns on his dress (which, as an aside, provide a really interesting and nearly uniform texture next to the woven bodice/belt and I think that--combined with the judges flower-fetish--secured him the win). Anyway, in the bonus video maybe I'll be able to see if Daniels muslin dress has shoulder straps or not.

Laura, can you get Daniel or Tim to confirm that these were ribbons and therefore "legal" as florist materials?

The other nagging question I'd like answered is, Did the designers know before the shopping trip that they could use a muslin undergarment? What restrictions were placed on that use? They MUST have known! Surely Chloe wasn't planning to stick all those leaves together without a base?

I did like Tim's implication in his podcast that the designers should have told the judges that they couldn't afford more flowers. I'm quite sure they didn't want to look like they were making excuses, but they were asked directly why there weren't more flowers. Surely they could have answered that question succinctly and in a matter-of-fact manner without appearing to make excuses?

I just want to say that, although I am not rooting for Santino to be in the final 3, I did like the way her grouped leaves and his placement of the groups brought attention to their color. I thought it "spoke volumes" about not needing flowers to bring color to the dress.

Elaine said...
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StinkyLulu said...

First time posting here. (Thanks Laura for the amazing blog/forum.)

I'm with everyone on the "Daniel won for using color/flowers" vibe & am glad to know some of the back story about WHY they didn't mention the $$$ aspect of not using more.

I thought Kara would be, with Andrae, in the bottom two -- until I heard the panel, at which point I began to wonder if Kara's dress photographed very differently than it looked in person.

My feeling for a good while has been that it's between Chloe & Daniel, with Santino being either in 3rd or 4th. I somehow think Santino'll be in the Austin slot (ie. presenting a show at fashion week but out of the competition by then). I'd been pulling for Andrae to be in there, but now I think it might just be Kara.

Tim expressed concern that Chloe would be accused of being "one note" -- I think that's also happened to Nick. Only his "one note" is vulgar, where Chloe's is that she knows/thinks about a woman's body.

I have a major crush on Daniel but I'm still pulling for Chloe to take it.

misterminm said...

i think that the idea that the judging is biased is really unfounded. You have to realize that the viewers get to see the emotion of these designers and the entire process. The judges see what is put on the runway and that is it.

You might not have thought that Daniel was the best this time but the fact that the judges were totally wrong is not based in reality. Daniel had a very strong dress that definitely appealed to the judges for very specific reasons. This does not mean that the judges are biased, it means that the judges are looking for certain characteristics that Daniel knows how to develop.

Mike Gibson said...

Daniel being not-far-out-of-school and with an ability to take and execute instruction (along with a load of knowledge and talent) may make him appealing to Banana Republic.

I think Chloe got a bit of a pass based on past accomplishments. Did not only Kara but her model assist her in finishing the project? I thought I heard Chloe ask her model to "come back and help" after doing hair and make up.

Anyways, another grand episode. I miss Andrae already. I particularly liked the way each of his dresses had a distinct story or narrative.

La robe de jardin était magnifique!

PhillyKat said...

I was so pissed after I saw that show I had a drink and went to bed.

Kara's was the best hands down. It was the most creative and she looked like she did the most work. Daniel's looked unfinished. I was surprised Chloe was going through so much to cover hers and he left the straps and trim of the bodice showing. Why'd he win? Because he use some damn purple flowers? Lavendar is purple too damnit! Kara really really impressed me (for the first time I might add) and I think she was unduly robbed.

What.. you know let me stop there because this is turning into a post that should be on my own journal. I will say I think Nick was awfully lucky.

Anonymous said...

All the designers in tonight's episode should be congratulated. Given the money restraint and the materials to work with (live plants) they all did a beautiful job!

Does anyone know if there is anything that might be used to preserve the dresses? It would be beautiful to see them on display, but they are so fragile.

Anonymous said...

I've got to say it- Daniel's model (Rebecca??) ALWAYS looks like she just sucked on a lemon! I'd almost rather have the Gumpy-legged Rachel than her.

Lorraine said...

