Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reactions to "Makeover"

Post 'em here, kids!


Katey said...

I don't even want to talk about it. My favorite reality show contestant in history has been axed for seriously unfair reasons. Jumpsuit? Seriously.

Phil said...

I'm totally bummed that Nick got aufed tonight. So, his suit for Daniel wasn't the best-constructed, but Santino's jumpsuit for Kara was ill-fitting and FALLING APART! Daniel played it safe, and the judges feel he coasted it on this one. Lucky him, indeed, for the immunity. Chloe's pinstripe vest for Nick was adorable, and I WANT ONE for myself! Kara was robbed--she probably went more out on a limb on Santino's outfit than Chloe's for Nick, cute as it was.

Phil said...

And what was with the weird voiceover as Heidi critiqued each designer? It sounded like it was added on in editing. Something's fishy.... ;)

stacy said...

I'm so shocked. That was the worst elimination ever. Even Santino knew he should have been out did you see him? I can't believe he said Kara was backstage jumping around in that thing! She was a statue glued into it! Grrrrrr

Chloe did a great job & at least Nick looked better than ever! Hey I'm trying to look at it like this - he is obviously already doing well!

Santino annoyed me to no end - and i was starting to root for him after the last 2 playful episodes. But to try to take credit for Kara's design by saying he gave her too many tips...then blame her for not walking well enough in the jumpsuit he designed...that's just too much.

KCF said...

I love Nick, but I did think he deserved to be in the bottom 2. The suit was unfinished and puckery. I disliked Santino's more, however, and this is definitely a case of the producers keeping the personality (though that stylist saved Santino's butt, too...). As much as I loved Chloe's, I would have liked to see Kara win. She is truly coming through in the end game.

Marianne said...

Agreed. Worst elimination EVER.

I don't understand why they randomly gave immunity in the last challenge. But that's beside the point. Santino lied on the runway, the sleeve was falling off, and Kara was uncomfortable. It's upsetting that he can get away with this, and other things such as creating an ice skating outfit that looks like a chicken.

In the end... it's a reality TV show.

Matthew said...

I'm so digusted right now I can't even comment.

That should tell you everything you need to know regarding what I thought about tonight's bogus auf'ing.


Katey said...

"In the end... it's a reality TV show."

Yeah, you'd be surprised at how often I have to consciously remind myself of that fact.

stacy said...

Tim's Take is up!

Anonymous said...

santino was hot in kara's outfit. seriously. and it was pulled off well.

i'm sad that nick had to leave. i really was. i about cried a bit, but seriously, the color was a little off. and you can see the ripples. poor nick. i'll miss him. :(

Phil said...

"a reality show" indeed. Maybe I should've stopped with "The Swan." At least with that show, I could never be disappointed...because all the contestants ended up looking like clones of each other! Who could TELL which one won?

Robin said...

I guess it is a sign that the producers are pretty clever and have a good thing going since we're all hooked. And even though we're hacked off that Santino got another pass, we'll keep watching. I just don't understand the double standard. If bad sewing counts against you--it was the reason Zulema was aufed-then why doesn't Santino's bad sewing count? Maybe Nick's design had some problems (okay--lots of problems) but Daniel still looked hot in it. As I said in my recap on my blog--shameless plugging here--how do you make Kara look fat? Yet Santino managed it. He must have been abused by a female at some time in his life for him to have such deep-seated hostility toward women, that jumpsuit was HIDEOUS.

nsa said...

So I had this visceral reaction to the show tonight, so had to design a mini-button to vent my frustration.

Dorian said...

I think it is weird that they canned Nick for botching a MAN's outfit when once again Santino botched a WOMAN's outfit. Isnt it a women clothes competition ?
The voiceovers were heavy in this episode and they clearly were there to try to make more sense of their decision. That she pointed out FOR THE FIRST TIME the number of past wins in the voiceover clearly means they were justifying their choice post mortem.
If number of win means anything why is Kara here and why would Daniel have been canned ?

Plumbum said...


Kara...I still love you and all, but it was a TOTAL mistake that you didn't open your mouth. I mean, your SUIT was GLUED TO YOUR THIGHS!!! YOUR ARMS WERE FALLING OFF!!!


