Friday, February 03, 2006

Playing Fashion Face-Off?

Anyone else having trouble with the Fashion Face-Off game on the Bravo Website? The first time I played I received 60 points. I was greeted by name and saw the points on my page. Then, the next week, when I logged on, they were gone. I wrote to the site several times, but never received an answer. Am I the only one having trouble?

Be sure to check out Andrae's exit interview on the site as well. He is charming and articulate - if poorly lit....We're going to miss you, Andrae!

I'm really enjoying getting to know you all on the "Here We Are" post. Please continue to enter these. One thing that stands out is how well-educated BPR readers are. Of course I already knew that!

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PhillyKat said...

I am. I should have received 100 points for guessing the correct winner this week. The site shows I get 100, but my score has not changed. I keep checking and nada. That's not very fair.