I agree about the exposed muslin although I did like the dress. Personally, I'd want to wear Chloe's. I thought Santino's sucked but I'm so not objective about him. He could send a model down the runway in an actual Chanel suit and I'd probably diss it. The only reason I have lowered my "hatred" of Santino to "despise" is that his impersonation of Tim Gunn is so spot on that it fills me with delight. And I thought the judges were entirely too bitchy (can I say that?) about the flower thing. I thought they were all smart to use material that wasn't going to shrivel and rot overnight. A dress of rose petals, Heidi? Are you insane?

travis said...

It was interesting that the producers included bits from Daniel and Nick's "coming out" conversation on the show. The extended segments on Bravo's website are great too. I can totally relate to Daniel's situation...kinda been there myself. He can definitely be a powerful inspiration for teens and young adults who are going through the same thing. Even in 2006 kids are in mental turmoil from this. Keep up the good work Daniel, you seem like a cool guy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others on this forum - as much as I love Daniel V., I thought Chloe or Kara should've won this week. I also think Daniel (and don't hate me for this) is a little over-rated. Maybe its because he's so sweet and cute? The lingerie he designed was terribly constructed (the breasts weren't even!). Last season, when Kara Saun took the lead, I loved every one of her designs. I actually think this season is a little weaker . . . there were a lot of dresses that I absolutely loved last season (Jay's Chrysler building dress, Kara Saun's and Jay's wedding dresses, Austin's bathing suit) and fewer this season that have blown me away.

Anyway, for the past few episodes I've thought the final three would include both Daniel and Chloe and the third will be whoever doesn't self-destruct.

AJ said...

misterminm, that is a really excellent point! I, personally, am emotionally attached to certain designers because of things the judges don't see.

I am able to remain objective, otherwise I'd be screaming my head off about how Andrae was unjustly aufed. I will however scream about how untimely the challenge is, but that's a different story.

As for Daniel's win. I thought his was the best in it's detailing. While Chloe's was more intricate, Daniel had more going on, and while Kara's was detailed, Daniel's was more refined.

I actually thought Santino's was the front runner to take the top spot, but maybe I'm just no good with foliage...

asian girl said...

first time to post but I have been reading..

First.. I think Chloe's dress and style is great and I am very biased, but I think the way Daniel used his flowers are key to the sophistcation that the judges are looking for, I also think that last season the judges were very concerned about how well the garments fit women. Last season..they went on and on about how well Kara san could fit clothese to peopel's body.

these are the comments that stood out to me.

loog said...

i can see now that i am the only one on BPR that absolutely despised chloe's dress, and thought she should be auf'ed.

it was a SUNDRESS, people!! with leaves glues on. that is it. yes, i guess it made it look like real fabric, but how "innovative" is that. remember, this challenge was about innovation. gluing leaves onto a simple dress is not innovative.

kara's was intricate, and the textures were interesting.

nick's was decent, but not great. i think he was very creative in the use of his materials, though.

santino's was great, i thought. like a previous poster, his use of the colored leaves shellacked together was a really great way to preserve the leaf and prevent wilting. i thought he did excellent. IMO it was a contender for the win next to kara's.

andrae's was pretty nice, and i would agree that it was probably near the bottom of the list for me, but chloe's was an obvious auf-age. i can't understand.

daniel's was lame except for the placement of flowers. i thought the silhouette looked like the top half of a bottle that was spurting out wine (flowers), which sounds kind of cool now that i think about it, but i didn't like the shape on rebecca.

kara's was best overall, with santino's a close second IMO.

it was a cute episode to say the least and i am sad to see andrae go as well. he was good people.

misterminm said...

aj--you put it exactly like i wanted to.

i actually like santino's a lot as a piece of wearable art (especially the half sleeve). Both Andre and Santino created pieces of wearable art rather than dresses and I think that Santino executed his better. Andrae's kinda looked like a suit of armour--very Joan of Arc.

Mary said...

I do wish Kara won, that was a lovely and well done dress, maybe she should make more of her projects "organically" rather than planning them out and making something boring.I find it hard not to root for the underdog, and she is it.

I adore Daniel V, but at the same time he just wins too much. I would be very happy for him to win in the end, but every little challenge? He just seems like the easiest choice.

Mary said...
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eric3000 said...

I just wanted to respond that Chloe is not the first designer to get help from her model. I remember this happening in other episodes (sorry, I can't be specific).

Anonymous said...

Daniel's the new teacher's pet. Hell of a guy tho, but this fern dress was TERRIBLE. The picture online looks even worse.