(I actually shed a tear when he was let go...i am sooo sad)

I don't even know what to say anymore. Except ARGHAKGJ!!

Oh, am I the only one who thinks that Daniel looked HOT in his outfit? Fabulous! The man is GORGEOUS!!

ABC said...

Straight up ridiculous!

Nick was always my favorite. But it was obvious that he was going home tonight. The most cocky, confident designer who thinks they have an advantage always goes. Last week, Andre thought he was in the frontrunning because he worked in a flower shop. And this week, poor Nick, who claims to have designed for men before, is gone.

Kara killed Nick! She should have admitted that the stupid outfit was glued on her, and it was something she would never ever wear.

My favorites always die off in reality shows. I don't even know why I'm watching American Idol anymore, my favorite always goes out in 6th place.

Marsha said...

I just hope Uncle Nick pops by BPR so he can see how much we all love him. *muah* I really got teary when he was auf'ed. What a travesty. :(

Teeny Tiny Party Company said...

I feel like a pair of scissors were jabbed in my side! Nick... come back!!!!!!! I seriously almost cried.

Here are my short comments:
Phew, Daniel V had immunity. Yay for Chloe and her win!! Finally!
Kara is soooooooo close to getting "das boot". I'm surprised as how much her outfits have improved over the show. I keep getting flustered when Santino's name comes up.

Ah... Nick come back!!!

Karla said...

I'm an American living in Norway, just having returned here after two months in the US over Christmas. I got to see the first 5 episodes of PR back home and now I'm back here in Norway and I am BUMMED I'm missing it all! yeah I can get the podcasts and the websites/blogs,etc., but ARG! I'm going through withdrawal! I look forward to Thursday mornings so I can find out what happened.

Thanks for this blog and the info. It's hard to be addicted to a show and then have to go cold turkey.....

And, I agree, judging by the pictures, Santino's jumpsuit sucked, (garage mechanic, anyone?) but oh my does Daniel V have a hot little bod or what?

freeclimb said...

I fell asleep before the elimination (can you believe it?), and I'm not a Santino fan, but Santino DID save Kara's design! He chose the fabric and saved her from herself at the fabric store. He also edited virtually every element of the design, at the expense of his own. I didn't love the jumpsuit, but there were certain design elements that I liked. & Nick, you will be missed.

The Scarlett said...

I'm just so sad about Nick. He tried to be ambitious (as per Tim's warnings) and he tried to avoid being a one-note. Was it entirely successful? No. But at least it looked like it fit Daniel. Kara's was ill-sewn and ill-fit.

I love Nick and I feel like part of the heart of this show just left.

Phil said...

Okay, so my visceral reaction to Nick's auf-ing last night was purely out of shock. Now that I've had some time to think about it, I've calmed down. Sure, he designed a very feminine suit for Daniel, but consider the model. It's not as though Daniel's some sort of chiseled Adonis. It gave him a "randy dandy" sort of look, and it was great. Unfortunately, it was poorly constructed, and if the judges are using that as rationale for auf-ing someone, as they did Zulema, then that's fair. That said, then, it should've been a double-auf-ing because Santino's was just as poorly constructed. Not to mention the fact that he flat out lied to the judges, saying that Kara had been jumping around in her skin-tight, busting-at-the-seams catsuit backstage, right after instructing her to stand still so it doesn't tear at the seams! In the end, Nick's gone, but we've seen that he's doing JUST FINE for himself, so wish him well, and may the best designer (Chloe, Kara, Daniel?) win!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...


This is exactly what my husband said last night.

"They give Nick sh*t for not being ambitious and then vote him off for being too ambitious - how is that fair?"

We were both a little teary eyed last night.

I try not to let personality become a part of my judging and personality aside, I can't understand how Nick was offed before Santino. His jumpsuit was just awful. I'd have rather seen Kara made into a beautiful society girl, rather than a trashy 80's figure.

CK said...

Boo. I can't believe how they keep concocting one lame excuse after another to keep Santino on. Sure, he makes great reality tv by making Omarosa look like a lamb. But isn't this show supposed to be about designs? He should have been eliminated a long time ago.

AJ said...

I'm really upset that Nick is out, he was my favorite from day one, and rarely disappointed me.

