Friday, February 03, 2006

From The Mailbox

Good morning! Things are really getting exciting aren't they? On Wednesday I had 606 e-mails. That is a record. Of course this is mostly because every comment is sent to me in an e-mail and we had a lot of comments due to the live-posting. But still - 606 e-mails is a lot to look at in one day.

So, even though I try to "answer each one of your e-mails personally," sometimes it just isn't possible. So I'll cover a couple of things here.

First of all, I'm sorry, but I'm NOT giving out Daniel's e-mail address. If you have to know his favorite ice cream flavor or something, try visiting his Friendster account and asking there. Daniel has WORK to do.

Second.... YES! The musical themes from Project Runway are available from the composer here.

Third, The Bravo site has some interesting things up for auction this week. I guess the Garden Party dresses have deteriorated and they are unavailable. SO this week we can bid on the MyScene Barbie dolls as well as tickets to the Project Runway fashion show. There are two tickets available. Currently the prices are $500 and $510 dollars. The auctions end on Feb 8th. It will be fun to see how much someone is willing to pay for these.

Yes, I've noticed that on the program, the designers are given "$100.00" On the podcast, Tim refers to the amount as "$150.00." Also, the title of the show is someimes referred to as "Flower Power" and sometimes as "Garden Party." Either one works. This will most likely be remembered as the "Red Lobster" episode anyway.....

Apparently Project Runway is a hit! BPR readers know that this is simply the best show ever, but the rest of the world seems to catching on. Here is a press release featuring the latest numbers. "Go Project Runway!"

Auntiemame is working on her recap - have no fear!

Meanwhile, some other recaps are coming in. First, The Manolo. Do not miss the comments here - they are great.

Here is Dan Renzi's (R-rated) version.

Here is one from our own Scarlett,

Another from AJ...

And Needs Inspiration.

Totes Umbrellas has lots of great screencaps.





Of course, I'm putting together a complete Recap Digest for the weekend. Please send me your links. More later.



Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. I'm such a fan and your blog and its links were a great find! thanks!

Tbone said...

I think we all need to pitch in and get Laura K one of those PR Fashion Week tickets. Or better yet: the producers of PR should send her there to report on the happenings for us!

Memo to the PR producers: Laura K, the founder of BPR has created a home for your most loyal, rabid fans. We keep things positive here and generate huge buzz for your successful show. Please make her an ambassador for us at the PR Fashion Week show next week!

praddicted said...

I second that! Laura K, you deserve to be in the front row!!

Anonymous said...

yesterday's metro paper here in new york had a "fashion week" section that featured an interview with tim, chloe, santino and nick. why do you think they chose those particular designers? hmm...

PhillyKat said...

you know i had never posted about pr until this week and i posted twice. i was so ticked off at michael kors calling nick's work vulgar, i had to compare. the outcome was that mk is vulgar. i read on some site that someone thinks mk has a thing for dan v. so he went after nick. personally, i think he was showing off for badgley mischka.

i think tbone is right. with all the publicity lk does, pr prods should send laura a weekend stay in nyc incl 2 free tix.

i think they chose the 3 of them because they were 3 readily available.

Anonymous said...

I think you could be a little nicer about the emails from die hard fans. People are just trying to show support for the designers. Don't get high and mighty and forget how you felt as a fan before you got Daniel V's so called email address??

AJ said...

Oh no she di'in't!

I'm not even gonna go into how wrong the above post is...

Protecting someone's privacy is not high and mighty, sweetheart.

Mags said...

If I may so humbly submit my recap of this week's PR.