AJ said...

hey misterminm, great minds right? I really did like Santino's and thought the shelacking was a smart move.

Daniel V is experiencing major backlash! I think that he is rightly winning these challenges. Aside from Diana, he's the youngest designer and has the least experience. I think that for a competition where you have to be able to mold to different challenges this is actually an advantage. He clearly has the skill, talent and vision that all the other designers have, but the fact that he's not been doing things a specific way for years is providing him with more range.

I don't think he's won these past two challenges by a lot, and maybe there were more deserving designers, but as said before; we don't know what the judges are looking for.

Yes, he's cute and likeable and funny and such. But on top of these things, he's a really well-rounded artist who has produced some incredible garments thus far.

I want him to go to fashion week to see what he comes up with when left to his own devices. The same goes for all of the designers left. It's still anyone's game as Kara made clear last night;)

JRT said...

have to say, I totally agree with aj on his descriptions of daniel, kara and chloes dresses. I think he hit the nail on the head, and truly understood what the judges were basing their judgements on. great post. does anyone else find it interesting that the last challenge was about using fabric to making a wearable art piece, and this challenge was about using a foreign material to make a wearable piece of fashion.

AJ said...

aj is a female:)

aj also speaks in third person

Real name is Adrienne which could also be a boys name, but the male version is spelled differently;)

I think we need a "Getting to know you" post...

AJ said...

oh, and thanks!


Anonymous said...


I agree with your post about the Daniel backlash. I do think it is unfortunate. In my opiniion he has done some really nice things and that is not overshadowed to me by the fact that he pulled out a couple of close wins.

I also think it is unfair for people to say that his dress was unfinished. He was using floral ribbon- the cream color was not muslin as people keep saying over and over.

Overall, I really liked this episode because I thought the designs were mostly very strong for a hard challenge.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

And I'm agreeing with aj that there is too much backlash against Daniel. What's wrong with winning because the judges like your design the best?
As previously mentioned, the judges aren't spending time with the designers during the process-so they don't know how kind, and sweet and modest Daniel is. They only see his finished pieces and know that he's a very young designer with brilliant talent.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I also agree that Daniel would be best suited for the Banana Republic deal, and perhaps the judges have this on their minds as well.
From the start, I thought Daniel's designs looked the most wearable. I'd love to own a dress by Daniel.

christopher.john said...


Anonymous said...

maybe I will run into Tim and Andrae at Red Lobster. and snaps for Daniel <3

Anonymous said...

sorry adrienne, totally screwed that one up. my bad. i should have just not used a gender specific pronouns (or whatever you call those parts of speech). sorry again, didn't mean to offend you, guess i was typing without thinking about that issue.

AJ said...

jrt, don't worry about it!

I took absolutely no offense.

Trust me babe, I've been called worse.

I have no clue of the genders of most of the bloggers. I'm still pushing for a "getting to know you" post :)

TiredMama said...

One comment about the judges only seeing what's on the runway. While this is true, the show does tell us they consider input from the producers as well when deciding who wins each challenge.

And the producers do get to see everything we see (and everything we don't see) about the designers. Their input has to be related to ratings and what they think will play better with the audience.

I'm not saying that the producers' input necessarily differed drastically from the judges' "on the merits of the runway only" opinion. I'm just pointing out that we can't rule out the possibility that it did.

nsa said...

It bothers me that the whole dress wasn't covered.

Anonymous said...

hasn't anyone else noticed that chloe just keeps making pretty much the same dress every week? Luckily there wasnt any 'aqua' coloured leaves at the store or she also would've used the same damned colour again too. One trick pony!

Anonymous said...

I think Santino and Daniels dresses were the best for the overall designs, creativity and use of colur & texture. Kara's dress while creative and intricate was foiled by the choice of materials, same with Andrae's that mossy stuff is just fug. Nick's was creative, I likdd the skirt of his dress but the top was pretty fug and possibly even a bit 'vulgar' and tacky. Chloe's was pretty but no creativity and very boring in contrast with every other design. I could go outside and whip up that dress myself and I have never studied design and can't even sew.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with statements above by tbone and misterminm!
a few of my own:

first-i think the judges were watching a different show than i was/or were on different medication?......i thought exactly the opposite as they did! and truely if they had wanted to see more 'flowers' they should have increased the budget AND actually SAID "we 'literally' want to see lots of flowers that's why this segment is called 'flower power' ", it kept being billed as a 'garden party' dress, not a 'flower' dress. the designers instantly thought of two things i'm sure, the corn husk nightmare, and hearing kara chastised for being to 'literal'-how confusing!