I'm just going to comment on Santino right now and how the producers keep saving him for entertainment value. I like Santino, I really do. I think his creativity and vision are rare, but throughout the competition, he's possessed major execution problems that don't get addressed because he's great TV.

I defended him in the two previous challenges (lingerie and ice skating) where he should have been "aufed" because I felt as though his execution problems may have been forgivable in the wake of Daniel F's and Emmett's lack of ambition. I didn't particularly agree with the decision that he stayed and these guys did not, but I could at least relate to the idea of them not being ambitious enough.

That was all shattered this week. As much as I like Daniel F and Emmett, I am seriously partial to Nick, so that may play a part in my attitude at this point. However, I like to think that I am able to be objective. Nick got completely scr*wed here. He was aufed for being too ambitious. What do the judges want exactly?! I'd love to see it in writing just to clarify things because I'm confused here.

IMO, Santino's design was terrible for Kara. On top of that, the execution was bad and the construction was horrible. My dog could have sewn it better. Like I said, I like Santino, but he REALLY messed up last night and was kept because the producers wanted to keep him.

That brings me to the fact that I feel as though the producers are now insulting my intelligence. I feel as though the viewers of this show are relatively well-educated and knowledgable of fashion. We don't need a "character" to keep us interested. I would rather watch someone with a great personality who can design well, then see someone who is typically considered "good tv".

I understand them keeping Santino through the lingerie challenge since he makes good tv. I even understand them keeping him during classy as Emmett is, he's not as interesting to watch. At this point in the competition though, the people watching are loyal viewers. I think that we would be much more entertained by a top three who will really challenge each other for the win, then someone who the producers push on us because the producers think they are entertaining. This is no longer necessary to keep me interested. It never was.

Anyway, sorry this is soooo long! Hope I wasn't too biased. I just wanted to express how I think the producers are playing this show out like any other reality show. It's not about who is good for ratings right now...the ratings will come from a good competition. *sigh*, I miss Nick:(

voxqueror said...

i can't begin to count the things wrong with this episode...if it's a makeover, and your auf-ing is determined by what you design for the other designer, why in the world was santino so worried about what he would end up wearing on the runway? if he looked bad, kara would be auf-ed and not him, so his apparently constant interference with her design, her fabric choice, etc. just worked to his disadvantage. as a competitor, it didn't seem like a very smart move at all.

and i have to wonder, just how much help did santino give kara? the judges seemed to mostly comment on the fabrics that she used...which he helped pick. in particular, i'm thinking of the madras pant.

now let's get down to real business...what was up with what santino said on the runway about kara jumping up and down in her outfit. no woman glued into an outfit would be jumping up and down...okay, maybe lil' kim, but no one else. conceptually, i liked the design (particularly the way tim gunn described it on his podcast as an emma peele-type suit), but it was falling apart. i'd take puckered seams over a garment that self-destructs any day.

i am really sad that nick didn't make it into the final 3; i heart him and i heart his designs. as for santino, part of me really does hope that he gets the axe next week, while another part of me wants to see what he can do with more time and more money. i guess i can't forget how early on, he made some truly beautiful and interesting clothes...le sigh. PR won't be the same without nick.

Matthew said...

Just so I'm clear on this...

Will Santino definitely be at Fashion Week, then? Will the entire final four be there, even though one of them will be a decoy? If so, that's what I find so extra-frustrating about last night's episode.


Also, I should probably note (in case any producers happen to read this) that I watched this show last night with a group of friends that my partner & I introduced to the show during the Banana Republic episode, and they became instantly hooked - at the time.

Well, last night was it for them. My group of friends will no longer be watching. And they're serious about it. NO ONE in the house last night liked Santino's outfit for Kara, and we all realize now that there's a double-standard being applied.

My partner & I have been watching the second season since episode 1, so we have more invested in it, but our friends? People who could have possibly become new and loyal viewers? They're done with it. They (rightfully so) said that they don't want to waste their time with a show they think is rigged.

Good job, BRAVO.

Anonymous said...

It was inevitable. I think Nick was getting just so stale and whiney. He's a very good person from what we can tell, and Santino's a rotten one. But frankly I want the drama. And I think with Santino we really don't know what his collection will be like. He could surprise us all. Nick's and Chloe's would be predictable. Kara's would be boring. Daniel actually could surprise us all, but his design really sucked.

The producers definitely want Santino. Fashion is full of Santinos! Nick unfortunately made the producers job that much easier.

eric3000 said...

Wow, I can't believe how I misunderstood Kara's crying about not saying anything. I absolutely did not understand that she thought she should have said how bad Santino's outfit was. I realize that now, but I thought she was crying because she hadn't pretended to like the outift, which is what she should have done! Her job as a model was not to give a candid critique of the outfit, it was to pretend it was the greatest thing she's ever worn in her life. I don't care if it was crap and she hated it, as a model she had to pretend. So I was totally annoyed that she didn't say anything when Nina asked if she was comfortable in it. I thought she should have said something, but I thought it should have been "yes, it is". Now that I know what she wanted to say, I'm glad she kept her mouth shut!

Having said that, while I actually liked the jumpsuit, there was no excuse for it being held together with tape and Santino should have been off.

eric3000 said...

I thought Santino, Nick, and Daniel all made terrible outfits. I think it would have been appropriate for any one of them to be out. Daniel made Chloe look like a midget prostitute (he managed to make her look even shorter than she really is!) and Santino's and Nick's were both badly made. It is very difficult to make a suit but it is such a basic garment that, if you try to do it, it had better look good. Nick's didn't. Did you see those sleeve caps? Terrible! Santino's was at least interesting, but it was obviously even more poorly costructed than Nick's so I can see the difficulty in judging. I think they made the wrong choice but I don't think it was so wrong as to be the scandal people are making it out to be.

eric3000 said...

Nayland, the problem with the idea of the designers being the client is that there is no incentive to act like they like what they are wearing. Obviously we would hope they wouldn't be total jerks but any complaints would harm the other designer and therefore help the person complaining. This conflict of interest doesn't exist when you are designing for Nicki Hilton or Sasha Cohen so it really isn't the same thing.

Anonymous said...




Sam said...

I know all reality shows are rigged, but do they have to be so obvious?

Anonymous said...

Lessons from last night:
1. No immunity! If they want to do an immunity for season 3, then give the designer and model a day off. Without the incentive of elimination, you get poor execution.
2. No designers modeling for other designers unless it's an emergency, such as Austin modeling for Jay in the postal worker challenge. PR is also a contest for the models and by not having them on the runway this week, their fate was determined by what happened without their involvement.
3. Enough of the scripted voice overs. It was as if the director said, "Nick, look at Heidi and act like you're agreeing with her. We'll come up with our reason later in post."

We'll miss you, Uncle Nick. You may have lost, but at least you left looking good in the winning design. Poor Emmett was not so fortunate. Is it the curse of the pink shirt?

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to get off Kara's case. You don't know what was going through her mind when she was put on the spot like that. When Wendy spoke out last season, she was vilified for it. She used that as her strategy. Maybe Kara's just a nice person and didn't want to feel responsible for Santino's auffing. I still think Nick should have been in the final three, but his design was the worst. Even though I have been a Nick fan from the start, he had been going downhill in my eyes, but I was sure it was stress. I had every faith in him to have a fabulous Fashion Week in the final three. But this is a reality show, and sometimes things aren't fair. That's life. And I believe, like most of you do, that PART of the reason Santino is still here is because he makes interesting TV. But I think if they thought he was a bad designer, he would have not made it this far. So if anyone slips up worse than him, they don't have to send him home.
Nick is fantastic. He will be successful and rich after this show, I'm sure, so I don't feel bad for him at all.

Dinah said...

I was sad to see Nick go yesterday because he seems like such a nice person and great designer. I saw most of the designers yesterday and they all looked happy.

Traveling Matt said...

You can't get mad at Santino for still being there. What is he supposed to say, "My outfit is falling apart, I deserve to go home?" No. He believes himself to be the most talented designer there. Be mad at the judges. They made the call. Personally, I think Santino IS the most talented designer, (certainly not the best constructer way). I also would have loved the jumpsuit if it had a)been finished and b)been on a different person. He is also very lucky. Finally, Kara was completely robbed...again. There is no way that Chloe should have won. Her outfit was cute but SO regular. As I've said before, Chloe is a solid enough designer/constructer etc. but SO BORING!

anapestic said...