santino-his dress was by far in my opinion the best, it actually looked like a high fashion garden party dress and not a walking bush. i think it might have been one of his best showings yet, oh and how funny of heidi "what's wrong with shiny leaves? maybe you don't dust yours enough" haha, couldn't the judges see he was insuring against the dreaded corn husk fiasco, plus in a way the shininess to me made the gown look sort of patent leather, kind of a cool effect-whatever. michael and especially nina are always far too critical of him since he ragged on them so bad, they have it in for him and it's clouding thier judgement, heidi is actually fair with him-what she likes/doesn't like. oh and god......could someone please gag that model of his? i am so sick of her whining, she has to realize how far she has come with him, don't tell him it gives you a wedgy or that it will itch girl-go out and sell the d*mn dress! walk it like you love it no matter what-she could take lessons from daniel's model-could be a factor in why daniel wins so often, great sales pitch?

nick-i absolutely loved nick's dress! the way he used those big banana leaves made it look so sleek, and the dash of dried flowers/twigs/crown of flowers gave it the feminine/whimsy touch it needed, after all, it was a dress out of plants for goodness sake, i thought it actually looked like a dress! -vulgar?-michael kors really! i can't believe he actually said there is something vulgar about everything nick does-poor vulgar barbie :) haha, oh what is it with these judges, some designers are told thier designs are too safe, plain, lucklaster, others are bieng spanked for bieng too 'vulgar'-oh get over it, it is a fashion design show for women, and these women have been tastefully dressed by these designers, of course with a flare to the flirty or sexy, that's what high fashion's NH dress was split down the front almost to her navel, no mention of vulgar-why because it wasn't-neither have the others. oh and how about zulema's skating outfit? wow, that was nearly naked, they found it chic-no wonder these guys just stay true to themselves/thier visions/whenever they try to change for the judges they get de-railed and turn out something that gets them, or almost gets them kicked off...............

sorry about the rant haha :)

daniel-i think his dress wasn't 'all that', it looked like a bush on the bottom, the 'basket weaving 101 was nice and the flowers were pretty, but the bodice wasn't finished, and be it muslin or ribbon, the straps didn't match the dress, more flowers maybe? i liked the dress, but i didn't get the hype, as tim said, i think they saw flowers and forgot everything else. don't get me wrong i absolutely love his designs, i think he always makes something wearable and tasteful, but that's boring! grant it it's pretty, but, i don't know, i think he is just getting too much 'judge love'-also i agree with another poster here that says he is exactly what banana republic would want, but the next top designer? no.

chloe-oh my god was that a snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzz it looked so very plain in construction, and that scull cap, i thought she was a pod person! no really, the leaves were hard to do, yes, so were the other designs-hello? and yes it looked like it could be material, but was that your challenge, you send so many mixed signals judges-oh and kors again with the "she really thinks of the female form" what? all the other designs/save andrae's were much more flattering, even the 'vulgar' one. frankly i think chloe makes lovely clothes, but they are all too safe, and nothing really looks high fashion. if she goes to FW the collection will be quite unexciting. do they want talent here or a safe designer for banana republic? if she makes it to FW it will be because michael kors adores her......not because she should be.

kara-thought her dress was fab, but if i break it down, the bodice and braiding was a santino ripoff, the skirt was an andrae ripoff-so where was kara? oh yea, in that wonderful 8"x10" bit in the back. grant it the dress had pressence, looked better constructed than daniel's, and it had flowers/even if dried............but "none" of the dress was kara's design. she's a great gal, but poor on execution/save the NH dress......not a final three contender.

andrae-poor thing, i did see it as a topiary, maybe better suited for the last show 'inspiration', but that gown was great i wouldn't have not wanted to see that-i'm just saying the dress was kind of gimicky/or costume like. i think had he added a more colorful hem/sash/neck and sold it as an audrey hepburn dress and used smaller moss to make it look like material he might have gotten away with it.............but, someone had to go, and in all honesty looking at the runway, his 'was' the most dull.........andrae was a wild card since day one, some fashions too far out-poof ball barbie-and some, incredibly well done-NH dress. i think they couldn't risk sending him to FW, which andrae would they get?

observations: "i'm not impressed anymore" by nina-she was wearing an orange/white number it looked like, i'm sure it's for this week, but i have to watch this episode again to make sure it wasn't the same outfit..........i'm guessing it was geared at santino by the aggressive tone, that doesn't mean he's out, they've ignored her before. also in one of the previews santino says he needs to know what kara likes-then kara sidles up to nick, who isn't talking to him, and whispers, i feel guilty for not saying something to him. they are all back stage, so my guess is this is while they were waiting for the judges opinion, and kara is the one santino designs for.
kors says "it looks like a golden girl's jacket, give it some leggings and a belt and it's so '80's" or something like that. my guess, the direction his head was facing, and the fact that it was a jacket, it was kara's jacket, she really can't sew, so i think it's her, also given kors has used that tone with kara before. heidi saying "i just really hate it" i believe refers to the same jacket, since kors just puppets what she says anyway. i have to say it's kara, i can't see her in the final 4. daniel saves himself a lot at elimination time by standing calmly with a smile, giving short explainations, and whatever the judges say he sales pitch, the other's could learn from this guy.

favorite quote by a poster: "ok well if we are going to call it chloe blue, then we 'have' to call santino's 'bamboo a*s red' -haha, that slayed me!

favorite quotes by designers:
"a mother-f*cking walk off!"
"it's just fashion"
"where's andrae?"
and any santino rant

favorite freak-outs:
-andrea's crying jig on the ruway
-zulema's 'cut and cry'

pick for final three:

though chloe could be a spoiler because the judges have decided nick is vulgar and chloe is adorable.........i can't wait for weds!

hugs to all

Anonymous said...

I have to say, when I first saw Daniel’s dress on the runway, my eyes IMMEDIATELY fell on the bare straps. It looked unfinished and the shape was just unflattering. Rebecca looked like a walking bush. LITERALLY. Chloe’s was just really simple and really boring. Like someone said, it’s a very simple silhouette, with leaves covering it. To me that just spells B-O-R-I-N-G. Chloe also isn’t a risk taker at all and it bothers me that the judges are looking that. The top of Kara’s dress I liked, but the bottom looked a lot like Andre’s. Andre’s dress I thought was pretty but need a bit more color. Nick’s is just letting me down, and I really like him. Santino’s dress in my opinion was the best. It was innovative and if I had to wear a dress made of plants, it would be this one. It was chic and had a great shape. Santino has got to be my favorite. If he is not in the top 3, I will be so angry…

lem0ntart said...

During and immediately after watching this episode, I thought Kara should have won. I also appreciated the labor that went into Chloe's dress and thought it was very pretty, but maybe not as eye-catching. Initially I believed the judges chose Daniel as the winner because of their tunnel vision about flowers and also because they would prefer to give Daniel the immunity. It sort of just occurred to me last night that the judges chose Daniel as the winner because they had in mind a WASP-y new york garden party. I think Kara's dress fit her model really well and I loved what she did with the textures, but it was not the kind of stuffy elegance that the judges had in mind. I remember Michael Kors excitedly commenting on the WASP-y look of Daniel V's design. I think the use of flowers was a little bonus but overall I think his design was most appropriate for the kind of garden party the judges had in mind. Even though for this particular challenge I would have rather worn Chloe's or Kara's dress, I'm happy that Daniel won the immunity.

fashionasart said...

I'm catching up and just read through all the posts in this thread. WHEW!!!!!!!!! Many are very amazing and exceptionally perceptive. I find myself agreeing with many of the observations.