I had expected to see Nick aufed last night, so while I was sad, I wasn't especially disappointed. He's a very sweet guy, certainly, but he hasn't been among the contenders for a win in a long time, and he's been close to elimination on several previous occasions. And what he made for Daniel was awful. Dan looked good in it, but Dan looks good in anything.

Kara is clearly too nice to have said anything mean about Santino on the runway. It was clear from how uncomfortable she looked that he was dissembling when he talked to the judges, and I'm sure they knew that.

I thought both Kara and Chloe did a great job. You can say that Santino helped Kara a lot, but she still had to solve problems and implement ideas, and she still did a great job, and keeping the client happy is very important. Santino does have the tendency to take everything over.

It seems highly likely to me that both Chloe and Daniel will be in the final three. They're very consistent and very professional, and they always make clothes that look good (well, except for that monstrosity Daniel made last night), and it's pretty difficult to imagine either of them crashing and burning on next week's evening gown challenge.

Kara hasn't won any challenges yet, but I don't think that Jay had won any challenges last season before he got to the finale.

Similarly, Santino's designs are often a huge mess, but if he does get to the final three, he'll have lots of time to work on his line, so he might come up with something a lot better than some of his recent, overblown work. I still can't understand how the guest judge actually liked that catsuit he made, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I will watch anymore. I really did not care for the "hateful" way the judges treated Daniel and Nick. Cudos to Daniel for his poise and grace. The last few weeks they have treated him like the second coming of... yet, last night they acted like he had a serious case of the cooties. I can't believe they dropped Nick instead of El Diablo. The sleeve was actually coming off. I'm stunned, just stunned. Stunned. Kara did a good job though. She was able to actually get him to trim that growth on his face. Ugh. Well thanks for letting me vent.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that Nick got the axe. I actually cried. He was the reason I watch it every week. He's just super cute and sweet. He deserved to go all the way.
I love you, Nick!

Anonymous said...

Everybody who is complaining about Kara getting "help" from Santino, knock it off. Every one of them was consulted by their designer at Mood, not just Kara; Tim even mentions the consultations in his podcast, i.e. Chloe approving the red fabric and brown leather. And there was constant trying on and measuring and so forth. Kara made a tailored pair of madras slacks, without any construction help from Santino, not to mention a collared shirt with lined placket. Santino couldn't have made those garments if he was given a week! I understand Kara not wanting to stick it to him on the runway - that is the Pepper Effect, but enough is enough. Glue, indeed.

Chloe deserved the win, because she made Nick over into exactly what he wanted, and he looked great!

Nick could have sold his suit for Daniel by really pushing the David Bowie 80's costume thing, and I'm sorry he's gone. Even thinking of Santino being there next week makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Anonymous said...

as to Nick's design for Daniel being "too feminine" -

Daniel said he just came out last year. Uncle Nick is stunned. Then he gets a chance to design a complete makeover for Daniel and it's a lavender suit. Surprise!

Dan's here and he's queer, get used to it!

Other than the puckered seams, I thought the suit was beautiful and Dan looked gorgeous.

It was a statement, a very clear one. Unlike the self destructing jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Watched again. With alcohol. Santino still had hiliariously funny lines. "My ass is out of this world" & "You can't polish a turd!" WILL enter into my daily vernacular. That being said, I do think that Nick deserved to be AXED. If he was designing for Ann Taylor Loft: HELLO!!! I would own that suit in at least three pastel colors and sensible tan or grey, or gray. Let's get over it already???!!!??? Plus, tonight: I noticed the sweet, little, pleated detail above Cara's too cute little waist. PLUS, I forgot to mention...Chloe totatally rocked Nick's world!!!! Congratulations Chloe!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sickness... that explains this episode. i am full "nick" fan. so, i am sad. but, it's not because of unreasonable reason. ...clearly, what santino created which was falling apart (AND he lied about it) was NOT any better than nick's. that creation of santino was THE WORST EVER on this show. he did not saw. he glued parts.

as kara had nothing good to say about santino's creation, it was bad. bad, bad, bad, & bad.

Anonymous said...

i heart Santino!

Nick is tired.

Daniel is BORING!

Chloe is too cute for words.

Santino ROCKS!!!!