I think in the final analysis Daniel won BECAUSE OF the immunitiy. First, he simply has to be at Fashion Week.
The judges/producers expect a spectacular runway show from him, very high concept and polished. Chloe, Kara and Daniel were pretty much in a dead heat (according to the judge's private remarks).
They couldn't give immunity to Kara because she's still a wild card. That will change dramatically next week if she happens to win. But just look at the recent pattern: Zuleema wins the Sasha Cohen challenge and is aufed the following week; Andrae wins--well, he certainly SHOULD have won--the Inspiration challenge and is out the next episode; Kara,
by general consensus, it seems, if not in reality, "wins" the Garden Party challenge and the judges wave goodbye to her this Wednesday. Unless one of the others stumbles fatally. But Daniel is "their golden boy" (with good reason, but his work certainly isn't flawless. He's has his weak showings.)
And Chloe "plays it safe", as someone has said here. Actually, I'd put it: "she stays within her circle of competence, confidence and expertise". As someone more eperienced, who's actually been working in the field for a while, of course she's developed a design philosophy. So we probably won't see her stumble either. That leaves Santino, Nick and Kara in the race for the third ticket to Fashion Week. I think that Santino is definitely going to be there, if only as the spoiler (By the way, I agree with those here who want to see the Spoiler's Collection included in the Bryant Park epi, when they finally get around to letting us see it.)

I also agree with AJ: I would have preferred this challenge earlier in the series. It was an extremely dangerous and risky project, any of the designers could have taken a fall--but the glaring fact is, they ALL rose to the occasion, if not perhaps in the eyes of the judges. But then taste is such an individual and introspective phenomenon.

I was very curious about Andrae's comment that he was making his design "out of dead things". That seemed more than a bit bizarre, almost prophetic of failure, a kind of willful self-elimination/suicide almost, when the challenge specifically stated: make a "garden party dress".
Go figure. The design itself was extremely delicate and feminine though, just lacking a little in drama and charisma...and THOSE D**M FLOWERS!!!!! Why didn't they have more money to work with?? Why wasn't the challenge more specific? We want to see BUCKETS OF FLOWERS in every dress. From the Ice Princess challenge on Andrae was one of my frontrunners, and NO ONE on PR this season has designed anything nearly as spectacular and dreamily romantic/elegant, either in cut and fit, color and embellishment, or concept as his Inspiration gown. If I were a woman or had a special woman in my life who could carry it off, I'd be puttiing in a bid on it.
Adieu, dear Andrae.

Repeating a post from elsewhere: I like and respect the talents of all the designers who are left. And as each one, beginning with Andrae is aufed, it feels like a death in the family. I've never felt this way about an unReallity Show before. This is not mere entertainment or a gameshow for me, nor are these designers hollow stereotypes that are all totally interchangable. They all deserve to succeed, and with some luck (it's a dog-eat-dog profession, or at least it can be) they all will. They just won't all, or any of them perhaps, become international labels, that's all. But they'll certainly have leapt a few steps up the ladder of fame and success through the PR experience,

By the way, in the tabloid Star, curently on the newsstands, there's a cute two-page spread about Santino mit photos and also
10 or 12 gowns from the Sag Awards, which readers
(? I was just browsing) voted on. Nick's had one of or the lowest score. In this photo you can see how badly fitted it is, and pitifully plain, except, apparantly, for the back, that please note as a rule doesn't get photographed. I hadn't particularly liked it from day one. I think Nick and Santino TOGETHER could design some masterful clothers, because they would each compensate for the other's weaknesses. Of course, it will never happen--but it could. They're both in LA, gay. love classic Hollywood design (30s/40s/50s),etc. I, quite in the minority, it seems, thought that their BR design was absolutely striking.
Quintessentially NOT BR and not production-line either, of course.

Another comment,
(especially relevant with the judge's critique of Emmett's tootiefull skating costume): they observe the work from several feet BELOW.That would also account for their zooming in on details like hems (e.g., ZuKara's BR challenge. I did adore the ensemble though, and thought it should have won. While ChloEmm's design was impeccable I felt it was a shade bland. But, for that reason, probably ideally BR). Do the designer's ever get a chance to audition their work from this angle??? Even by having someone walk back and forth or one of the tables in the workroom??? It might be a useful idea.

There's also been a whole lot of speculation here as to who would best fit into the BR mold. Unlike several others here I'm not sure that Daniel would. Or that he would even want to a la Jay last season. (And I believe he gained a lot of respect and credibility in the profession by the decision.) At least now, presumably, the PR winner gets the 100K, regardless.
Kara and possibly Chloe would be my choices as the best BR material. Does anyone know or remember whether the hierarchy at BR have input, either before or ***shudder, conspiracy*** behind the scenes?!!! How I wish that some other company or house were coproducing this otherwise splendid series,

TMECW (that's my eleven cents worth) :o))